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A constant pioneer.

Many of the concepts in today's business world were realized early at Jack Yan & Associates, including virtual companies (1987), online magazines (1994), moral global brands (2000), which have led on to the push for corporate social responsibility today, and spirituality in business (2003).
   The company has been ahead of corporate developments. It believes that organizations do not only have to be financially secure, but must be completely moral, honourable and accountable to the publics they serve, in a transparent fashion.
   With its head office in Wellington, New Zealand, Jack Yan & Associates and its divisions have interests, representatives or alliances in cities including the following.

Auckland, New Zealand
Austin, Texas
Boston, Massachusetts
Christchurch, New Zealand Essex, England
Jerusalem, Israel
Los Angeles, California
London, England
Melbourne, Victoria
Milano, Italy
Mumbai, India
Paris, France
New York, New York
Ramat Gan, Israel
San Francisco, California
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, New South Wales
Wellington, New Zealand

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   JY&A Fonts is represented further by licensees and retailers including MyFonts.com, Typos, Precision Type, Phil's Fonts, the Type Quarry and International Typefounders, and their networks.
   Lucire, JY&A Media's fashion magazine, outranks British Vogue's online edition.* It is the world's leading pure-play consumer fashion title, according to Alexa Internet. It is also represented through bureaux and team members internationally.
   We have managed, through hard work and good luck, to create industry leaders in every field we've entered. We would like to share that same formula with our clients, our allies and our partners.



Jack Yan & Associates' culture is akin to a laissez-faire start-up—even though we've been going for 15 years. Jack Yan himself believes in Confucian concepts where there's an exchange of duties between parties—and it also means self-regulation, awareness of personal reputation and responsibility, and freedom of speech.
   This "do unto others" approach has served us well, minimizing bureaucracy. It hasn't always been easy, but we try to keep things in that entrepreneurial mood. Part of this is in our history: this company was around when some of us were teenagers and suffered ageism and prejudice in the industry. We avoid these, helping those in the positions we were in when we started in business.
   There's an informal tone within the company. Everyone is addressed by their first names. Titles are largely to help customers understand roles, but there are no real layers of management. However, accurate written communication is encouraged and the company is a strict guardian of its brands.
   Joking around is encouraged. Head office indulges in The Simpsons' quotes and references to South Park in the working day. Pro bono work is undertaken, too, and discounts commonly and frequently given to non-profit organizations and approved educational institutions.


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* Alexa Internet, from October 29, 2001 to the time of publication (January 2002). Photographs: Incheon Airport, Seoul, signage. Paris, France. Statue of Benjamin Franklin, Boston, Massachusetts. Copyright ©2001–3 by Jack Yan & Associates. All rights reserved.