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Business and social responsibility links

Social Responsibility

Business journalist and author Dana Blankenhornís site on ecommerce insights—but more often than not he comes up with insights that extend well beyond this area, into policy and global justice. Realism backed with lucid arguments

Beyond Branding
One of the 2000s’ great branding books, with a collection of articles by members of the Medinge Group. Get a free Chapter 1 download, or read the regularly updated blog

Brand New Justice review
Simon Anholt’s important brand book is reviewed here at CAP Online

Business Ethics
Business Ethics, celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2002, is arguably the world's best thought-out periodical on the subject

Business in the Community
A site promoting corporate social responsibility and companies that champion it

CAP Online

JY&A Consulting's magazine on design, business and marketing, with features from CAP magazine, plus web-exclusive articles

Code for Corporate Responsibility (C4CR)
Introduced in Minnesota, C4CR’s mission is ‘to transform the legal purpose of corporations to include responsibility to employees, communities and the environment’

Corporate Accountability Project: How the System Works (or Doesn’t Work) and What to Do about It
A simply laid-out page on some facts about our system today—and suggestions for solutions. Some lean toward the left more than the others on this page, but for fairness, we feel they should be included

Corporate Babble
The site that ‘stalks the talk’, analysing the American corporate world with irreverence and insight (recommended by Phillip D. Johnson)

Started in 1996 and formally known as CorpWatch since 2001, this moderate San Francisco-based site aims to hold corporations accountable through promoting grass-roots, rather than corporate-led, globalization. A sister site is open in India

Creating the World We Want
Creating the World We Want organizes local gatherings where people can collaborate and strengthen relationships using Open Space technology, all with the aim of creating better communities and societies

Creative Latitude
According to its site, Creative Latitude is a worldwide community that unites creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. Which means there are interesting features, designer profiles, resources and more, all in a very smart package

Design for the World (shown above)
Our sort of site. A way for designers to give back through giving voluntary services through cooperation with humanitarian organizations and governmental agencies. Workshops and reports on design for social causes can be found on this site, too

Development Gateway
A complete resource on sustainable development and poverty reduction

Ethical Corporation
Started in 2002, UK-based Ethical Corporation magazine covers issues in global corporate citizenship

Global Reconciliation Network
A network set up to share knowledge and to reconcile political and cultural differences

Global Reporting Initiative
GRI, an official collaborating centre of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), develops sustainability reporting guidelines

The Global Vision Project
Sponsored by half a dozen UN agencies, Global Vision is an educational programme designed to teach others about sustainability

Group Partners
The Group Partners network not only takes on consulting projects but has some of the most responsible dialogues going in its forum

Livio Hughes’ new web site, working on R&D for online applications that build value through social interaction. This could take the form of online communication within a company, KM, social networking—in other words, humanizing business

Human Rights Internet
Known for its databases and networking in human rights, including the publication of the Human Rights Tribune magazine, HRI’s site is a gateway to human rights’ resources. Though founded in 1976, ‘Internet’ was part of its name from the beginning, signifying its international network

Johnnie Moore
The site of John Moore, dedicated to providing authenticity in marketing. It also features a very popular marketing blog

Journal of Brand Management
The branding industry’s academic journal, with the latest research and papers

The largest global online community acting on extreme poverty worldwide, to which JY&AC’s Paolo Vanossi belongs

No Logo
Naomi Klein’s nologo.org takes the social message in her book a step further: toward online-geared activism

Prix Pictet
Sponsored by Swiss bank Pictet & Cie., the world’s premier photographic award in sustainability, with the first one presented by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Public Integration
A German company, registered in England and Wales, dealing with the dynamic processes of CSR

Malcolm McQuarrie, who is co-writing Routecause with Thomas Power, previews the book at his site

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)
Programmes and lectures based around the ideas of global citizenship and enterprise

The Simultaneous Policy
Getting countries together to work on global problems, and to stop thinking of them as domestic ones

Smart Growth Online
Smart Growth helps citizens participate in their communities using collaboration techniques and technologies. Issues tackled include housing, land use, open space and transportation

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (Sristi)
Indian NGO set up to help inventors and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity

Summer Rayne Oakes
We have worked with Summer Rayne since 2005, and she has built herself a well deserved reputation in promoting environmental and sustainable causes, including the areas of sustainable fashion and beauty as exemplified with her book Style, Naturally. She also advises on sustainability strategies for the companies she works with

Jennifer Corriero and Mike Furdyk (19 and 21 years old) are building a global network of youth focused on changing the world. They recently presented at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg and at Davos (suggested by Bill Jensen)

Filling a great need, particularly in the early 2000s, ValueTrue is about creating new standards for valuing corporations using community standards and including intangibles

World Development Movement
WDM tackles the underlying causes of poverty—Barry Coates analyses how GATT rules can stifle poorer nations into virtual commodity slavery

Worldwide Democracy Network
How can we get from an unjust world to a just and stable one? The Network links people and organizations who wish to create a new paradigm of democracy and citizenship, using a process of mutual learning. Check here for the latest events

A Swiss label of corporate social responsibility—companies (one per sector) that meet Xtramile’s 10 criteria pay a licence to use its seal of approval. Licence fees go to support people in need (recommended by Simon Young)


The American Prospect
This bi-weekly publication's web presence presents thought-provoking and intelligent articles on liberal philosophy, politics and public life, written with a lot less partisanship than most publications, be they conservative or liberal

The Fourth Turning
The authors of The Fourth Turning theorize that the United States runs on a cycle of 80–100 years, and this century will bring challenges that will make the nation face the issue of its very existence. The web site dates from 1997, yet remains poignant today

The Hoover Digest
The digest of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University

London-HQed business, culture and design magazine founded by Wallpaper’s Tyler Brûlé. We particularly love the grid approach to design—classical and clean—as well as the Plantin typeface (recommended by Alistair Kwun)

A spinoff of the book Jennifer Government, about an ultra-privatized world where employees take on the surnames of their employers, NationStates allows people to create their own countries in a virtual world, vote on resolutions in a virtual UN, and get on with the business of creating a better place. Arguably, the real world’s international relations could be conducted along these lines—saving a lot of money and producing quicker solutions to the world's problems. And imagine the possible transparency and democracy …

Simon Anholt
One of the leading experts on nation branding, and an independent policy adviser, has relaunched his site, with his notes, press clippings and other information

Steven Young & Associates
Consulting engineers in New Zealand—but known more online for its extensive and properly researched information on Chinese New Zealanders, including immigration, commerce and settlement. A welcome addition and redresses the balance of coverage about the ethnic group

Consumer Advocacy

Anyone who has had to fight their pension plan fund managers will sympathize with—and see the truth in—Simon Kirby’s web site about his troubles with Allied Dunbar, now part of Zürich Financial Services. Mr Kirby claims that half of his contributions have been taken in fees and he would have to live to 132 to recoup the charges initially taken. This site, in its first month, has fans globally and Mr Kirby has been inundated with support to date (see Telegraph article here) (recommended by John Moore)

Environment and Sustainability

Down to Earth
A smartly designed environmental site from India, featuring news, opinion, reviews and features

Looking to solar power, Nanosolar is poised to mainstream the idea by printing solar cells, rather than use conventional silicon cells

Prix Pictet
Sponsored by Swiss bank Pictet & Cie., the world’s premier photographic award in sustainability, with the first one presented by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Summer Rayne Oakes
We have worked with Summer Rayne since 2005, and she has built herself a well deserved reputation in promoting environmental and sustainable causes, including the areas of sustainable fashion and beauty as exemplified with her book Style, Naturally. She also advises on sustainability strategies for the companies she works with

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