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( Buying a JY&A Fonts' typeface couldn't be easier - Tranquility 27 pt )


Buy online. If you see a package you like when browsing through our selection, just click on the �Buy font� or �Buy package� links.


Buy from a retailer. Many of our retailers are available online and you can email them with your details. Check this list to find your nearest JY&A Fonts reseller�remember you can now dial toll-free for JY&A Fonts through Typos in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Or get more info on the fonts first using the Precisiontype.com link (you can then order them via Precision on 800 248-3668). (Note that some of the latest JY&A releases haven't yet been made available to distributors.)


Buy off a locked CD. You can unlock selected JY&A Fonts typefaces from the International Typefounders CD-ROM by contacting your nearest ITF retailer or visiting www.fontgallery.com.


Buy directly from JY&A Fonts. Sometimes we do special offers for customers buying directly from JY&A Fonts. Fonts are emailed to customers or shipped at extra cost. Available during Australian and New Zealand working hours, Monday to Friday. American Express or cheque.

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