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What else should I know about the list? I've compiled this brief FAQ for potential members. If you can think of some more questions, please let me know at [email protected].

How do I post to the list?
You post to the list using the email address [email protected]. But you need to sign up first, otherwise your mail will be rejected.

Are the posts read first?
Yes, every post is read as a type of "quality control". Inappropriate posts - judged according to the rules on this site and a second set which will be forwarded to you upon joining - will be discarded. The body of accepted posts will not be edited, although the moderator reserves the right to edit headers to make them shorter for transmission.

Where do I send private mail?
Please send any moderator-only email to [email protected] but mark it 'Private'. No spam, please.

Who runs this list?
The list moderator is Jack Yan. You can find out more about him at his company. The list was conceived by Jennifer Shark, who was its original moderator and owner. Jack took over on March 25, 1998 when it became the Mary & Rhoda list.

Can I subscribe to a digest version?
Yes. You can change the settings at Onelist,, to suit the way you want your mail delivered.

Is there any limit to the number of posts I can send?
I've set a maximum of three, otherwise members begin to get annoyed by the volume of email.

Come on, there has to be something in it for you.
Like most fans, the only thing I get out of running this list is enjoyment. So you won't ever receive any junk mail from this server. There will be some advertising from Onelist, who are providing the listserver free of charge. Members who have been on Onelist longer assure me that they haven't received any advertising.

Is there anything that is strictly prohibited?
Abuse, spam, coarse language, routing mail through members' servers and such undesirable activities are strictly forbidden. Everyday netiquette should be observed. There is more on the sign-up page and you'll also receive an introductory email which details additional rules. Failing to abide the rules will be reason for removal - and there are no second chances.

Who is responsible for the posts?
Each individual poster is solely responsible for their own posts. Neither I nor other list members can be responsible for them. You should be aware of any copyright restrictions, and quotes, etc., should be attributed to their original author(s).

Can I trade tapes?
A basic message to the list asking people respond to you personally would be the best way to deal with trades, so that the dialogue doesn't disturb other members. We should ask you to obey all laws concerning copyright in your actions.

Can I send attachments?
Some members will not be able to receive attachments because of their email setup. A better way would be to upload an attachment to your own server and provide others with the URL, and an explanation of what they may see there. We'll forgive some of you whose servers automatically send HTML attachments.

Who owns the posts?
Each post is the property of its author, and the moderator is allowed to forward it or edit its headers to make it easier on members. The body of the posts will not be changed. If you need to quote anything from the list outside, good manners dictate that you ask the original author for permission, and respect any requests for confidentiality.


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