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Episode Guide
Written by Jack Yan
Broadcast dates and Emmy Award details from the episode guide compiled by Jim Pattison in Movie Collector's World

I'd like to thank all those without whom this Episode Guide could not be completed. First and foremost, Jim Pattison for compiling the first Mary Tyler Moore episode guide on the internet, which gave me the air dates, order and Emmys won by the show. And, all the members of the Mary & Rhoda list who contributed to the Guide by answering some of my questions. Special thanks are due to Stacey Emerson whose contribution helped me fill some gaps in my memory about Season 1 episodes, and to Richard Mains, whose comprehensive site provided additional information.

Preview for The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The folks at TV Party have a clip from TMTMS which fans will need to view: there's a slightly different theme song (listen very carefully to the lyrics and the tempo), and a very different office for Lou Grant and the famous interview scene. RealVideo required. Click here for the clip.

Opening title
Brief notes have been made of the opening titles for each year. When you consider what makes a show, it's hard to think of The Mary Tyler Moore Show without Mary throwing her hat in the air at the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, or Sonny Curtis's song, Love Is All Around. Yet title designers don't get royalties for their work like songwriters. In this episode guide, I note the changes in the visual titles, because they, like the arrangements to the title song, mirrored the changing style of the 1970s, and because I believe they deserve recognition.

Semi-regular characters
Various episode guides have difficulty dealing with semi-regular cast members, and this one is no different. Georgia Engel, who appeared in some Season 3 episodes, is listed with other guest stars for that year, as is Betty White for Season 4. Ms White is credited as a 'guest star' in her first season's episodes. (Some "guest stars", like John Amos and Priscilla Morrill, appear more frequently in the credits.)

'Episode 169'
In another episode guide on the 'net, the 20th Anniversary Show is listed as 'Episode 169'. It does not form part of this guide. I will, however, provide a link to it very soon.

Mary & Rhoda episodes
After Mary & Rhoda airs, I will be adding the new episodes to this guide, or provide a link to them. After all, this is the first Mary & Rhoda fan site!

168 episodes between September 1970 and March 1977

Season 1 (1970-1)
Season 2 (1971-2)
Season 3 (1972-3)
Season 4 (1973-4)
Season 5 (1974-5)
Season 6 (1975-6)
Season 7 (1976-7)

Original air dates given in this guide are for WCBS-TV, New York


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