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JY Klin

Jure Stojan first created JY Klin for a student magazine in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ‘It was borne out of my frustration with layout [programs] and their taste for messing with decent fonts (making the headline occupy the entire column width at any cost, for instance). Therefore, I designed a “heavy duty” display font—it can be extended up to 120 per cent without any loss in quality (it is fairly condensed, so no one could think of squeezing it any further). I even used the font, stretched by the very 120 per cent, for 10 point text and the result was surprisingly legible (given some peculiar details prominent at display size).’
   With a low contrast between horizontal and vertical strokes, and distinctive character forms, JY Klin is a crisp and useful display typeface—and, at text sizes and extended an extra 20 per cent, it is an innovative solution to the 21st-century typographic habits.
   Klin is JY&A Fonts’ first all-new OpenType release.

Jure Stojan, 2003


JY Klin Hamburgefontsiv


140 TrueType or PS1 package, US$65
1401 JY Klin Roman, US$39 (TrueType and PS1)
1402 JY Klin Alternatives, US$39 (TrueType and PS1)


140 OpenType package, US$49

1403 JY Klin OpenType, US$49 (OpenType)


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Top: There are distinct design differences between the standard Klin and the Alternative version, but both are incorporated in the OpenType version. Above left: Even letters such as the b show differences, with the Alternative one bearing a more flowing stem and, therefore, cursive characteristics. Above right: The roman version has lining numerals; Alternatives has oldstyle. Below: Unlike most fonts, Stojan’s Klin can be stretched without loss in legibility at text sizes.