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Episode Guide
Season Five
September 14, 1974 to March 1, 1975

Mary Richards      Mary Tyler Moore
Lou Grant      Ed Asner
Murray Slaughter      Gavin MacLeod
Ted Baxter      Ted Knight
Georgette Franklin      Georgia Engel
Sue Ann Nivens      Betty White
and special guest star
Phyllis Lindstrom      Cloris Leachman


Opening credits' notes
Some new shots are added to the opening title, replacing one by the lakeside and those with Valerie Harper, who left to star in her own series Rhoda in the fall of 1974. The editing between the words 'Mary Tyler Moore' first appearing and their 'scrolling' is smoother. End titles make use of one of the new scenes. The opening visuals would remain in this form to the end of the series in 1977.

Created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns
Produced by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Executive Story Editor David Lloyd
Executive Producers James L. Brooks and Allan Burns
Music Composed and Conducted by Patrick Williams
Theme Song Love Is All Around Written and Performed by Sonny Curtis

An MTM Enterprises, Inc. production


97 Will Mary Richards Go to Jail?
Mary refuses to reveal a news source for a story she produced and has to spend a night in jail


Sherry Barbara Colby
Harrison James Randolph
Kim Mary Ann Chinn
Matron Darlene Conley
Mr Everett Charles Woolf
Reporter Don Macon

Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

Emmy Award: Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series (for a single episode of a regular or limited series with continuing characters and/or theme)

98 Not Just Another Pretty Face
Mary dates a man with whom she has nothing in common and becomes concerned that their relationship is superficial


Paul van Dillen Robert Wolders
Bess Lindstrom Lisa Gerritsen
Nice Little Man Lou Cutell
1st Waitress Julie Rodgers
2nd Waitress Cathy Baco

Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

99 You Sometimes Hurt the One You Hate
Lou finally loses his temper with Ted when he endorses a political candidate on The Six O'Clock News and throws him through the office doors. Lou feels guilty, and Ted takes advantage of him


Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jackie Cooper

100 Lou and That Woman
Lou begins seeing a cocktail lounge singer but becomes uncomfortable about her past


Charlene Maguire Sheree North
Woman at Piano Helene Winston

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

101 The Outsider
WJM-TV hires a young business consultant, who demands certain changes for The Six O'Clock News, offending every member of the news team


Bob Larson Richard Masur

Written by Jack Winter
Directed by Peter Bonerz

102 I Love a Piano
Murray meets an attractive woman at one of Mary's parties and considers having an affair. On the pretext of buying her old piano, he goes to see her


Judith Chandler Barbara Barrie

Written by Treva Silverman
Directed by Jay Sandrich

103 A New Sue Ann
A young fan, Gloria, persuades Sue Ann to hire her for The Happy Homemaker. Sue Ann is less than pleased when Gloria plays up to the station manager and gets a larger role on the show at the expense of her own


Gloria Munson Linda Kelsey
Ed Schroeder Ron Rifkin

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

104 Ménage-à-Phyllis
Phyllis dates a man on a platonic basis, but he is attracted more to Mary and begins seeing her


Mike Tedesco John Saxon

Written by Treva Silverman
Directed by Jay Sandrich

105 Not a Christmas Story
The entire newsroom staff are arguing with each other, and when they are trapped at the office due to bad weather, Sue Ann decides to serve her Christmas dinner early


Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by John C. Chulay

106 What Are Friends For?
Mary and Sue Ann go to a convention in Chicago and finds out that Sue Ann leads a lonely life. (Trivium: Noble Willingham and David Huddleston are accidentially credited as one another in the end title)


Hal Noble Willingham
Freddy David Huddleston
Waiter Robert Karvelas
Bellhop Dan Barrows

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Alan Rafkin

107 A Boy's Best Friend
Ted is shocked when he finds out his mother does not intend to marry her boyfriend, but will live with him. (This is the only episode directed by Mary Tyler Moore)


Walter Tewksbury Nolan Leary

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Mary Tyler Moore

108 A Son for Murray
Murray, who has three daughters, wants a son, but his wife Marie doesn't want to have another child. The couple decide to adopt instead


Marie Slaughter Joyce Bulifant
Andy Rivers John Gabriel
Le Chan Michael Higa
Phil David Fresco

Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

109 Neighbors
Lou wants a smaller place and moves in to Rhoda's old apartment - but can't help interfering in Mary's private life


Bess Lindstrom Lisa Gerritsen
David Boyd Clifford David
Moving Man Tom Castronova

Written by Ziggy Steinberg
Directed by James Burrows and John C. Chulay

110 A Girl Like Mary
Lou wants to hire a female newscaster 'like Mary', so Mary decides to audition for the job herself


Enid Berringer Rosalind Cash
College Girl Judie Stien

Written by Andy Gibbs and Joel Kimmel
Directed by Jay Sandrich

111 An Affair to Forget
Now that Mary is producer, Ted thinks that he can make his move on her. He convinces the rest of the newsroom that they are having an affair


Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

112 Mary Richards: Producer
Mary doesn't feel she deserves the title of producer and asks Lou that she be given the chance to produce The Six O'Clock News alone


Mel Peters Anthony Holland
Gus Brubaker Phillip R. Allen
Drunk Fred Festinger
Bartender Joe Scott

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Norman Campbell

113 The System
When Ted's formula for betting on football games works, Lou goes into partnership with him. He winds up betting all of the season's winnings on the Superbowl without telling Ted. (Because the show gives the outcome of the Superbowl before it has actually been played, there is a voiceover in the closing credits of Mary Tyler Moore apologizing to the "losing" team)


Al Tom Pedi
Andy Rivers John Gabriel

Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

114 Phyllis Whips Inflation
Phyllis and Lars have a row and she finds her credit cards cut off. She looks for a job but finds that she has no relevant skills. (This is Cloris Leachman's last regular appearance, and Lisa Gerritsen's last appearance, on the show. In the fall of 1975, they star in their own series, Phyllis)


Bess Lindstrom Lisa Gerritsen
Helen Farrell Doris Roberts

Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

Emmy Award: Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama Series (for a one-time appearance in a regular or limited series): Cloris Leachman

115 The Shame of the Cities
Lou wants to research his own news story now that Mary's producer and decides to launch a major investigation on a city councillor - only to discover that he is completely honest. (Trivium: the politician's photograph that Lou holds is actually that of Grant Tinker, Mary Tyler Moore's then-husband and co-founder of MTM Enterprises, Inc.)


Charlene Maguire Sheree North
Investigator Robert Emhardt
Bartender Chuck Bergansky
Customer in Bar James Jeter

Teleplay by Michael Elias
Story by Michael Elias and Arnie Kogan
Directed by Jay Sandrich

116 Marriage Minneapolis Style
Ted pops the question to Georgette at Murray's 20th wedding anniversary party - and then gets cold feet


Marie Slaughter Joyce Bulifant
Ellen Slaughter Eileen McDonough
Hilda Patricia Wilson

Written by Pamela Russell
Directed by Jay Sandrich

117 You Try to Be a Nice Guy
Mary agrees to help Sherry, whom she met when she spent a night in jail, go straight and find a job


Sherry Barbara Colby
Mrs Goldman's Dog Ted Konopka

Written by Michael Leeson
Directed by Jay Sandrich

118 You Can't Lose 'Em All
Lou wins the Albert Mason Award, which he had once said was for broadcasting veterans who couldn't chew their own food


Master of Ceremonies Larry Wilde
Rev J. W. Dannenbrink Fred Grandy
Lew Stewart Lee Vines
Model Judy Reich

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Marjorie Mullen

119 Ted Baxter's Famous Broadcasters' School
A con-man tricks Ted into setting up a broadcasters' academy. When he finds out he's been had, he asks Lou, Mary and Murray to be the faculty and give the semester's opening lectures


The Student Leonard Frey
Tony Bernie Kopell
Allen Marsh Norman Bartold

Written by Michael Zinberg
Directed by Jay Sandrich

120 Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs
Mary likes her new boyfriend but finds his son absolutely intolerable


Ken Laurence Luckinbill
Stevie Lee H. Montgomery
Mother-in-law Mabel Albertson
Grandfather Ian Wolfe
Aunt Helen Carole King Larkey
Uncle Iggy Wolfington
Photographer Megan King

Written by Jerry Mayer
Directed by Jay Sandrich

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