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CAP Online editorials have regularly anticipated future business developments.


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The Economist

The Economist
The Economist is the weekly news and business publication written expressly for top business decision-makers and opinion leaders who need an international outlook in an increasingly global market-place. Each weekly issue explores the links between domestic and international issues, business, finance, current affairs, science, technology, and the arts—and provides a refreshingly objective perspective on it all.

Fast Company

Fast Company
Fast Company—the handbook of the business revolution—is Rolling Stone meets the Harvard Business Review. Each hip, groundbreaking issue covers the latest business news and trends, leading-edge entrepreneurs, and of course, the fastest companies in business today. If you're looking for more than a conservative business magazine, read Fast Company.

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Earlier editorials
CAP Online

Save Detroit—now
With Detroit’s dire financial state now publicly revealed, Jack Yan follows up his earlier paper with a discussion on how the Big Three can be saved

CAP Online

Starting the axis of good
By viewing al-Qaeda as a brand, it doesn�t seem as daunting�and that its communication techniques can equally be used for good, writes Jack Yan

CAP Online

Well Beyond Branding
Beyond Branding is more than a book: it is a real call for change in the way business is conducted. That change does not start with branding departments, but with you as an individual, says Malcolm Allan

Identity, brands and culture

Knowing whom not to listen to
As our sister magazine Lucire prepares to launch a print edition in Romania, Jack Yan credits ignoring advice that would have put the company back into the twentieth century

Is Yahoo! still a brand?
Analysing the brand alone, Yahoo! has lost its lovin� feeling and is looking positively shaky, writes Jack Yan

Avoiding SARS through branding
It isn’t as preposterous an idea as it might sound: if China had been sincere about its desire to rebrand, then SARS could have been dealt with earlier, says Jack Yan

Analysing brands can tell you whether to buy
With confidence in traditional stock analysis hurt, a better and more long-term way could be examining corporations’ brands, according to Jack Yan

Brands transcend economics (and The Economist)
The Economist focused on brands the week before the WTC attack but its presentation of the facts was botched through misunderstanding of the profession, says Jack Yan

Marketing through modern mind control
There are two kinds of marketing: direct marketing and brand marketing. Direct marketing targets wallets. Branding is about hearts and minds, writes Linda Cox

A �brand� new you with a big-brand bank account
Branding is about personalities that humanize the organization, writes Anne-Marie Baugh

Corporate culture: a case study
Jack Deal on the elusive corporate culture�and those who have it, and those who don't

General business

Governments and globalization
How real is the “globalization” touted by governments? Not very, if their aim is to exert more control over their citizens, says John Robertson

What is entrepreneurship?
Recent contact with universities gives Jack Yan a chance to chew on the definition’s three ingredients


Why spamming is worse now
Serious marketers will always tell you that spamming is bad. In 2002, it's an even more impractical proposition, says Jack Yan

Rover under John Towers: where to from here?
In our progress report on MG Rover under Phoenix, the consortium that bought the former BMW division, we conclude that things are not as gloomy as some media commentators, especially the British press, have made out

‘Boy Power’: a gentlemanly revival
The New Lad is passé, says Jack Yan. In the 2000s, a more refined gentleman has come about and should be the favoured male demographic

Guerrilla insights into technology
Jay Conrad Levinson, looks at how smaller businesses can use technology to their advantage against larger competitors

How John Towers can save Rover
Jack Yan on potential, low-cost strategies for ensuring Rover's short-term future, including a sport-luxury repositioning and focus on innovation

boo.com boo hoo
With high costs, overstaffing and allegations of politicking, boo.com was bound to fail

Where is DaimlerChrysler heading?
The merged company still seems to act like two separate ones, plus how do the brands relate?

Enforcing promises: a matter of honour
Legal costs are only high because we make them so


Welcome back, Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar gets redesigned for 2002 and goes traditional, just as we predicted, by Jack Yan

All quiet on the western font
Makambo.com is another high-profile closure, this time in the font industry. Although profitable, does it mark a downturn in the industry?

The parodic postmodern car
Postmodernism is with us now, but what does that mean for automotive design—and is it really a movement, or just a clever marketing ploy? Jack Yan ponders

Mazda's woes reflected in boxy designs
Pessimistic design from Mazda, with the incongruously designed 1999 Laser

Which Ford where?
For those confused by our Ford story, our summary on which compact was sold where


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