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The "democratization" of type design, by the availability of type-creating software such as Fontographer, has not removed the need to have an expert knowledge of the craft to create a genuinely good font family.
   What democratization has done, however, is make type design easier than it ever was. It is now conceivable for every company to commission a custom font, one that reflects its corporate personality, exclusivity, needs, and concern for visual impact. Firms have found that it provides them with a visual identity, and in these times when design can look the same, or when content is shared between publications via Reuters, AP or the other news services, typography has been the tool with which to differentiate the product.
   As reported in CAP (Autumn 1995), one newspaper decided to reinvent itself for its 50th anniversary. At Le Monde, it was deemed important enough that a new typeface be created, following the moves by publications such as The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Libération and Print.


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