JY&A Fonts, in Pressly 36 px

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JY&A Fonts has the southern hemisphere’s longest-running range.

JY AetnaRupee equipped

JY AliaRupee equipped


Artemis, by Mark Geard



JY Arts & Crafts


JY Boomerang by Greg Bastin


JY Circles by David Philpott 


JY Comic Pro 


JY DandyRupee equipped


JY Décennie Rupee equipped


JY Décennie TitlingRupee equipped


JY Décennie ExpressRupee equipped



JY Integrity Rupee equipped


JY Klin


JY Koliba



JY Pinnacle Rupee equipped


JY Raj by Jure Stojan


JY Rebeca


JY TranquilityRupee equipped


Yan Series 333 JYRupee equipped

MyFonts.com MyFonts.com carries a full line-up of JY&A Fonts, and occasionally has specials for customers. MyFonts is the first distributor to get JY&A Fonts’ latest releases, too. It’s more than a font store: there's biographical information and other useful font-related stuff. Started by Bitstream, MyFonts.com is one of the most comprehensive online font stores that you can find, with some of the world’s biggest brands.


Typos Typos of Zürich, Switzerland handles JY&A Fonts products with personal service from Peter Singer and his team. German- and Italian-speaking.

Phil's Fonts Phil’s Fonts began as Phil’s Photo, one of the most famous phototypesetting houses in the United States. So the folks at Phil’s know type. It branched out into font retail in the 1990s. Phil’s began retailing the entire JY&A Fonts range from mid-2001. Phil’s Fonts’ boss Ralph Smith is a TypeRight supporter and committee member.

Fonts.com Agfa Monotype’s Fonts.com was appointed as a JY&A Fonts distributor in 2002. Carrying a full range of fonts from us, this company is one of the most respected names in typography and we’re privileged to be represented by it.

Three Islands Press The Type Quarry, part of Three Islands Press, began retailing JY&A Fonts’ typefaces in 2003. Started by Brian Willson, the designer of display typefaces Treefrog and Texas Hero, we’re proud to be represented by this TypeRight-supporting foundry and distributor.


Linotype Linotype, one of the oldest names in type, began distributing JY&A Fonts’ range in 2006, putting the typefaces into its famous Font Explorer search system to help customers find the right style for the right occasion.


Bitstream’s Type Odyssey 2 not only has some incredibly popular fonts from the Bitstream library, but a good selection of JY&A Fonts designs, too. This is a fabulous way to build up a font library (1,450 are included) with mainstream and independent foundries’ work, with both traditional and cutting-edge designs, all unlocked. For Mac and Windows.