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Typography links

Font Foundries

JY&A Fonts
Surf into our font pages—Australasia's number one typefoundry with an exclusive range of classically designed fonts. Plus ecommerce links

Adobe Systems, Inc.
The creator of PostScript, and the company behind products ranging from Acrobat to PageMaker

A typefoundry founded by Mourad and Arlette Boutros—a leader in Arabic creativity, typography, calligraphy and design for over 40 years

Dalton Maag
Our colleagues at Dalton Maag in London, specialists in custom type, have developed this great new web site to show off an all-new range of retail typefaces. Excellent use of PFRs so you see the site in the original typefaces and not in Times or Georgia (version 4 browsers and up)

Font Diner
Absolutely adorable: fonts that reflect postwar US, with typestyles that’ll remind you of diners, showcards, 1950s’ car badges and zany American print ads

Hiba Studio
Run by our friend Hasan Abu Afash, Hiba Studio, in Gaza, is a typefoundry and design studio. Hasan also has some excellent articles on design online, in Arabic and English

The Hoefler Type Foundry
Jonathan Hoefler's worked on types for Travel & Leisure, Harper's Bazaar, Rolling Stone and others. Some of these typefaces are now commercially available through his site

Internet Type Foundry Index
Chris MacGregor's index has a listing of font foundries known to produce original fonts—a must-see for anyone wanting to get info on fonts

Jeremy Tankard Typography
Everything from trendy to classy: Jeremy Tankard's range has a mixture of styles but you can always be assured of its quality. His web site stands up to scrutiny, too

Linotype Library
One of the trusted names in type. Also check out FontExplorer, a type selection tool which helps you narrow down your choices depending on the mood of your piece

Magicfonts offers professional services with expertise in image, signature, handwriting and other custom fonts

Mister Retro
Retro graphics and fonts celebrating 1950s Americana

The site of type designer and developer Jean-Baptiste Levée

Fortunately, letterforms aren’t huge when it comes to Flash, so Fred Smeijers and Rudy Geeraerts of FontShop Benelux have used it for their own foundry. Some stunning, classical designs

Porchez Typofonderie (pictured)
The web site for France's best type designer, Jean-François Porchez. This is a must-see for anyone really interested in well-crafted fonts

Three Islands Press
Brian Willson's excellent site, with an original collection of fonts and highly informative to boot. There is also an essay on type and ethics

Tiro Typeworks
John Hudson and Wm. Ross Mills present one of the most well crafted typeface ranges available

Voice Design
Adelaide, South Australia-based typefoundry that deserves to be better known, hence the first link to the site on Google from us

Font Retailers

One of the most comprehensive and largest font distributors online, with font resources as well as full ecommerce facilities. You can find a full range of JY&A Fonts at MyFonts.com, sometimes at discounted prices

Phil's Fonts
Just when we thought we had a franchise on the cow jokes after doing some items related to the New Zealand Dairy Board, along comes Phil's. If you're looking for a fun and informative font-related web site, then we'd suggest mooving to Phil's. There are online competitions and giveaways, and a lot of udder stuff as well. No bull

Type Quarry
Part of Three Islands Press, the Type Quarry markets ranges from independent typefoundries such as Patricia Lillie, Dennis Bergsland and 3IP's own, not to mention stocking the entire collection from JY&A Fonts

Based in Zürich, Typos serves German-language markets locally and in Austria, Germany and Italy. The Typos range includes JY&A Fonts, Berthold, Bitstream and others

Atomic Type
London-based font distributor, with online and offline ordering, catalogues, custom font services

Bitmap Software
In the Netherlands, one of Precision Type’s TypeOnSite remarketers, carrying not only the PT line-up but fonts from most of the major foundries

FontShop Sweden
The Swedish franchisee of one of the world’s most famous font retailers, with stock photography as well

Font Utilities

Dubl-Click Software Corp.
Makers of the MenuFonts utility, which allows you to see fonts in their own typeface from the font menu, plus many other software offerings.

FontLab Ltd.
The makers of FontLab for Windows, one of the most versatile font-creation tools on the market today

A new site from the makers of Identifont, to help users select a font based on mood, application, period, dimensions and simulation, complete with ordering links

A great tool for designers who wonder, ‘What font is that?’ Identifont lets you use a Q&A method or you can have the online system identify your font via an image

Xlate Systems
In Swedish, this font distributor sells URW products as well as the font-recognition program, FontExpert. A demo version is available for download


CAP Online

Our very own CAP Online with articles on fonts and designers—and also marketing and management issues

One of the web’s finest type sites with a particularly high standard of journalism, since it’s surfed by some of the big names in type

Visual Arts Trends
Visual Arts Trends is a quarterly publication providing creative professionals with a state of the industry glimpse. You can subscribe to get the real low-down but the editors of this global publication have been more than generous in providing a useful preview

Despite there being copyright protection for typeface design in virtually every developed nation, the United States refuses to recognize it—leaving American designers in the lurch when it comes to protecting their works. TypeRight seeks to change this by educating, informing and lobbying. One of Publish magazine's Impact Award winners of 1997

ABC Typographie—Musée Virtuel Typographique
Another great site from Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle, who brought the typographic world the Les Temps Typographiques magazine. This virtual type museum has typeface samples. While not as comprehensive as font retail sites, it’s a commendable and growing effort from M. Loubet del Bayle

Bowfin Printworks
Queens-raised, Washington-state-based Mike Yanega runs a small type layout service. His site has a strong emphasis on type and a Font Reference List that ensures designers are properly credited

Code Style
Code Style has useful, regularly updated survey information on which fonts are the most commonly installed in Mac, Windows and Unix

Font Magazine
FontShop International's magazine on typography

The Goudy International Center
At the Rochester Institute of Technology

Gutenberg Digital
Although the Chinese invented printing and movable type centuries before, Gutenberg was known for the pioneering use of polychromatic proportionally spaced type. His landmark 42-line Bible has been digitalized at this German site

Too much Verdana out there? Spotted another magazine that apes a computer screen? Here’s a blog-driven site documenting the influence of the web on print design

A German magazine covering the graphic design profession. The online edition includes a blog and portfolios

Les Temps Typographiques
Well-written French typography site focusing on international typeface designers and their works. There is an English counterpart called The Typographic Times. Part of Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle's Planet Typography sites

A beautiful, independent site for typophiles. We wish we'd found this earlier. Content is king at this site but the art direction and design live up to it so well. Unmissable if you're in to fonts

Will-Harris House
From the noted designer and journalist, Daniel Will-Harris, comes a comprehensive site with font news, new release info, and a proprietary font-selection system where you can type in the desired mood and it will select the right font

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