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Dumb like a fox by Sandy McLendon
Save The Mary Tyler Moore Show on DVD�Fox has announced it won't continue with the series

Valerie Harper wants you! by Sandy McLendon
Announcing a call for photos for Valerie's official site

Who can take a nothing concept, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? by Sandy McLendon
A review of CBS's TMTMS reunion special which aired May 13, 2002

Hooray for Hazel by Sandy McLendon
A tribute to the Minnesota woman with the “scowl” who stood behind Mary during her famous hat toss

Fashioning Mary—and friends by Sandy McLendon
The attention to detail of the Wardrobe Department at MTM Enterprises was apparent in the shows

Filming The Mary Tyler Moore Show by Sandy McLendon
A trip back in to the 1970s to see how the show was filmed

The Mary Tyler tour: getting to see Mary Richards’ Minneapolis by Sandy McLendon
The Minneapolis landmarks used in the titles and location filming of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and how to get there

A space you wouldn’t trade: Mary Richards’ apartment on The Mary Tyler Moore Show by Sandy McLendon
How the 1970s’ most famous apartment set was so authentic and a full shopping guide on how to re-create the décor

Episode Guides
Episode guides to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Rhoda from the official Valerie Harper site


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