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New Zealand fashion magazine Lucire’s Saudi Arabian edition a hit

Wellington, June 13 (JY&A Media) Lucire, the international fashion magazine started in New Zealand in 1997, is on to a hit in Saudi Arabia, where the publication finds itself in first and businesses classes on Saudia, the country’s national carrier, and in their lounges.
   A monthly, as it was originally in New Zealand in the mid-2000s, Lucire KSA is receiving positive reviews after completing eight issues since the end of 2018.
   Under publisher Aljawhara Al-Otaishan and editor Qurratulain (Annie) Wahab, Lucire KSA balances its international content with locally sourced items, and has interviewed some of the region’s leading fashion and beauty industry players.
   A substantial amount of readers take in Lucire KSA each month in the Middle East, with a very captive audience. The numbers of travellers are certified by IATA and those flying in first and business class are generally in a happier, less stressed mindframe.
   ‘We’ve established a winning formula with the team across the Middle East,’ says Jack Yan, Lucire’s founder.
   ‘Thanks to them I feel confident that New Zealand and Australian advertisers who want to reach a captive, positive audience in the GCC now have a New Zealand lifestyle magazine they can book in.’
   Mr Yan says Lucire KSA offers highly competitive advertising prices for the GCC region.
   The layouts are done in New Zealand and the magazines are printed in Riyadh.
   Nancy Hany of Kingfisher Consultancy officially represents the magazine’s advertising in the GCC, but Lucire’s Wellington office welcomes enquiries from New Zealand and Australia.

Click here to download image of Lucire cover
Lucire KSA cover, June 2019
High-resolution JPEG, 1,001 kbyte

About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine (www.lucire.com), started on the web in 1997. In 2003, Lucire became the first fashion industry partner of UN Environment (www.unep.org). In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it became the first web magazine to spawn international print editions. It is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand.

Notes to editors
Lucire is a registered trade mark of Jack Yan & Associates and subject to protection in certain jurisdictions. All other trade marks are the properties of their respective owners and are only used in a descriptive fashion without any intention to infringe.

Jack Yan, Publisher
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Zuru’s Kiwi entrepreneur Nick Mowbray misses out in Monaco

Monaco, June 10 (JY&A Media) Nick Mowbray of Zuru has been in Monte Carlo for the last week competing for the title of World Entrepreneur of the Year and it’s most certainly a very long way from where he started out over a decade ago, when he, his brother and their sister booked themselves a one-way ticket to China and set themselves up in the toy business.
   ‘We had no knowledge, we didn’t know what we were doing, we didn’t speak the language, we were very quickly involved in multiple lawsuits that we couldn’t settle, we had no money and we were literally living on a couple of dollars a day, so to be here just 15 years later is pretty incredible,’ Mowbray said from the balcony of the five-star Hermitage Hotel in Monaco.
   In the opulent surroundings of the Opéra Garnier, inside Monte Carlo’s famed Casino, he was inducted into the World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. But it’s the overall title that Nick was after, and he was very focused on giving it his best shot and according to Darren White, the EY New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year Award Director, he’s had a pretty good shot at it.
   ‘I’ve been involved with the programme for a few years now and Nick is the most focused winner we’ve ever brought to Monaco. He wants this and I am not alone in thinking he could take it out,’ said White.
   He was though up against some very stiff opposition. Entrepreneurs from 47 countries are competing and their combined statistics are impressive. Combined revenues of over US$44 billion, average growth over the past three years of 84 per cent and employees in excess of 159,000. Joining him on the red carpet, his girlfriend Jaimee and his father Harry, in whose Tokoroa barn the genesis of Zuru was formed, when, with his brother and sister, they constructed their first toy. This is without doubt the biggest coming together of entrepreneurs on the planet but for all the handshakes and smiles, make no mistake this is a competition, and it’s one that Nick Mowbray wanted to win as he told us before going into his judging session.
   ‘I’m not coming here to make up the numbers, I’m definitely coming here to try and win. I think our journey and what we’ve done is very different to most and where we are going is also very different to most, so I’d like to think we have a good chance.’
   In the end the title of EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 went to Brad Keywell from the USA, a serial entrepreneur whose work in data science helped his company, Uptake Technologies, become the fastest start-up to reach a US$2 billion valuation.
   But holding his head high on the world stage and competing against the very best in the world is surely a win for this 34-year-old young Kiwi whose entrepreneurial journey is only just beginning.

This release, with download links, can be found at http://jyanet.com/info/2019/06/zuru-toys-kiwi-entrepreneur-nick-mowbray-misses-out-in-monaco/.


Nick Mowbray with his girlfriend Jaimee
JPEG, 2·04 Mbyte

Nick Mowbray with his girlfriend Jaimee, and his father Harry
JPEG, 2·25 Mbyte

Nick Mowbray after being presented with a citation from New Zealand Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern by Darren White of EY
JPEG, 2·23 Mbyte

A video can be embedded from https://dai.ly/x7aopny.

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JY&A Fonts releases 10-weight family, JY Saj, by Slovenian designer Jure Stojan

Wellington, October 12 (JY&A Media) Slovenian designer Jure Stojan’s latest typeface family, JY Saj, has been released through JY&A Fonts.
   JY Saj is a 10-weight (five roman, five italic) sans serif typeface family that works particularly well on screen and in print, and in both text and display applications. It balances the artistic and the conventional, according to JY&A Fonts’ founder Jack Yan.
   The New Zealand-based typefoundry, which has been creating digital type since the 1980s, has several releases by Mr Stojan, dating back to JY Koliba in 1999. JY Saj is an evolution of his JY Raj design from 2001, but with far more weights and its more controversial features, which dated the family, revisited.
   The result is a far more practical and legible design, but it retains its artistic flourishes, such as a two-part roman g and a script-like italic counterpart, and a y that flicks rightward.
   Each font has c. 3,500 kerning pairs, as well as a comprehensive Latin character set, and euro and rupee symbols. There is a set of lining numerals as well as fully kerned proportional oldstyle numerals. Despite the large family ranging from Ultra Light to Extra Bold weights, Microsoft programs can handle all the variants as well as Apple ones can.
   ‘In many creative endeavours, the way-out experiments can be considered a step too far; but when some restraint is brought into the process, true beauty emerges. JY Saj finds that balance,’ read the release notes from the specimen.
   The word saj literally translates to since, but it can also be used as a short riposte, said Mr Stojan, much in the same way an English speaker says, ‘Quite.’
   As with previous releases by Mr Stojan through JY&A Fonts, the original design was done in Slovenia and the finishing, including euro and rupee symbols and the kerning, was done in New Zealand. Testing of the finished files took place in both countries.
   The JY Saj family is available at MyFonts, Fontspring, Phil’s Fonts, Typos, and directly from the foundry. A PDF sample may be downloaded from jya.net/fonts, with retail partners linked from jyanet.com/fonts/range.html.

Images for this release may be downloaded at jya.net/info/2017/10/jya-fonts-releases-10-weight-family-jy-saj-by-slovenian-designer-jure-stojan.

JY Saj specimen pages (2017)
PDF, 257 kbyte

About JY&A Fonts
JY&A Fonts (http://jya.net/fonts) is part of Jack Yan & Associates, founded in 1987. It is the oldest digital typefoundry in New Zealand, with its first digital fonts in 1985, and one of the longest-running in the southern hemisphere. JY&A Fonts, which has created typefaces both for retail sale and for private commissions, is known for its meticulous attention to detail, its careful and extensive use of kerning pairs, and elegant, restrained designs. JY&A Fonts represents designs from Jack Yan, Jure Stojan, David Philpott, Greg Bastin, Todd Hallock, Mark Geard, Antonio González de Santiago, and Danielle Smith.

Notes to editors
All trade marks are the properties of their respective owners and are only used in a descriptive fashion without any intention to infringe.

Jack Yan, CEO
Jack Yan & Associates
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E jack.yan@jyanet.com


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Facebook needs to come clean on malware scanner offered by Kaspersky and others

Wellington, October 9 (JY&A Media) Facebook needs to come clean on its malware scanner provided by Kaspersky, F-Secure, Trend Micro and others, says Jack Yan, whose blog posts on the subject have amassed nearly 120,000 views and continue to be read by people affected by the social media site’s warnings.
   Mr Yan, who runs a communications’ firm, Jack Yan & Associates, in Wellington, New Zealand, says he first confronted Facebook’s malware scanner, a program endorsed publicly by Facebook and reported regularly by the tech press, in January 2016. Facebook would show a checkpoint page, where a user could not proceed till they had downloaded the scanner.
   He claims that running it—his was provided by Kaspersky—knocked out his real antivirus program, and since blogging about the experience has received hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of views. He also says that anyone receiving a malware warning from Facebook can log out and log back in as someone else without getting any such warning, which suggests the computer is not at fault.
   He was surprised to discover that Facebook’s warnings targeted particular users.
   He also says that once installed, the scanner does not appear anywhere in the installed programs’ list, but resides in a hidden directory on the user’s computer.
   He notes that the US press has now become suspicious of Kaspersky because of its Russian origins, but says that Facebook has publicly stated it is working with one of several antivirus partner companies, including ESET, Trend Micro, and F-Secure, and that all are equally responsible.
   However, when he commented on Kaspersky’s blog post about its cooperation with Facebook, his words were promptly deleted, and when Tweeting one of the other antivirus providers, the dialogue abruptly came to an end when the subject of the malware scanner was brought up.
   Mr Yan says he has read through the hundreds of comments on his blog and noted no similarities between the types of people affected other than their use of Windows, but that Facebook’s behaviour was consistent.
   ‘The affected netizens are both political and apolitical, some play games and others don’t, some are on the left and others on the right, and it doesn’t matter where they live,’ he says.
   He says he has been in touch with affected users in his own country, and in the US, UK, India, and Latin America.
   ‘Before April 2016, most users could delete their cookies and re-enter the site, which places great doubt on Facebook’s claims that their computers were infected with malware.
   ‘However, after April 2016, this method stopped working and users had to resort to other means,’ he says. ‘Facebook shifted the goalposts.’
   Users reported that they had run their own malware scans, including scanners made by Facebook’s partners, and usually came up with nothing.
   Even after running the scan, some users would still be unable to post links.
   ‘Generally, people would be locked out for three days to a month if they refused to run the scanner, which is not unlike the sort of failures Facebook experienced in the first part of the 2010s,’ he says.
   Mr Yan says he switched to computers running Mac OS and Linux and was able to bypass the malware checkpoint and a prompt to download software, though he still had malware warnings come up whenever he posted a link. The difference was that he was able to tell Facebook it was in error and he was allowed to continue using the site.
   In September 2014 there was a Facebook outage where users were unable to post status updates, something which the company later attributed to an internal bug.
   Mr Yan says Facebook’s behaviour was very similar to what had happened in 2014, except now it had shifted the blame to the user’s computer.
   He says that there was an increasing amount of reports on Getsatisfaction, a website that hosted support forums on behalf of companies. Facebook eventually shut down its part of the site.
   Three months before the widely reported outage, Mr Yan says he encountered a Facebook block for 69 hours, where he could not post, like or comment, but still had access to the site—exactly what users went through in September 2014.
   He says the way Facebook behaves after it has accused a user of having malware is similar to what happened in 2014, and has a hard time believing that it is the user’s fault or that the user’s computer has malware.
   ‘Everything about this points back to Facebook, and the fact that no one has come out to address users’ concerns over the years they have offered this makes me suspicious.
   ‘It’s as though there’s something faulty with Facebook’s servers, but they have to buy time to repair them. Most people will take the warnings at face value and willingly plant Facebook’s software in a hidden directory on their computers.’
   Mr Yan says a number of netizens have come up with solutions that have been posted on his blog, but worries that, as with Facebook moving the goalposts in April 2016, they would do that again to users who attempt these newer methods.
   He says that the number of views on his blog posts on the topic is increasing consistently, and believes the problem is becoming more widespread.

About Jack Yan & Associates
Started in 1987, Jack Yan & Associates is a communications’ company with businesses in brand consulting, font software and media. JY&A Consulting is connected to Medinge Group, a Swedish branding think-tank, through its founder Jack Yan. JY&A Fonts is New Zealand’s first digital typefoundry and a pioneer in the business. JY&A Media is an early pioneer in online publishing, with its first digital magazine launched in the 1990s; its ventures include Lucire, the international fashion magazine and Autocade, a car encyclopædia. Jack Yan & Associates is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, but has licences and other presences globally.

Notes to editors
Original post in January: http://jackyan.com/blog/2016/01/when-facebook-forces-you-to-download-their-anti-malware-your-own-antivirus-gets-knocked-out/
   Follow-up post: http://jackyan.com/blog/2016/01/if-facebook-says-you-have-malware-do-not-download-their-program-heres-a-way-around-it/
   All trade marks are the properties of their respective owners and are only used in a descriptive fashion without any intention to infringe.

Jack Yan, CEO
Jack Yan & Associates
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Multicultural Brand Consultancy
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Rocketlab’s Peter Beck just misses out in Monaco

Monaco, June 10 (JY&A Media) On June 8, 2017, entrepreneurs from 49 countries descended on Monaco for the 17th annual EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Representing New Zealand this year, Peter Beck of Rocketlab. Peter’s singular vision in creating a company that would challenge the norm and take New Zealand into space was formulated at a very early age.

Peter Beck quote, Monaco, June 9
‘I knew from a very early age that space was something I’m going to work in, as far back as I can remember standing outside looking up at the stars with my father I knew that space was something I had to be involved with. It’s kind of a marriage between engineering and space that has lead to all of this.’

   Rocketlab launched their first rocket into space just last month and they are viewed around the world as a very serious player in the rocket business.

Peter Beck quote, Monaco, June 9
‘I think we’re perceived as the leaders in the small launch vehicle, we’re lucky to be quite clearly in front of our competition with the first flight of our vehicle.’

   However, competing against another 48 world-beating entrepreneurs is tough. The entrepreneurs get just 20 minutes in front of the independent judging panel, who number amongst their participants, former New Zealand winner and chair of the New Zealand judging panel, Diane Foreman.

Diane Foreman quote, Monaco, June 9
‘We spend three hours independently studying each national winner, so by the time we arrive in the judging room we really know the competitors.
   ‘And then we have 20 minutes in the room with each winner to “make magic”.
   ‘Normally it takes around an hour and a half to reach consensus. This time it was four hours 15 of very rigorous debate – but we have a winner and a winner of whom we are very proud.’

   Peter Beck typifies the New Zealand spirit of punching above our weight: his dream was considered by many as an impossible one. He had to raise multi-million-dollar capital, he had to convince the New Zealand and US governments to negotiate a bilateral space treaty, and, of course, he had to build rockets that could reach space—all of which he has done. His story was one that resonated with the global media that assembled in Monte Carlo. He was interviewed by all of the British press, plus major TV networks CNBC, Fox, and the BBC.
   Sitting on the terrace of the hotel in Monaco reflecting on what he has achieved so far, Peter says that his achievements are not so much his own, but they represent his team and the country.

Peter Beck quote, Monaco, June 9
‘It’s a huge honour whether you’re a sportsman or an entrepreneur: representing your country is the ultimate, it’s the ultimate responsibility, too, so I’d better bloody win for the country, I don’t really care for Peter Beck, it’s got to be for the country so that to me is really the prime driver here, being here amongst the most the most amazing people in the world, representing your country. I think it was really well summed up at an event last night: this is the Olympics for entrepreneurs and business and that is really exciting.’

   Earlier in the evening, Peter was inducted into the World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and although he missed out on the top award which went to Murad Al-Katib of Canada, who over 15 years has taken his company, AGT Food and Ingredients, to one with $1·4 billion in revenues, with around 23 per cent of the world’s trade in lentils and operating in 120 countries.
   Peter still managed some sage words of advice for young Kiwi entrepreneurs.

Peter Beck quote, Monaco, June 9
‘Work hard and don’t give up. There’s going to be a lot of people that tell you it’s not possible; there’s going to be many, many times when it just seems impossible and hard, but we always find a way. Sometimes it’s almost sheer arrogance there’s a barrier in front of you. You can accept that it’s a barrier and stop or you can find a way around it.’


Peter Beck with his EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame Trophy
JPEG, 1·49 Mbyte

Peter and his wife Karen with his EY World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Trophy
JPEG, 1·52 Mbyte

Peter on stage in Monte Carlo receiving his EY World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Trophy
JPEG, 1·74 Mbyte

Peter Beck in front of the global media
JPEG, 2·28 Mbyte


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Jack Yan endorses Jo Coughlan for Wellington mayoral race

Wellington, August 23 (JY&A Media) Former Wellington mayoral candidate Jack Yan says he is endorsing Jo Coughlan in this year’s race.
   Mr Yan says Ms Coughlan has a long-term view of Wellington, has a record of working with councillors regardless of their political stripes, and is an independent who is not being financed by an establishment cadre.
   ‘Jo’s ideas are big-picture ones, as mine were when I ran. She doesn’t focus on the trivial, and she believes in our city leading the way with a future-oriented economy,’ he says.
   ‘I recognize parallels between what she wants to achieve and what I wanted to,’ Mr Yan adds. ‘Jo sees Wellington as part of a global economy, one of a small club of cities that has a high concentration of tech businesses. She’s not afraid of seeing us compete with the world’s best. That’s the energy that I seek in a candidate, and what I believe my supporters from two campaigns sought, too.’
   Mr Yan points to the work that had been done while Ms Coughlan chaired the Council’s Economic Growth Committee, with Wellington’s CBD outpacing Auckland in GDP growth. ‘It’s proof that she was capable of working with a mayor whose politics differ from her own, for the good of Wellington. I see certain other candidates as being too divisive or too wedded to their political ideologies,’ he says.
   ‘During the 2013 campaign, I asked Jo why she wasn’t running. I said that I wanted to hear her ideas in the mayoral forums, and I’m glad she’s made the choice to go for the job this time.’
   Mr Yan chose not to run this year for family reasons.

Notes to editors
Images can be downloaded from jya.net/press/photo.htm.

Jack Yan
Publicity shot for Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign (2013)
JPEG, 2·83 Mbyte
Photographed by Mikhail Ruzhanskiy

Additional images may be downloaded from http://jyanet.com/press/photo.htm.

About Jack Yan
Jack Yan founded Jack Yan & Associates (http://jya.net), one of the world’s first virtual firms, in 1987, operating internationally. Among his company’s interests are business consulting, imaging, software and media, including the fashion magazine brand Lucire. He writes on topics, ranging from branding and business responsibility to fashion and typography, in numerous publications and journals worldwide and is a regular international speaker. He has authored or co-authored numerous books, including Beyond Branding, Typography and Branding, Nation Branding: Country Concepts and Cases, and, most recently, Brands with a Conscience. His personal site is at jackyan.com. He is co-chair of the Medinge Group (http://medinge.org), a think-tank in Sweden devoted to cutting-edge branding. He ran for Mayor of Wellington in 2010 and 2013, netting 18 per cent of the vote on his second attempt.

Jack Yan
CEO, Jack Yan & Associates
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F 64 4 387-3213
E jack.yan@jyanet.com


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New international book on sustainable brands launching in Amsterdam has a Kiwi connection

Wellington and Amsterdam, March 24 (JY&A Media) Brands with a Conscience, the new book published by Kogan Page in London, will be launched at a Medinge Group event in Amsterdam on March 31—with a Kiwi connection, contributing author and Medinge co-chair Jack Yan.
   Mr Yan writes the first case study in the book on Dilmah Tea, illustrating that a brand can be socially responsible and help its community, while being a market leader.
   The new book aims to dissect the philosophies that make up successful, sustainable brands, arriving at a set of eight clear guiding attributes that can be used as the foundation for responsible growth.
   ‘I’m truly excited at the first title Medinge has penned after a decade,’ says Mr Yan. ‘This has been planned for several years, with the bulk of writing done in 2015, and updates done right up till the date of publication earlier this year.
   ‘If professionals want a book that outlines how brands can be responsible and sustainable for the future, they need look no further. The level of research and insight in Brands with a Conscience is second to none.’
   Other cases in Brands with a Conscience written by Medinge members include H&M, Dr Hauschka, Merci, the John Lewis Partnership, and Tony’s Chocolonely. The book is truly international in scope with contributors from four continents, covering everything from consumer brands to place branding.
   Brands with a Conscience goes beyond theory: the 12 chapters provide real-life examples and the editing, by Nicholas Ind and Sandra Horlings, ties the book together for professional marketers and brand managers.
   Mr Yan notes that the first time Medinge wrote a book as a group was in 2003–4, when the well regarded Beyond Branding, also edited by Mr Ind, was released by Kogan Page. A paperback edition followed. He had also contributed to the earlier work.
   ‘This isn’t strictly a sequel, but it does build on the theories in the earlier title with very robust case studies. Instead of a collection of essays, this is a single volume that helps professionals get a very clear idea of the principles behind today’s, and tomorrow’s, conscientious and sustainable brands,’ he says.
   The first evening in Amsterdam begins with an informal dinner and gathering at Pllek, TT Neveritaweg 59, from 7 p.m.
   Medinge’s big day this year commences at 12.30 p.m. on March 31, with a series of seminars at Design Post Amsterdam, Cruquiusweg 111, with 80–100 participants. The introduction, ‘Unite the World’, is given by Mr Ind and Ms Horlings, with an opening speech following from Ava Hakim of IBM Global Business Solutions. Keynotes from Brigitte Stepputtis of Vivienne Westwood, and Jack Stroeken of Slow Food Netherlands follow.
   A series of Action Labs hosted by Medinge’s high-level brand experts take place from 3.45 p.m., with Nikolaj Stagis, Simon Paterson, Sudhir John Horo, co-chair Erika Uffindell, Sergei Mitrofanov, Cristián Saracco, Magnus Sørdal, and Peter Brown, will take participants through to the book launch around 5 p.m.

Notes to editors
Review copies of Brands with a Conscience can be downloaded (after registration) from Netgalley, at https://s2.netgalley.com/catalog/book/82554.
   A high-resolution copy of the cover is available on request.
   Further information on Brands with a Conscience is available from Kogan Page at www.koganpage.com/product/brands-with-a-conscience-9780749475444.
   Other images can be downloaded from jya.net/press/photo.htm.

Ikea sewing machine
Brands with a Conscience book cover
Medium-resolution JPEG, 108 kbyte

About Medinge Group
Founded in 2002, Medinge Group first published a brand manifesto of eight statements encapsulating a vision of healthy brands for the future. In 2003, the group authored a collection of essays entitled Beyond Branding, which explored the ways in which brands could add value within alternative business and social models. In 2004, the group established the annual Brands with a Conscience list to recognize organizations who epitomize humanistic behaviour; in 2006, Medinge added a special category of recognition named in honour of its late colleague Colin Morley, which acknowledges excellence by an NGO, in keeping with Colin’s humanistic vision. Medinge Group maintains an online, automated speakers’ and experts’ bureau accessible through its website, medinge.org. In 2007 Medinge launched an online resource, The Journal of the Medinge Group, a digital anthology of papers and articles written by Medinge members.

Jack Yan
Co-chair, the Medinge Group
T 64 4 387-3213
F 64 4 387-3213
E jack.yan@jyanet.com


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Ikea will move into fashion next, predicts Swedish author Stefan Engeseth

When fashion becomes cyclical, Ikea could be the company that could come in and break the mould

Stockholm and Wellington, October 28 (JY&A Media) Swedish author and business thinker Stefan Engeseth predicts that Ikea’s next move will be into the world of fashion.
   Mr Engeseth says that Ikea’s expertise lends itself easily to the world of apparel. ‘Fashion is an expression of how to package and sell design,’ he says.
   He believes that fashion is in a repetitive cycle, stuck in history and needing renewal.
   Ikea could offer both complete apparel items and composite parts that customers could assemble themselves, says Mr Engeseth. The parts could be “tailored” at home in inventive ways without the need for complex sewing.
   ‘Emotionally, this connects people to how life was in the beginning,’ he says. ‘Customers can personalize and “hack” the designs.’
   Jack Yan, publisher of the fashion magazine Lucire, and a branding expert in his own right, says Mr Engeseth’s ideas have a great deal of merit.
   ‘This taps in to its existing fan base, and just as importantly, Ikea can make full use of its channels, outmanœuvring many existing fashion labels,’ says Mr Yan. ‘Ikea has an international retail base and it has distribution down to a fine art.’
   For completed clothing, Mr Engeseth says that Ikea could offer Unisex dressing, without the divisions of male and female, but as an ‘Ikea member’.
   He sees Ikea clothing as being high-tech and low-cost, harder-wearing than the apparel found in mass-market retailers.
   ‘We’re already seeing some shoppers go to outdoor and living stores to buy longer-lasting clothing. Ikea already sells reusable Kr 4 bags that are good and cheap; their clothes could be equally practical, as strong as work clothes,’ he says.
   ‘You could even extend this hard-wearing philosophy into wedding gowns—after all, there are already some people opting to get married in Ikea stores.’
   Mr Engeseth says Ikea could offer the clothing range to its fans first, so they have a “uniform”, much like football teams.
   ‘There are 57 million Ikea “family members” already, so let them be the only ones who can buy the clothes first. This would be the longest catwalk ever.’
   He goes further, saying that those wearing Ikea clothing could qualify for greater discounts at the point of sale. ‘Not only will this build their tribe, it will “dress it up” to become a worldwide community.’
   Fans who have furnished their homes could host ‘Ikea days’, where dressed-up fans could invite their friends to their homes, which become pop-up fan showrooms. ‘That could give Ikea millions of stores, and greater exposure to how homes can be designed. That would bring in sales and the company could treble its profits,’ he says.

Ikea sewing machine
Ikea sewing machine
Medium-resolution JPEG, 523 kbyte

Stefan Engeseth
Stefan Engeseth
JPEG, 1·26 Mbyte
Photographer credit: Thomas Svensson

About Stefan Engeseth, CEO of Detective Marketing
Author, consultant, speaker and guest professor, Stefan Engeseth’s ideas range from innovative and future-oriented to bordering on far-fetched. Yet, they all build on the universal truth that without innovation and visions, companies will not grow in today’s highly competitive business world. The question is, how far are you prepared to go?
   Over the years, Stefan Engeseth has worked as a consultant with internationally companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Often he is described as on of the world’s leading experts and speakers in his fields (well he like to say its only common sense).
   His lectures have become extremely popular because they are stimulating yet easy to take in and use. He has held over 500 lectures and workshops internationally at corporations and academic institutions. He has also taken part in the Öresund Consulate’s reference group on the Öresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe. He write articles for international business magazines.

About Jack Yan
Jack Yan founded Jack Yan & Associates (http://jya.net). Among his company’s interests are business consulting, software and media, including the fashion magazine brand Lucire. He has authored or contributed to numerous books, including Beyond Branding, Typography and Branding and Nation Branding: Country Concepts and Cases. He ran for Mayor of Wellington in 2010 and 2013. His personal site is at http://jackyan.com.

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Car cyclopædia Autocade hits five million page views

Wellington, October 17 (JY&A Media) Autocade (http://autocade.net), the New Zealand-based car cyclopædia, has reached its five millionth page view, and now has data on 2,777 model lines.
   The website has become an useful resource for car buffs online, and its creator Jack Yan believes it will become even more important as long-running annuals such as the German Auto Katalog come to an end.
   ‘I was shocked to find that Auto Katalog was finishing up after 57 years, and the publishers claimed that information about new cars could be better found online,’ he says. ‘I don’t agree, as there are few sites that catalogue all models for a year—but I’d like to think that we come close to providing the data that car enthusiasts seek.’
   Autocade actually prides itself on not being comprehensive about specifications, but to give a brief summary and limited technical data about each model line. ‘It’s all people generally need at a glance,’ says Mr Yan, ‘and the annuals like Auto Katalog or the French Toutes les voitures du monde have adopted such an approach in their main pages.’
   Despite having 2,777 models, Mr Yan admits there are gaps that he and his fellow contributors in the UK have not plugged, as Autocade is a work in progress. However, many landmark models made since 1970 are included.
   Among those contributors is Classic Car Weekly editor-in-chief Keith Adams, who had helped Mr Yan add some important models.
   Autocade is one of the few sites to provide English-language information on certain historical models, and keeps an eye on the latest offerings from China, the world’s most competitive car market.
   For a website that started off as a hobby, he’s happy to know that others are finding it a valuable resource.
   ‘I now come across people on car groups who don’t know me, but know Autocade, which isn’t bad for something that has not been promoted widely.’ He says Wikipedia also links to some of its pages—a fact he’s particularly proud of, since factual errors on the famous , user-driven online encyclopædia were one of the reasons Autocade was started.
   Mr Yan says Autocade has also become popular because of its geographic neutrality. While Wikipedia car entries tend to be written from a US point of view, Autocade adopts the perspective of each model’s country of origin.
   ‘We’re not a sales’ guide, and those are the sites that should rightly have a geographical bias. We’re also not a technical guide, and there are some excellent websites such as Carfolio that have that covered. We’re simply a quick, accurate reference which netizens know they can trust,’ he says.
   He plans to include more US models, which have taken more time to add given the American preference for citing an engine’s capacity in cubic inches or litres, but not in cubic centimetres.
   Founded in 2008, Autocade only reached its first million views after three years. It has taken another three years to quintuple its page views. The website has had over 19,000 edits, and has approximately 3,251 content pages.
   Its most popular model page changes over time. Currently, it’s a page about the latest Ford Fiesta, with the Nissan Sunny (B14), Nissan Bluebird (910), Toyota Corolla (E100) and Toyota Corolla (E120) next. The oldest recorded image on the site is that of a Renault Mégane II.

Autocade home page
Autocade website cover (full length), October 17, 2014
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Autocade page
Autocade model page on the Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse (W204), October 17, 2014
PNG, 631 kbyte

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Sopheak Seng puts Wellington fashion in focus with Cup Day Carnival events

Wellington, January 20 (JY&A Media) Sopheak Seng, stylist and fashion editor of Lucire, is one of the judges for Wellington Cup Day’s Fashion in the Field. As a preview, he will helm a mini-fashion show for the event’s barrier launch this Wednesday, January 22, at Midland Park.
   The barrier announcement will commence at 10 a.m., and Mr Seng will show labels including Rembrandt Suits, Cutler & Co., Miss Selfridge, Carlson, Crochetta, and Deryn Schmidt. All fashion has come from Kirkcaldie & Stains, with whom Mr Seng has worked closely.
   Mr Seng follows this up with the Gazley Fashion in the Field event for the Trentham Racing Club’s Wellington Cup Carnival on Saturday, January 25, with the first race scheduled for 12.30 p.m.
   Known for his styling ability and pushing the envelope to international standards, Mr Seng says he is looking forward to judging. ‘Wellington is known for being very creative, and Gazley Fashion in the Field is the perfect opportunity for us to let those energies flow. I’m truly expecting to be surprised.’
   The show is the first 2014 public event put on by Mr Seng, after a hectic 2013 that saw him continue his work with actress Evangeline Lilly and helm the fashion section for both print and online editions of Lucire.
   His 2014 calendar is looking more hectic, with projects already planned for more fashion magazines and international media publishing his work.

Notes to editors
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Jack Yan and Sopheak Seng
Lucire publisher Jack Yan and Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng with Lucire issue 28 (2012)
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Photographed by Louise Hatton

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About Sopheak Seng
Sopheak Seng is a talented fashion editor, writer and stylist, who began his formal fashion training at Massey University before venturing in to the workroom of designer Robyn Mathieson. He later styled and merchandised for the Wellington designer, later moving on to Fashion Marketing Ltd. In July 2010, he was appointed fashion editor of Lucire, overseeing the fashion for all editions, in print and online, the first male to hold the role. He also was given the Lucire beauty portfolio in 2011 for New Zealand. As a stylist, Sopheak Seng has worked with a number of local and international talent from singer Bella Kalolo to actress Evangeline Lilly, dressing them for music videos, editorials and red carpet events. Sopheak has also consulted on a number of key projects as the lead fashion director for commercials, advertising campaigns and for local designers. His personal site, with examples of his earlier work, can be found at http://sopheakseng.com.

About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine (www.lucire.com), started on the web in 1997. In October 2004, it became the first magazine in its sector to extend its brand into a print magazine. By May 2005, it became the first web magazine to spawn international print editions. Lucire became the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, www.unep.org). It is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand.

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