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JY&A Fonts releases 10-weight family, JY Saj, by Slovenian designer Jure Stojan

Wellington, October 12 (JY&A Media) Slovenian designer Jure Stojan’s latest typeface family, JY Saj, has been released through JY&A Fonts.
   JY Saj is a 10-weight (five roman, five italic) sans serif typeface family that works particularly well on screen and in print, and in both text and display applications. It balances the artistic and the conventional, according to JY&A Fonts’ founder Jack Yan.
   The New Zealand-based typefoundry, which has been creating digital type since the 1980s, has several releases by Mr Stojan, dating back to JY Koliba in 1999. JY Saj is an evolution of his JY Raj design from 2001, but with far more weights and its more controversial features, which dated the family, revisited.
   The result is a far more practical and legible design, but it retains its artistic flourishes, such as a two-part roman g and a script-like italic counterpart, and a y that flicks rightward.
   Each font has c. 3,500 kerning pairs, as well as a comprehensive Latin character set, and euro and rupee symbols. There is a set of lining numerals as well as fully kerned proportional oldstyle numerals. Despite the large family ranging from Ultra Light to Extra Bold weights, Microsoft programs can handle all the variants as well as Apple ones can.
   ‘In many creative endeavours, the way-out experiments can be considered a step too far; but when some restraint is brought into the process, true beauty emerges. JY Saj finds that balance,’ read the release notes from the specimen.
   The word saj literally translates to since, but it can also be used as a short riposte, said Mr Stojan, much in the same way an English speaker says, ‘Quite.’
   As with previous releases by Mr Stojan through JY&A Fonts, the original design was done in Slovenia and the finishing, including euro and rupee symbols and the kerning, was done in New Zealand. Testing of the finished files took place in both countries.
   The JY Saj family is available at MyFonts, Fontspring, Phil’s Fonts, Typos, and directly from the foundry. A PDF sample may be downloaded from, with retail partners linked from
Images for this release may be downloaded at

JY Saj specimen pages (2017)
PDF, 257 kbyte

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