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General information and miscellaneous links

Architecture and Architectural Resources

Cinema Treasures
A fabulous, comprehensive and searchable resource on old cinemas around the world

The famous Italian architecture, design and art magazine, with regularly updated features. Registration required

The Great Buildings’ Collection
Gateway to international architecture, including three-dimensional models, commentaries and photographs

Community Programmes

Catalytic Communities
A site for linking community issues to solutions (suggested by Chris Macrae)

The Enterprise Center
Della Clark is doing something amazing in Philadelphia. The Enterprise Center is an incubator and training centre for inner city entrepreneurs. Unlike dotcom incubators, she's helping to launch exterminators, contractors and the like. She has plans for changing an entire neighborhood in Philly—and she's doing it! The Center itself is housed in the original American Bandstand broadcast studio (suggested by Bill Jensen)

The Global Renaissance Alliance
An empowering site, to bring happiness and control back into our lives at a time when many think politics and big business get all the breaks. The mission of this global network is to make a stand in our communities for the role of spiritual principle, making use of the power of both mind and spirit to help heal the world and the emerging awareness of this throughout the global community

Mercy Corps
Six thousand humanitarians take on some of the world’s toughest challenges to help make people’s lives better

New Zealand Community Development Trust
A concept based around a structured public directory, allowing parties to create their own communities online

Smart Growth Online
Smart Growth helps citizens participate in their communities using collaboration techniques and technologies. Issues tackled include housing, land use, open space and transportation

Universal Giving
Connect with and donate to the causes that inspire you the most (suggested by Chris Macrae)


Free Dutch web directory, running since 1997

Computer and Communication
Webstart Communication's nicely focused directory of computer and communication industry firms, zines, projects and newsgroups

External Hard Drive
A useful directory and starting-point for web surfers

Jayde has matured into a stylish directory with web-promotion info. One of the best and most useful—been that way since we first saw it in 1997

New Zealand Community Development Trust
A concept based around a structured public directory, allowing parties to create their own communities online

NZ Pages
New Zealand's premier web directory—very comprehensive and practical to use, and yes, there are real people behind the scenes

Zona Latina
Information, links and resources on Latin America from this very comprehensive directory


The French national library archives, accessible online

News and newspapers

Electronic Telegraph
A pioneer on the web and the best source for UK news: reports from The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph

Financial Times
Far better now that the design has matured to take into account the web reader of the FT. Again, familiar content and great journalism geared for the business reader

Germany's financial newspaper. In print it's one of the best designed in the country; the online edition preserves much of this integrity with useful charts of the DAX and latest news

New Zealand site has a lot going for it, not least parliamentary reports and up-to-the-minute additions

The New York Times
Much better now that the content's available to everyone. The NYT preserves much of the look of the print edition, and design—and content-wise, is one of the best transplant efforts on the web

New Zealand’s first Webby Award nominee (2002), Vicki Hyde’s site was beaten in the People’s Voice by mere percentage points by the might of NASA—a most respectable effort. And it’s not hard to understand why it had the popular support: great people behind the site, comprehensive and accessible information and an interactive forum

Independent New Zealand site with numerous updates. A successful pure-play news site, frequently updated

The Washington Post
One of our US favourites and home of the ‘Style’ Invitational

Online Business Promotion

If you haven't already, add your page to the Linkcentre for additional exposures


Global Reconciliation Network
A network set up to share knowledge and to reconcile political and cultural differences

French readers, don’t despair. Sida is the Swedish International Development Agency, which seeks to improve third-world living conditions. It is a government agency that reports to the country’s foreign affairs department

Search engines

Duck Duck Go
Our default search engine at our company. Unlike Google, it doesn’t track you at all

A relatively new search engine from Matt Wells, who spent around $8,000 on gear that attempts to out-Google Google. Gigablast features real-time updating of new links

A good looking search engine based in the US

A search engine that focuses on legitimate, registered businesses around the world

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