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Jack Yan & Associates is a global media and communications company that seeks to provide its clients with elegant, practical and ethical solutions with the strongest awareness of integrity, rights and freedoms.
   Many of the concepts in today’s business world were realized early at JY&A, including virtual companies (1987), online magazines (1994), moral global brands (2000), spirituality in business strategy (2003). We were one of the first companies to take an online magazine into print (2004) and then to do so in more than one country (2005).
   You've seen us and the work we’ve done across our divisions in or on The New York Times, CNN.com, al-Jazeera English, Business 2·0, AFP, Brand Strategy, Brand Republic, Design Week, Chicago Sun–Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Der Spiegel, Professional Manager, The Sydney Morning Herald, The New Zealand Herald, ProDesign, MAP Magazine, BBC News, Publish, IdN, Headliners (TV One), Nightline (TV3), Desktop, Fashion Magazine, Office.com, Aon.at, Shortcut, Graphic Design USA, Elle US, Vogue, Unlimited, Resumé, UN Radio, Stockholm P5 radio and other media.

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Live your vision. JY&A Consulting is a leading branding and management consultancy JY&A Fonts: Integrity and more. The spirit of communication.
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JY&A JY Dandy, a new typeface family from a new designer, Danielle Smith
JY&A JY&A Fonts: rupee added to majority of range
JY&A Fonts: custom font development and legal services related to type and typography

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