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Aetna in text - full page Aetna in text
Aetna in text

Publish, August 1996

JY Aetna

JY Ætna was designed originally by Francesco Griffo in 1495, and appeared in a book by Cardinal Bembo the following year. The font in this text was re-created by JY&A in 1994. The original x-heights, quaint letters and other niceties have been restored. An italic complement, based on the font design by Giovantonio Tagliente, has also been developed. Inside, 2,700 kerning pairs (up to a maximum of 2,829 in the oldstyle roman) come as standard in the text fonts.

Francesco Griffo, 1495; Giovantonio Tagliente, 1524.
Revival by Jack Yan, 1994


JY Ætna Hamburgefontsiv


Rupee equipped146 JY Ætna OpenType package, US$199 (rupee equipped)
1461 JY Ætna Roman, US$49 (OpenType, including small caps, alternatives, OSF, fractions)
1462 JY Ætna Italic, US$49 (OpenType, including alternatives and OSF)
1463 JY Ætna Medium, US$39 (OpenType version contains small caps and OSF)
1464 JY Ætna Medium Italic, US$39 (OpenType version contains OSF)
1465 JY Ætna Bold, US$39 (OpenType version contains OSF)
1466 JY Ætna Bold Italic, US$39 (OpenType version contains OSF)


100 JY Ætna 1 package, US$110
1001 JY Ætna Roman, US$39
1002 JY Ætna Italic, US$39
1003 JY Ætna Bold, US$39
1004 JY Ætna Bold Italic, US$39


101 JY Ætna OSF 1 package, US$110
1011 JY Ætna OSF Roman, US$39
1012 JY Ætna OSF Italic, US$39
1013 JY Ætna OSF Bold, US$39
1014 JY Ætna OSF Bold Italic, US$39

1015 JY Ætna SCOSF, US$39


120 JY Ætna Expert, US$75
1201 JY Ætna Roman Alternatives, US$39
1202 JY Ætna Italic Alternatives, US$39
1203 JY Ætna Roman Fractions, US$19
1204 JY Ætna Roman Expert, US$19


122 JY Ætna 2 package, US$99
1221 JY Ætna Medium, US$39
1222 JY Ætna Medium Italic, US$39
1223 JY Ætna OSF Medium, US$39
1224 JY Ætna OSF Medium Italic, US$39
1225 JY Ætna Medium SCOSF, US$39