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Above: New York’s financial establishment might need to re-evaluate itself if the bailout is to work (photographed by Hu Totya, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence, version 1·2)

After the bailout, the world could get better

Jack Yan tries to peer into a crystal ball on where the world might head, if the US’s soft power is being eroded


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CAP Online

Brand New Justice: the Upside of Global Branding, by Simon Anholt
$34·99, £24·99
Arguably one of the most important books on branding, Simon Anholt examines how globalization may be used to help poorer countries and end inequality and oppression.

Detective Marketing

Detective Marketing, by Stefan Engeseth
The concept behind detective marketing is about removing the boundaries of formal business training, to seek out one's inner senses, breaking barriers and being one with consumers.
   The book can neatly be summed by three words: 'Heart or convention?' Maybe even 'Truth or hypocrisy?' Engeseth gets us trusting ourselves and gives credit to our audiences and consumers, who are far cleverer and deserving of empowerment than we traditionally give them. It will be interesting to see the communities that are built as "one" makes its way into the English-speaking business world, just as the Nordic school of marketing thought did before it.

CAP Online

Saving Detroit, by not making the same old mistakes
Jack Yan looks at how Detroit’s Big Three might be saved, and warns against the usual quarterly result-driven methods. It’s not about culling brands, either

CAP Online

The new Jag generation (really)
Jack Yan analyses the design of the new Jaguar XF, the second sign of the company�s renaissance

CAP Online

Personal branding: changing the game
The key to great branding in the opening years of the 21st century may well be the self, says Dan Schawbel

CAP Online

Is your brand going to graduate or be stuck in adolescence?
Too often, the brand is considered in isolation. Joseph Benson and Bret Kinsella argue for a more holistic approach to brand development, and include the consequences of branding as part of that

CAP Online

Spirituality and business: the next movement?
Spirituality and business might seem odd bedfellows at first glance, but is that because we view the latter as corrupt and materialistic? If we believe in the goodness that commerce can do, we should be able to accept and promote what might be one of its roots as the next big step in strategy. Jack Yan’s paper, delivered in Amsterdam on January 17, is reproduced here

Identity and branding

Online branding: a definitive guide
The 2006 Medinge paper from Jack Yan answers in depth just how brands are built online

Beyond Branding: a call to action
Showing how humanity can be put back into branding is the internationally authored Beyond Branding: How the New Values of Transparency and Integrity Are Changing the World of Brands

Branding and the international community
Nation branding could promote a sense of the international community and prevent countries from following a course of realpolitik at the expense of global harmony. Jack Yan examines the branding of foreign policy

Putting humanity into branding
Humanity has disappeared out of branding, writes Johnnie Moore, who introduces ways to get rid of the BS in favour of authenticity

Social justice through branding
Jack Yan reviews Simon Anholt�s Brand New Justice: the Upside of Global Branding and finds there�s plenty of hope on using it to create a fairer global distribution of wealth

Brand USA
With criticism mounting over the USA, author Nick Wreden suggests ways to fix the nation’s brand

The branding crystal ball
Jack Yan and Stefan Engeseth peer into their crystal ball and offer their predictions for 2003 brand trends, including CSR and the shift toward middle-class brands

The brand manifesto
Jack Yan summarizes the Medinge retreat's “brand manifesto”, a document outlining what gathered experts expect from the brand industry in the coming year

Saab needs to go outside the car box
Saab’s brand is too weak to extract premium margins. Yet it remains a potent national symbol for Swedes, says the Financial Times. Common sense and out-of-the-box thinking can drive Saab to sell more cars, says Stefan Engeseth

MG Rover survives, forms alliances—just as we said it would
We were right about MG Rover's survival when everyone was saying the company was dead, but where to next with the company's brands?

Fighting globalization with globalization
Globalization isn't the problem: it's the misuse of this tag to harm the human rights and dignity of our planet's citizens. Branding is the tool to educate consumers as well as providing the means to moving workers to higher-gain jobs, otherwise we risk the creation of conflicts that threaten global security. By Jack Yan

The brand attitude of automobiles
It’s not brand equity that really drives an automobile’s success: some brands have matured into extendable attitudes conducive to their survival while others remain fixed in narrow, product-reliant niches

Redefining Mercury
Mercury is going through a serious rebranding and next month, we'll learn just how serious the division was. In the meantime, read about where we'd place the 63-year-old brand

The euro will be good for branding
The advent of the euro zone means that companies will have to try harder to win the hearts and minds of audiences through branding, by Jack Yan

Branding in the 2000s: the new forces at work
Jack Yan considers how greatly September 11, China's WTO entry, the Nordic school and cross-media influences will affect the discipline of branding

Online branding: an antipodean experience
New: full text of the JY&A Consulting paper, recently published by Springer-Verlag in Berlin, on what makes successful online brands

Branding your business
Julia Ptasznik with a step-by-step guide on a successful business-branding exercise, discussing visual identity and positioning

The business of identity
CAP Print, vol. 4, no. 3, spring 2000
Our exclusive study on identity, branding and business performance summarized

DaimlerChrysler’s woes: no surprises
As predicted, DC is in trouble and not just from Kirk Kerkorian. The brands are still confused after two years

Web identities
Translating a brand to the web isn't a matter of hiring a few web designers. In 2000, the organization's identity must be apparent in every medium, and in some cases, the organization itself must change. We offer some suggestions

Deutschland Europa: branding Germany
ZDF and Wolff Olins look at a national brand for Germany, removing clichés and stereotypes in favour of reality

Identity heralds a new vision at British Airways
British Airways' new look�we analyse the rationale behind the big UK identity job of '97


From Spam to web video
Ted Page with a behind-the-scenes story that reveals how one B-to-B marketer used a lot of silliness (and John Cleese, shown at left) to increase its web traffic tenfold and generate thousands of sales leads

Guerrilla viral marketing
Jay Conrad Levinson looks at how viral marketing can take a company to its “tipping point” for success

Marcom strategies for today�s uncertain economy
Companies can�t operate as though a gold mine existed in the budget. Jon Boroshok investigates strategies for marketing communications and PR in the uncertain economy and gives tips on how to select the best shop

Patents, tort and antitrust—a deal?
What effect would reducing the patent term have on commerce? Reuven Brenner thinks it could lead to economic growth

The best how-to for global marketing
Donald De Palma’s Business without Borders is the ideal post-dot-com title about modern international marketing, writes Jack Yan

Ten tips for becoming more creative
The author of the acclaimed Detective Marketing, Stefan Engeseth, looks at how you can inject creativity with a ready collection of tips

The new survivor game: keeping and finding work in an unsteady job market
Meagan Van Beest offers a volume of tips on how to survive and thrive in the current economic climate

Detective Marketing
A book and a new concept attempting to remove the boundaries of B-school training so we can exploit those otherwise unseen opportunities emerges from Sweden

Carry on globalizing
Why globalization can safely continue and why the charge of anti-Americanism is not always valid, as told by JY&A Consulting to The New York Times and expanded upon for this article

The moral globalist: making globalization work
Globalization can work, but with “moral globalists”, not corporations that seek to marginalize the poor, says Jack Yan

Free will: the secret behind the Asian tigers' success
It's not just thrift and hard work that made the Asian tigers what they are today, but familiar notions of harmony and personal liberty


America’s return to complacency?
Is the alleged lack of interest from the public in the US real, or merely a self-fulfilling prophecy? And how should the media deal with coverage of the second phase of the “war on terror”? Donna Borak examines the issues from Washington, DC

When ‘Up yours Osama’ isn’t the best advertising headline
The politically incorrect advertising campaign that JY&AC rejected

Nicole and Papa: a 1990s retrospective
We look back at the 1990s' most successful advertising campaign

antirom: a personal view
On the verge of transforming again and going virtual, antirom is one of London's most innovative interactive design collectives, in the heart of Soho. One of the founders, Andy Polaine, discusses the firm's philosophy and its future

Nicole? Papa!
First to CAP on the web The history behind Publicis' campaign for the Renault Clio, and the use of national characteristics in car advertising (originally published in 1995)

Graphic design

Healing with design and communications: an educational approach
Chase A. Rogers brings together concepts from healing arts such as vibrational therapies and communication arts—resulting in a new model for designers and design education

The history of typefaces, a French perspective
Jean-François Porchez with Part One of the history of type, normally told from an Anglo-Saxon perspective

Koliba, from 1940s style to 3,300 kerning pairs
Designed by Jure Stojan, the new JY Koliba typeface family brings the craftsmanship and structure of Slovenian architecture together with the personal style of hand-lettering

Note worthy
Spencer Levine redesigns New Zealand's banknotes but the concepts might not see the light of day, regardless of their quality

Biblical saga
The Arion Press Bible is considered one of America's finest publications of 2000. Jack Yan examines the typography and the making of this work, costing up to $11,000

I can't believe it's now clutter!
The latest design trend for web sites seems to be clutter, combining branding and the portal look with an æsthetic of its own
Published in association with Visual Arts Trends

The unifying spirit of design: Monib Mahdavi
Jack Yan interviews Australian designer Monib Mahdavi about his work and his time as a volunteer worker in the Solomon Islands

Sans frontiers
The making of JY&A Fonts' sans serif type family, Décennie Express (originally published in CAP Print)

Jeremy Tankard: idiosyncratic type
The designer of Adobe's Blue Island, FF Disturbance and Enigma speaks to CAP

Garry Emery
One of Australia's leading graphic design consultants interviewed

Odermatt & Tissi
We pay tribute to one of the great partnerships in Swiss design

The [A] team
A new Australian typefoundry emerges

The Sooy style
Brian Sooy's typefaces are now available directly from the designer, bringing new meaning to interactivity in font selling

The best fonts for the web
How to pick the right font for your webzine or internet-friendly corporate identity

Les plaisirs du Monde
First to CAP on the web An in-depth look at the redesign of the typeface for Le Monde, bringing the newspaper a new lease of life

Set on the web
Behind the scenes of Microsoft's free TrueType web fonts�the inspiration and full story behind their development


The great British Mini
CAP joins Mini fans in celebrating 40 years of a design classic�and looks at the successful and unsuccessful attempts to replace the Mini

The Escort legend
Thirty years of Ford's Escort: we look at its life and times and why it's a British icon

Product development

Swedish movements
Sweden's rich design heritage is reflected in miniature at toy manufacturer Playsam

Big Aussies
The big-car sector in Australia is one of the most hotly contested in the world. We examine the design of Ford's new 1999 Falcon and its arch-rival, the Holden Commodore

Giugiaro: the master stylist
Giugiaro celebrates 30 years of ItalDesign


Deserted Wellington
A photo study: a deserted capital city

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