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From top: Wedding invitation by Invitesite, Pasadena, Calif., using JY Integrity and letterpress technique on paper from the Fine Paper Co., 2000; black-and-white image from CAP, December 1997; top colour image by Rose Miller and featured in Publish, October 1998


JY Integrity

Because of the need for a new condensed seriffed font family, Jack Yan created this individualistic style of typefaces complete with one of the largest collections of unusual ligatures available at the time of launch in the mid-1990s. As well as the usual selection of double-f and ct, JY&A has provided gr, gt, ty, and other ligatures for JY Integrity Roman and Italic. A medium text weight and a bold weight are also available. Text fonts are available with 2,800 kerning pairs.

Jack Yan, 1993–5, 2003, 2010–11


JY Integrity Hamburgefontsiv


Rupee equipped149 JY Integrity Pro OpenType, US$225 (rupee equipped)
1491 JY Integrity Pro Roman, US$49
1492 JY Integrity Pro Italic, US$49
1493 JY Integrity Pro Medium, US$45
1494 JY Integrity Pro Medium Italic, US$45
1495 JY Integrity Pro Bold, US$45
1496 JY Integrity Pro Bold Italic , US$45


106 JY Integrity 1 package, US$110
1061 JY Integrity Roman, US$39 (OpenType available, including alternatives, US$49)
1062 JY Integrity Italic, US$39
1063 JY Integrity Bold, US$39
1064 JY Integrity Bold Italic, US$39


107 JY Integrity OSF 1 package, $110
1071 JY Integrity OSF Roman, US$39
1072 JY Integrity OSF Italic, US$39
1073 JY Integrity OSF Bold, US$39
1074 JY Integrity OSF Bold Italic, US$39
1075 JY Integrity SCOSF, US$39


108 JY Integrity 2 package, US$99
1081 JY Integrity Medium Roman, US$39
1082 JY Integrity Medium Italic, US$39
1083 JY Integrity Medium OSF Roman, US$39
1084 JY Integrity Medium OSF Italic, US$39
1085 JY Integrity Medium SCOSF, US$39


123 JY Integrity Alternatives, US$75
1231 JY Integrity Roman Alternatives, US$19
1232 JY Integrity Italic Alternatives, US$19
1233 JY Integrity Roman Fractions, US$19
1234 JY Integrity Italic Fractions, US$19


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