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Needing that hand-drawn look? Our newest typeface family is JY Dandy, designed by Danielle Smith. And like so many of JY&A Fonts’ designs, it’s rupee-equipped. Read more here.

A number of fonts from JY&A Fonts are now equipped with the rupee symbol, to the Unicode 6·0 standard. Click here for the PDF.

Who we are

Read more about JY&A Fonts’ history as one of Australasia’s leading lights in type, and the region’s own internationally known typefoundry. more
Our retail range

See Australasia’s most established retail range, offered for licensing directly and through MyFonts.com, Phil’s Fonts, Inc., Fonts.com, Typos, and the Type Quarry. Click here to get a graphical list of our font families.


JY Ætna | JY Artemis | JY Arts & Crafts | JY Boomerang | JY Circles | JY Comic Pro | JY Dandy new | JY Décennie and JY Décennie Titling | JY Décennie Express | JY Flax | JY Integrity | JY Klin | JY Koliba | JY Novalis | JY Pinnacle | JY Raj | JY Rebeca | JY Tranquility | Yan Series 333 JY

Our custom work

Globally recognized custom work, from motorway signage to magazine type to banking logotypes, all compliant with international standards. more
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