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Last updated December 28, 2012

This section, like most early links’ sections on the web, was started to provide visitors with other interesting sites and to get ourselves linked around the place. The most famous links’ page of them all is Yahoo!, which we asked to link us back in 1994 and we saw grow to the online presence it is today.
   As Jack Yan & Associates grew on the internet, we approached other sites to link to us. Or we had a decent dialogue with a webmaster, and added them to this section. When we reciprocated, their sites wound up here. Since we always keep our word, we didn’t kill our links’ section as other sites did when they found it no longer served them, because we felt an obligation to those who said they would exchange with us.
   So, this continues to be a growing section on our site and in some ways, it’s a fun, historical look back at over 15 years of exchanging links on the web and a glance at some of the places we surf to as online hot-spots.
   There’ll be an occasional link in this section that’ll have been a casualty of the dot-com crash. Whenever we spot a site that’s disappeared, we remove it. But many of those that remain are still our recommendations of the best of the web. We hope you enjoy this part of the Jack Yan & Associates site and have a glimpse at the places we’ve considered our favourites.

Comprehensive Australian site with used and new car information, including classified advertisements. Research section very well illustrated

Car Specify
A plain design, but plenty of data about cars and their specifications from 1941 to 2009

The New Zealand importer for FAAC, the global leader in automated gates and access systems including traffic barriers, with a 30-year history in the country

A German magazine covering the graphic design profession. The online edition includes a blog and portfolios

Summer Rayne Oakes
We have worked with Summer Rayne since 2005, and she has built herself a well deserved reputation in promoting environmental and sustainable causes, including the areas of sustainable fashion and beauty as exemplified with her book Style, Naturally. She also advises on sustainability strategies for the companies she works with

The Virtual Driver
Christopher Sawyer’s brilliant automotive website—one of the best written and most insightful that we’ve seen for ages

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