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Design and visual communications’ links


Chilly Beach
We originally called it, ‘Priceless,’ but since it became a television series, the site has taken down a lot of the earlier episodes. Pity, because it’s we web fans who supported it enough for it to make the leap. The premise: an animated series with a stereotypical insight into Canadian life (playing hockey, drinking beer, bad French accents, being eaten by polar bears and even the odd penguin)

Studio KRuM
A site on Anime run by Jack Yan's cousin's daughter, Vivian Lee, in the midwest. The artwork and design are cool in their own right

Design Resources

CAP Online

JY&A's magazine on design, business and marketing, with features from CAP magazine, plus web-exclusive articles

A great blog on minimalism and modernist design

Art & Design En-Line In ADElaide
A resource for artists and designers in Adelaide, South Australia, with the latest in exhibitions, resources and gallery sales

The Art of the Title Sequence
Ever wonder about the back stories to film opening titles? This site has quotations and clips old and new

The Best Designs
A collection of the best web site designs on the ’net, similar in principle to the CoolHomePages.com site but slightly fussier in its presentation

One of the best resources for web design and, as the site claims, the only known cure for designer’s block. Although only precariously still with us—it’s asking for donations—it’s a very worthwhile site which we hope others will support

Corporate Identity Documentation
A site that looks at corporate identity manuals and tracks news in the branding and identity fields

Creative Latitude
According to its site, Creative Latitude is a worldwide community that unites creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. Which means there are interesting features, designer profiles, resources and more, all in a very smart package

Creative Pro
One of the best and most comprehensive resources for the visual communications industry

Design for the World
Our sort of site. A way for designers to give back through giving voluntary services through cooperation with humanitarian organizations and governmental agencies. Workshops and reports on design for social causes can be found on this site, too

Design Interact
A sister site to Communication Arts, Menlo Park-based Design Interact examines the digital, multimedia and technological side of the profession

Design Observer
A blog-driven and intelligently written design site with some high-profile authors: Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, Jessica Helfand and Rick Poynor

DesignSphere Online
A valuable source for the communication arts, graphic design and advertising industries, with links, designer profiles, and an ezine. Supported by Cogent Software, a company started by ex-JPL staff, we suggest that design professionals not go past this site

Design Week
The world's leading design-industry weekly, edited by Lynda Relph-Knight. We look forward to the annual industry surveys and the wealth of information from the print title

Dexinger Design Portal
A showcase of new products, encouraging visitor input

The famous Italian architecture, design and art magazine, with regularly updated features. Registration required

Hiba Studio
Run by our friend Hasan Abu Afash, Hiba Studio, in Gaza, is a typefoundry and design studio. Hasan also has some excellent articles on design online, in Arabic and English

Too much Verdana out there? Spotted another magazine that apes a computer screen? Here’s a blog-driven site documenting the influence of the web on print design (last updated 2005)

Laura Polinoro
Alessi designer, with her creative workshops in Italy

New Media Age
A pleasantly designed site from the publishers of New Media Age magazine. The content is not free, but if you pay for the access, you'll get a year's subscription of the printed issue thrown in. There is a sense of déjà vu for those who already subscribe, though—at the time of writing, the online edition repeats much of the hard copy's content

Publishers’ Depot
Stock photography and royalty-free photography from Publishers’ Depot—plus fonts and other useful products for the publisher, whether in print or online

Ridiculous Design Rules
Mocking some of the established (mostly graphic) design rules, and seeking out some of the new developments in the field

A complete resource for Scandinavian graphic and product design, with news and information on the latest developments from the region (and, it's a great-looking site!)

A German magazine covering the graphic design profession. The online edition includes a blog and portfolios

The Society of Publication Designers
The world's leading organization for editorial designers. Join and get a free SPD annual as part of your membership package

Nicely designed online mag on web design and standards

A wonderful, modernist-style blog dealing with interactive design and technology, by Khoi Vinh

TAXI Design Network
International design events, news, features and members-only area

A “best-of” site listing from Sweden, including web designers, automobiles and furniture

WEBdesigner Studio delivers all the talent and experience needed to produce successful web sites. Writers, graphic designers, marketing experts, programmers and site promoters work together seamlessly.


David Philpott
One of Jack Yan's former students from Massey University, who created the JY Circles typeface

A new branding and visual identity company based in the United States and Romania, which had a bit of JY&A input

Kennedy & Associates
Wellington region-based company dealing in print and web design

Nigel Dunn
One of the most genuine people I know in the web-development and multimedia business. Nigel’s site is practical, smartly designed and gives an insight into him and his prior work

Accent Design
Smart, tasteful and client-sensitive web and graphic design from Lora Ruffner's team at Accent Design

David Siegel
The site from the designer of Tekton. There's plenty to browse through at this site although it doesn't seem to have been updated since 1998

Design Net AG
Pleasant use of Flash here for Frankfurt-based brand consultancy

Dreamten Studios
Cleanly designed website of Philip Lester, a Vienna, Va.-based designer and web developer

Hiba Studio
Run by our friend Hasan Abu Afash, Hiba Studio, in Gaza, is a typefoundry and design studio. Hasan also has some excellent articles on design online, in Arabic and English

Javier Romero Design Group
An international design group based in Madrid and New York

Margeotes | Fertitta + Partners LLC
Another reason for getting the Flash plugin, if you haven't already. A fabulous site from this media, PR and interactive company in NYC. Groovy and jazzy music, different for each section

McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)
Industrial designers McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry is dedicated to transforming the design of products, processes, and services worldwide. The firm’s principals have even authored a book printed on synthetic paper that doesn’t use trees. Ethical, eco-effective design with a team of 20 in Charlottesville, Va.

An international modular agency, blending design, programming and marketing talent. Great yet simple animation shows that this company at least knows what it’s doing for its own site

The design studio of Nicholas Felton. What put us on to Nicholas was his Feltron Annual Report (cited on Subtraction), a nice item with great typography

Design consultant and type and graphic designer Monib Madhavi opens a new operation, featuring glimpses of some of the best typefaces to have come out of Australia, plus info on his identity and poster work. There's also some of the web sites he worked on while a senior designer at Fusion Design

NASA 3·0
Remember how we pictured high-tech when we were younger? This goes well beyond that. If you want a Flash-based experience that'll knock your socks off—and one that gets updated so it's not strictly brochureware—you'd be hard pressed to go beyond NASA 3·0 (formerly NASA 20), an international network of multimedia specialists HQed up north in Hamburg. A few typos, however, in the English-language version

Sandler Mergel
Graphic design, communications and multimedia company based in Sweden, at a new URL

SK Designs
Web and graphic design firm based in Sacramento run by Shirley Kaiser

Smallteam Studio
Run by Timothy Tsun—who has known Jack Yan since the two were infants—this Sunnyvale, Calif.-based professional specializes in graphic design and illustration

Wonderful use of Flash animations from this design firm specializing in cutting-edge web sites and ecommerce. But there are some obvious spelling mistakes and a dubious use of ITC Avant Garde Gothic mixed with the awful Arial in some areas (at the time of review). In Italian and English

Desktop Publishing Resources

This is one of the most comprehensive guides to DTP, fonts, clip art and even has free stuff.

Publish RGB
The online counterpart to Publish magazine


Fant Asia
For fans of the new art genre of computer-generated illustration, here is some stunning work from artist Akihiko Kametaka

Jennifer Downey
A very talented Bay Area illustrator, specializing in health, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. A tasteful and colourful site with excellent work

One of the most talented illustrators we’ve come across. Her online portfolio’s in Flash and just as sophisticated as her work

Oliver Weiss Design
Oliver Weiss introduced us to his illustrations in mid-May and we were highly impressed. Doing spot illustrations in magazines and newspapers, Mr Weiss’s style is simple and expressive. The site is attractively designed and he even showcases earlier samples of his work

Peter Jobes
We love Peter Jobes’ vector illustrations, which have plenty of life and vibrancy. He uses real-world subjects like Kate Moss and does his illustrations on Flash MX. He also designs websites

Tatjana Jeremic
Illustrator represented in Sweden and Germany, producing fashion and lifestyle images

Industrial Designers

McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)
Industrial designers McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry is dedicated to transforming the design of products, processes, and services worldwide. The firm’s principals have even authored a book printed on synthetic paper that doesn’t use trees. Ethical, eco-effective design with a team of 20 in Charlottesville, Va.

Interior Designers

Interior design firm founded by Masamichi Katayama, with one of the most inventive portfolio pages we’ve seen in a long time


Crank Angel Galleries
Stunning photographic work by Briar Shaw of people, landscape, travel: journey with her and experience some wonderful photography online

Detune Photography
You’ve seen his work in Lucire, now check out the rest. Douglas Rimington is one of the most passionate photographers we have ever met—and is the humblest bar none. A great talent, but don’t tell him that

Jon Moe
Jon has shot more Lucirecovers than anyone else at the time of writing (August 2005), with stunning celebrity shots and more. A true gentleman in the profession

The Loft Studio
Our friend Cat Soubbotnik has a lovely studio in Paris’s 20th—for her own use and also for hiring out

Alain Egues
An international fashion photographer with New York and Berlin experience, currently finishing projects in South America

Wellington-based photographer with some fabulous fashion editorial

Chad Johnston Photographics
Beautifully organized and neatly loading site. Top marks for simplicity and ease of use—and the photographs aren't half bad, either

Dominika Zielinska
A very talented New Zealand photographer, whom we have worked with—recommended highly

Outstanding fashion photography by Sacha Dean Biyan. With Flash and music

Federico Mastrianni Fashion Photography
New for ’99, this site features Federico Mastrianni’s sensual work, including art which you can purchase now signed by the photographer

Grant Maiden Photography
Beautifully designed site, but even more stunning is the photography from this international talent, based in New Zealand

Image Takers
A London studio helmed by Anthony Fuller, known for his professionalism and making a model feel comfortable. Recommended if you need someone in the UK: great prices, privacy, and an enthusiastic photographer

Photography from New Zealand, by Himiona Grace

Ken Duret
Based near Santa Cruz on the central coast of California, Ken Duret is a versatile, award-winning photographer

Larry Keith Lackey
You have to take some claims with a grain of salt, but we were delighted with how perfectly Larry's representative's words fitted when we were introduced to this site: 'Larry is an expert at imaginative photography and promises creativity, and his work is charged with emotion.' Pop by to see exactly what this means

Mat Baker, Photographer
One of our favourite photographers based in Auckland, New Zealand, with a penchant for fashion and old Chevy Impalas

McCollum Photography
Formerly a staff photographer with The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Philip McCollum has now gone freelance and set up his own site

Momentary Awe
Stunning international travel photography, with a bias toward Asia

Oliver Söhlke's PhotoGraphiC Gallery
Vibrant fashion portraits and visuals from German photographer, Oliver Söhlke

Olivier de FeliceOlivier de Felice
New young photographer and founder of elephant conservation society Tembo, débuting his photography web site in 2002. We're really impressed by his black-and-white portraiture (see right). De Felice, born in 1976, is self-taught

The Orange Project
A high-quality photography site from Germany in Flash (happily not overdone), specializing in fashion, celebrity and art

Founded by Melissa Collow, the talented photographer and another one of Jack Yan’s grads, this agency provides graphic and web design, and photography services

Palotay Photography
Stunning and sexy images from Yugoslavia's Igor Palotay, fashion photographer. The images are excellent, colourful, and in some cases, suitable only for adults

Patrick Demarchelier (pictured)
One of the world's best-known photographers, now online at his own site

Peter Ralston
Stunning works featuring the Maine coast by Rockport, Maine-based photographer Peter Ralston

Petre Buzoianu
An NYC-based photographer, specializing in runway photography from fashion shows. Professional work

Photography of Michael Anthony
Beautiful work from this professional photographer. His online portfolio has personal, fashion, entertainment and model images

Saeid Momtahan
Based in Dubai, UAE, Saeid Momtahan is an international photographer with some of the best work we've seen in any online portfolio. Check out tearsheets and shots of fashion, advertising, Iranian settings and other areas. Rich colour and some unforgettable scenes from the middle east

A devoted group of Swedish photographers, working internationally. The quality of their work speaks for itself: the site contains some compelling and beautifully composed images

This is an attractive, user-friendly photo portfolio. Well designed, quick to download—not to mention great photography

Creative digital photography portfolio from Doucin Pierre

Stil Productions
Our friends Stephen Tilley and Caroline Brown are the best when it comes to PR—and Steve's photography has always been impressive. Seems like his Flash talents have been up there, too, because their site impresses the heck out of us. Check out the photography and the site design—they more than speak for themselves

Thomas Fahey Photography
Atlanta, Georgia-based photographer, specializing in fashion and glamour photography

Tigre Escobar
A talented Madrid- and Miami-based fashion photographer

Von Thomas
New York-based photographer, with an excellent portfolio of fashion work. He shoots some excellent digital portraits of fashion week, though we are equally enamoured, if not more so, with his studio work. Judge for yourself

Yann Dandois
Yann Dandois’ photography has featured in Lucire with his sexy shoots of Cinthia Moura and Karen Carreño

Photographic Resources

American Photo Syndicate
American Photo Syndicate is dedicated to bringing you the best in photography online, with a selection of movie star and supermodel images

Black & White Photo Services
Based in Washington, Pa., Black & White Photo Services has specialists in hand-tinting, restoration, plus photographers doing some magnificent work. The down side is some images take a while to download

California Coastal Records Project
Aerial photographs of the California coastline—pick a spot using the map, or feed in latitude and longitude, and the aerial photograph, regularly updated, will appear in the main window. There are 10,000 images here, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Pt Reyes, Pt Sur and the Queen Mary

Images of Africa
An extensive 40,000-image bank from South Africa from Struik

Photo District News
PDNonline is a beautifully designed web spinoff of Photo District News, and has similar high quality in discussing photographic issues, including scanners, trends, photographic libraries, equipment and more

A very enjoyable web site, particular Karen Nakamura’s wonderful collection of classic cameras


PhotoSecrets produces guides for travel photography—a valuable resource for photographers

Prix Pictet
Sponsored by Swiss bank Pictet & Cie., the world’s premier photographic award in sustainability, with the first one presented by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Printing Invitesite
Hand-made, do-it-yourself, tree-free papers from old town Pasadena, Calif., with letterpress printing. This company produces some of the most elegant print work we have seen, with real class. If we had to recommend a company to do wedding or dinner invitations with a genuine hand-made feel, Invitesite and sister operation Fine Paper Co. (the winner of the LA Weekly's 'Best of LA' award in 1996) are our choices
Virtual Imaging Ron Lloyd Associates, Inc.
Bringing blueprints to life: Ron Lloyd Associates creates photorealistic images from design prints

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