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Above: New York’s financial establishment might need to re-evaluate itself if the bailout is to work (photographed by Hu Totya, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation Licence, version 1·2)

After the bailout, the world could get better

Jack Yan tries to peer into a crystal ball on where the world might head, if the US’s soft power is being eroded



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Save Detroit—now
With Detroit’s dire financial state now publicly revealed, Jack Yan follows up his earlier paper with a discussion on how the Big Three can be saved

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Starting the axis of good
By viewing al-Qaeda as a brand, it doesn�t seem as daunting�and that its communication techniques can equally be used for good, writes Jack Yan

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Well Beyond Branding
Beyond Branding is more than a book: it is a real call for change in the way business is conducted. That change does not start with branding departments, but with you as an individual, says Malcolm Allan


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Saving Detroit, by not making the same old mistakes
Jack Yan looks at how Detroit’s Big Three might be saved, and warns against the usual quarterly result-driven methods. It’s not about culling brands, either

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The new Jag generation (really)
Jack Yan analyses the design of the new Jaguar XF, the second sign of the company�s renaissance

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Personal branding: changing the game
The key to great branding in the opening years of the 21st century may well be the self, says Dan Schawbel

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Is your brand going to graduate or be stuck in adolescence?
Too often, the brand is considered in isolation. Joseph Benson and Bret Kinsella argue for a more holistic approach to brand development, and include the consequences of branding as part of that

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Spirituality and business: the next movement?
Spirituality and business might seem odd bedfellows at first glance, but is that because we view the latter as corrupt and materialistic? If we believe in the goodness that commerce can do, we should be able to accept and promote what might be one of its roots as the next big step in strategy. Jack Yan’s paper, delivered in Amsterdam on January 17, is reproduced here


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CAP OnlineBeyond Branding: How the New Values of Transparency and Integrity Are Changing the World of Brands, edited by Nicholas Ind
One of the most important books written about branding, Beyond Branding has authors reading much like a who’s who of branding—Malcolm Allan, Simon Anholt, Julie Anixter, John Caswell, Thomas Gad, Sicco van Gelder, Tim Kitchin, Chris Macrae, Denzil Meyers, Alan Mitchell, John Moore, Ian Ryder and Jack Yan—and led by seasoned branding consultant and author Nicholas Ind.
   The authors propose that branding could be used as a tool for good, approaching economic democracy from a different angle. It could be, for instance, a tool that would reveal the truth about organizations. Thirteen chapters in Beyond Branding include topics on authenticity, transparency and sustainability�but not delivered to make the book a trendy, mid-2000s purchase. Its aim is to identify these issues and give readers a choice. Order it from


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