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Valerie Harper wants you!

"Co-star" with Valerie Harper on her official site! Here's how

by Sandy McLendon

As any fan of Valerie Harper knows, Valerie is one of the stars most available to fans after she finishes a performance of 'The Tale of the Allergist's Wife. Unlike so many performers who can't wait to leave the theatre at the end of the show, Valerie takes the time to meet fans, to sign pictures and autograph books, and actually to talk with her admirers, often at length.
   The really unusual thing about Valerie's "meet and greet" sessions is that photography is allowed. Most stars dislike candid photographs, and try to avoid having them taken. Valerie Harper has no such concerns- if you're with Valerie, and you have a camera, she'll pose with you. Many of Valerie's fans have accepted her generosity, and thousands have a treasured photo of themselves with their favourite star.
   Now, Valerie has asked for help from all the fans she has posed with, through her fan site representative, Rob Thomas. Photographs of Valerie with fans are being sought for posting on Valerie's official site, If you have a picture of yourself with her, it could end up on the site!
   All you have to do is to send a clear scan or digital photo of yourself with Valerie (in JPEG format) to Rob at [email protected]. Please send only one photo, and please understand that not all photos submitted can be posted on the Valerie Harper site. If your picture is chosen, you'll be contacted directly by Rob. No payment is offered for photos.
   Best of luck! Please take this opportunity to help thank Valerie for all she does for us!

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