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Episode Guide
Season Six
September 13, 1975 to March 6, 1976

Mary Richards      Mary Tyler Moore
Lou Grant      Ed Asner
Murray Slaughter      Gavin MacLeod
Ted Baxter      Ted Knight
Georgette Baxter      Georgia Engel
Sue Ann Nivens      Betty White


Opening credits' notes
The first season where there are no changes from the previous year's opening credits. With hindsight, Mary's fashions make the opening look dated for 1975 but when we were watching it then, they were acceptably modern!

Created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns
Produced by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Executive Story Editor Bob Ellison
Creative Consultant David Lloyd
Executive Producers James L. Brooks and Allan Burns
Music Composed and Conducted by Patrick Williams
Theme Song Love Is All Around Written and Performed by Sonny Curtis

An MTM Enterprises, Inc. production


121 Edie Gets Married
Lou puts on a brave face when he learns that his ex-wife Edie is remarrying


Edie Priscilla Morrill
Janey Grant Nora Heflin
Pat the Bartender Patrick Campbell
Minister Hal Ridel
Howard Gordon Brad Trumbull

Written by Bob Ellison
Directed by Jay Sandrich

122 Mary Moves out
Mary, wanting some change in her life, makes the decision to move to a new apartment


Jimbo John Lehne
Landlord Claude Stroude

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

123 Mary's Father
Mary researches a documentary with the help of a priest. He eventually decides to leave the Church, and Mary thinks that he has fallen in love with her


Father Terrance Brian Ed Flanders
Waitress Sarah Harding

Written by Earl Pomerantz
Directed by Jay Sandrich

124 Murray in Love
Murray realizes that he's always been in love with Mary and wants desperately to tell her


Paula Penny Marshall
Sally Jo Mary Kay Place
Steve Barry Coe
Bartender Peter Hobbs

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

125 Ted's Moment of Glory
Ted's jocular nature is ideal for hosting a game show in New York, and he successfully auditions for the job. But Mary and Lou wonder if they really want to see him go


The Producer Richard Balin
Model Dian Parkinson
Bartender Bill Zuckert
Mr Jensen Frederic Franklyn
Mrs Franklin Olive Dunbar
Mrs Green Marilyn Roberts

Written by Charles Lee and Gig Henry
Directed by Jay Sandrich

126 Mary's Aunt
Mary's high-flying journalist aunt comes to visit, and Lou finds that he has a rival in her. (This is one of three episodes with Flo Meredith, the only guest character from The Mary Tyler Moore Show who also appears in the spinoff Lou Grant)


Flo Meredith Eileen Heckart

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

127 Chuckles Bites the Dust
Chuckles the Clown is crushed to death by a rogue elephant in a parade, which leaves all the newsroom staff in hysterics - except Mary. (This is the most famous episode in the series, and TV Guide's number one comedy episode of all time)


Rev Burns John Harkins

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Joan Darling

Emmy Award: Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series (a single episode of a regular or limited series with continuing characters and/or theme)

128 Mary's Delinquent
Mary joins a Big Sisters scheme and tries to bring a teenage shoplifter to the side of good. Sue Ann, pursuing an award, decides to "adopt" a little sister as well - but finds herself getting influenced


Francie Stevens Mackenzie Phillips
Celestine Tamu
Gus Brubaker Phillip R. Allen

Written by Mary Kay Place and Valerie Curtin
Directed by Jay Sandrich

129 Ted's Wedding
Ted has been proposing to Georgette for months but has never really meant it, until she confronts him - and a wedding is put together in half an hour in Mary's apartment


Rev Chatfield John Ritter

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

130 Lou Douses an Old Flame
Lou meets up with a woman who had sent him a 'Dear John' letter during World War II but is disappointed to learn her motives


Veronica Ludlow Beverly Garland

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

131 Mary Richards Falls in Love
Mary is convinced she has really fallen in love, but her boyfriend seems reluctant in saying the magic three words, 'I love you'


Joe Warner Ted Bessel
Joe Gerard David Groh
Joan Beth Howland
Waiter Michael Perotta
and special guest star
Rhoda Gerard Valerie Harper

Written by Ed. Weinberger and Stan Daniels
Directed by Jay Sandrich

132 Ted's Tax Refund
Ted is overjoyed when he gets a tax refund and splashes out on everyone at the newsroom, but is later shocked when the IRS informs him that he will be audited


Irv Gevins Paul Lichtman
The Neighbor Connie Sawyer

Written by Bob Ellison
Directed by Marjorie Mullen

133 The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home
Sue Ann gets Mary to ask Lou out on a date on her behalf. Lou accepts, not realizing who Mary's 'friend' is


Jesse Wynn Irwin
Laszlo Titos Vandis

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by James Burrows

134 One Boyfriend Too Many
Mary's old flame Dan Whitfield, who once proposed to her, returns to Minneapolis and she's forced to choose between him and her current boyfriend


Joe Warner Ted Bessel
Dan Whitfield Michael Tolan

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

135 What Do You Want to Do When You Produce?
Initially delighted at the chance of producing the Happy Homemaker show, Murray quickly becomes miserable when he realizes the menial tasks he has to do for Sue Ann


Marie Slaughter Joyce Bulifant

Written by Shelly Nelbert and Craig Allan Hefner
Directed by Jay Sandrich

136 Not With My Wife I Don't
Ted and Georgette face marital problems, but Ted refuses to see a counsellor unless Lou goes with him


Dr Powell Alan Manson
Receptionist Lois Walden

Written by Bob Ellison
Directed by Jay Sandrich

137 The Seminar
Lou and Mary go on a press junket to Washington, DC. Lou was once a correspondent there, but Mary has difficulty believing him about his contacts


Phil Wright Dabney Coleman
Special guest appearance by Betty Ford

Written by James MacDonald and Robert Gerlach
Directed by Stuart Margolin

138 Once I Had a Secret Love
Lou has spent the night with Sue Ann, and confides in Mary. Their friendship is almost ruined when Mary is unable to keep the secret


Written by Pat Nardo and Gloria Banta
Directed by Jay Sandrich

139 Ménage-à-Lou
Lou almost ruins one of Mary's parties when his old girlfriend, Charlene Maguire, arrives with a date. He tries to make her jealous by taking out one of Mary's neighbors


Charlene Maguire Janis Paige
Paula Penny Marshall
Kenny Stevens Jeff Conway
Customer in Bar James Jeter

Written by Bob Ellison
Directed by Jay Sandrich

140 Murray Takes a Stand
Murray is unhappy with the new station owner's policies and tells him off over the phone one evening. However, the station owner fires him the following day


Marie Slaughter Joyce Bulifant

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

141 Mary's Aunt Returns
Mary's Aunt Flo and Lou both prepare competing ideas for a TV documentary


Flo Meredith Eileen Heckart

Written by David Lloyd
Directed by Jay Sandrich

142 A Reliable Source
Mary learns that an old friend seeking re-election to Congress had financial help from the mob. Lou threatens to use it on the air


Brian Nordquist Edward Winter

Written by Richard M. Powell
Directed by Jay Sandrich

143 Sue Ann Falls in Love
Sue Ann has fallen in love, but her new boyfriend is less scrupulous than he first seems


Doug James Luisi
Master of Ceremonies Larry Wilde
Award Presenter Pat Gainor

Written by Bob Ellison
Directed by Doug Rogers

144 Ted and the Kid
Ted and Georgette decide to adopt a son after Ted is informed he cannot have children


David Baxter Robbie Rist
Mrs Adams Pat Estrin

Written by Bob Ellison
Directed by Marjorie Mullen

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