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Kiwis can train up on new road rules with eDrive's online simulations

Hamilton, March 12 New Zealanders have a chance to experience the changes to the Give Way rules in real-life situations, safely and easily on their computers, with eDrive’s latest module.
   Users can access the Give Way simulations for free.
   Instead of computer-drawn animations, eDrive’s acclaimed training modules are filmed on real New Zealand roads, and give users a chance to familiarize themselves with the two changes that come in to play on the morning of the 25th.
   The eDrive modules have already been embraced by many driver-training programmes throughout the country for their fun, simple-to-use approach.
   BP will be stocking cards throughout their nationwide BP Connect retail sites, which provide motorists with more information and details on how to access the eDrive practice modules. Alternatively, those online can visit www.giveway.co.nz.
   In the interest of driver safety on our roads, BP has sponsored the distribution of this latest module.
   ‘We realize that many of our customers are concerned about the two road rule changes on the 25th. By sponsoring these latest modules and making them free for Kiwis, we can help educate motorists and prevent accidents on our roads,’ says BP Managing Director Mike McGuinness.
   Created by Dr Robert Isler, eDrive is founded on rigorous research into New Zealand driver behaviour, catching out some of the most common errors behind the wheel.
   In addition to BP New Zealand and Suzuki New Zealand, Bridgestone has joined as a new eDrive sponsor. ACC and NZTA, sponsors of www.edrive.co.nz, also support the module.
Medium-resolution images can be downloaded from http://jyanet.com/press/photo.htm (password required). This release is also available at jya.net/info/2012/03/kiwis-can-train-up-on-new-road-rules-with-edrives-online-simulations/. High-resolution images can be emailed on request from Nadine Isler, Nadine@edrive.co.nz.

At a give way intersection
Medium-resolution JPEG, 251 kbyte
eDrive Suzuki Grand Vitara
Medium-resolution JPEG, 114 kbyte
eDrive Suzuki Grand Vitara at give way intersection
Medium-resolution JPEG, 176 kbyte
Getting the eDrive data
Low-resolution JPEG, 29·2 kbyte
Getting the eDrive data
Low-resolution JPEG, 29 kbyte
Talking while driving
Medium-resolution JPEG, 29 kbyte
With the eDrive Suzuki Grand Vitara
Medium-resolution JPEG, 123 kbyte
Getting the eDrive data
Low-resolution JPEG, 27 kbyte
Getting the eDrive data
Medium-resolution JPEG, 109 kbyte
eDrive screen shot, Suzuki dashboard
Medium-resolution JPEG, 178 kbyte
Greg Murphy, eDrive supporter, with Suzuki Grand Vitara
High-resolution JPEG, 813 kbyte
Greg Murphy, eDrive supporter, portrait
High-resolution JPEG, 4·54 Mbyte
The accidents we’re trying to avoid
High-resolution JPEG, 718 kbyte
eDrive opening screen shot
High-resolution JPEG, 583 kbyte
eDrive screen shot
High-resolution JPEG, 688 kbyte
eDrive screen shot
High-resolution JPEG, 599 kbyte
eDrive screen shot: driving on country roads
High-resolution JPEG, 393 kbyte
eDrive screen shot: urban driving in Dunedin, New Zealand
High-resolution JPEG, 453 kbyte
eDrive screen shot: section completion message
High-resolution JPEG, 360 kbyte

About eDrive
eDrive is a programme which was developed over two years in response to the high road toll on New Zealand roads, with particular focus on young drivers. Research has shown that key skills such as spotting, anticipating and managing hazards while on the road, are crucial to avoiding crashes. eDrive helps train these skills in a safe environment, using video-based real-life traffic scenarios. The videos have been filmed on New Zealand roads, simulating a “road trip” from the Bluff to Cape Reinga. Dr Robert Isler, road safety expert, led a team of dedicated New Zealanders from all over the country to develop the programme, with racing driver Greg Murphy, a strong sup-porter of positive road safety initiatives, as eDrive’s host. The programme was developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Trans-port Authority (NZTA) and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and is sponsored by BP NZ and Suzuki NZ.
Nadine Isler
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