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    Hello John, got a plate for your new motor?
    Congratulations on your article ‘Rover under John Towers: where to from here?’. I found it quite refreshing to read such well balanced comments instead of the predictable, one-sided negativity often generated elsewhere.
       Pictures of the new MG X10 have been released by MG Rover and as you normally find in these instances the picture carries the associated number plate on the car, in this case ‘MGX10’. Quite incredibly I have obtained two further associated numbers ‘X10MG’ and ‘X10MGR’ which I'm sure have excellent marketing potential. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have for advertising these items in the most effective manner.

    Paul Harris
    Birmingham, England

    A plea from Longbridge
    What the hell is going on? Rover can't go with a cheap, plastic shoddy company like Proton! If I were in charge, I would merge with Peugeot–Citroën to make a major northern European player in the ever-increasing world of global ownership. Everything that is British is in John Towers' hands. If he fails we will have nothing left and become the laughing stock of the world.

    Ada Graham
    Longbridge, England

    Hmmm � Proton is ‘cheap’ and ‘shoddy’, yet came from nothing in 15 years and offers one of the longest warranties for its class in the UK. It's the owner of Lotus which has been able to act independently and remain British to the public, launch a new Elise, all thanks to Malaysian money. An equal link-up with Proton would have these benefits and everyone could keep speaking English, one of the official languages of Malaysia. Being a former colony, things British aren't as silly there as they are perceived on the Continent.
       Based on past behaviour of PSA, your suggestion could see MG Rover usurped by a French corporation with familial interests that has not done well in most non-European markets except for Red China, Brazil, Argentina and the middle east. Longbridge would be churning out Peugeot 307s by 2004 and it'll be a permanent bye-bye to the Rover marque. I'm not going to say PSA–Rover won't work, but it's not a particularly globally minded strategy in my opinion. Remember the Peugeot 309—in other words what Peugeot did to what was left of the Rootes Group—and let that be a lesson to us Brits.�Editor

    Ballot guards
    Is the fox watching the hen house? If I were Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, I would post a guard or guards on the ballots until they can be legimately counted by both Republicans and Democrats, to protect against any hanky-panky that may take place while awaiting a ruling by the courts. I would not trust anyone in the meantime who might sabotage it.

    Sam Emmer
    Newark, California

    Slimey Limey
    For years the left-wing faction within the United States have promoted the gay agenda. Every effort that could be taken to paint gay behaviour as normal has been. Considering this, it is difficult to understand why Tina Brown would spend so much time and money trying to expose gays that were involved in Ken Starr's investigation of the scum bag president now in office. Is Tina trying to say that being gay is a bad thing? I suggest Tina pack her bags and head back to England and crawl back into the slime she came from.

    John Munday
    Sugar Land, Texas

    More Nicole
    This is just a bit of information concerning Estelle Skornik that is not contained in your article. Estelle Skornik is also in the acclaimed mini-series Horatio Hornblower.

    H. Chen
    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Volvo creativity
    In regards to the Ford–Volvo merger, I hope that it does not go the way of so many other aquisitions by American investments. They begin by Americans buying great, small, profitable, and creative companies, and marginalizing them. Assimilating them into the characterless American giant corporation.

    Christian Eriksen
    Brooklyn Park, Minnesota


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