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Jack Yan & Associates is an international boutique media and communications company that seeks to provide its clients with elegant, practical and ethical solutions with the strongest awareness of integrity, rights and freedoms.
   We believe in a global community but not at the expense of human dignity.
   We believe in open and free communications.
   We believe in the freedom and rights of all human beings to realize their full potential.
   To accomplish our aims, our company has three parts.
   JY&A Consulting is where we implement identity, branding, and marketing strategies for our clients.
   JY&A Fonts is the pioneering independent typefoundry, which has been creating solutions for digital type since the 1980s.
   JY&A Media is an independent media company with online, print and television interests—and we’re open to sharing with clients our expertise in contract publishing, licensing, web development, and public relations.
   Since our founding in 1987, JY&A has a reputation for honour, integrity, ethics and accuracy. We practise what we preach, as seen in our highest-profile ventures.
   We are a small, privately held company that believes less in getting corporate kudos and more in getting down and making our team and our clients great.