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A constant pioneer.

Jack Yan & Associates sets the vision and strategy for each of the JY&A divisions.
   It also takes care of administration for all divisions, including press releases.
   Each division has a lot of autonomy. Final decisions are approved by Jack Yan & Associates, which also is the entity that enters into contracts for the divisions.
   Jack Yan & Associates also looks for new ventures, partnerships and alliances.
   There are crossovers from each division. Jack Yan & Associates itself has, among others, Jack Yan, Amanda Dolheguy, Jennifer Springgay, Edward Uken and Mischa McLachlan on the team. Each member has a position in other divisions. This helps with cross-functional support.
   Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, each member is placed to help the company's international locations. For example, Jack Yan divides his year between New Zealand and the United States, and visits other countries between flights. Amanda Dolheguy will be in Australia and Canada.
   Since its founding in 1987, Jack Yan & Associates has been a virtual company.
   Therefore, virtual working was built in to Jack Yan & Associates' culture from the beginning, making us more experienced in this collaborate, collective and cooperative method than most other firms.

Looking toward the future
Jack Yan & Associates seeks development of ventures in Europe and Asia in the immediate term.
   New businesses under consideration include alternative dispute resolution and the provision of legal advice in the international arena.
   We believe the 'JY&A' initials are a sign of honesty and integrity. They are carefully applied to new ventures.


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Photographs: Flags at Colmar, France. The Terrace business district in Wellington, New Zealand, a week prior to millennium celebrations; Eze, France. Copyright ©1999–2002 by Jack Yan & Associates. All rights reserved.