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So, you want to join a discussion list about Mary & Rhoda, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda? Here are the basic guidelines of the list. If you feel you can abide by them fill in your name and email, and we'll add you in manually. Or, you can save us some time and click on the Onelist logo at right.

1. Absolutely no flaming will be tolerated. This list is a small, wonderful community of various ages, and all must be allowed to air their opinions freely.

2. No spam, advertising and coarse language will be permitted. These are immediate grounds for removal. If you are in any doubt, run it by me first (see #3).

3. Administrative requests should be sent to [email protected] and marked 'Private' in the subject line.

4. All list mail should be sent to [email protected]. Posts will be checked before being posted to the list.

5. Discussion should pertain to classic television shows, stars, directors, etc.

6. The list protocol included in the welcome letter must be followed. As list owner, I have power over "life and death" on the list.

7. Enjoy!


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