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IN CONJUNCTION with Lucire, the global fashion magazine, and bookseller, the Mary & Rhoda list presents you with some of books and videos about Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper and their shows, which can be ordered directly from this site.

THE Mary Tyler Moore Show is considered one of the classics of American television, whose model is closely followed by many sitcoms today. Several reissues of the original episodes have appeared for fans to enjoy on VHS videocassette. These are in NTSC format for North America. The boxed set mentioned below features some 350 minutes of the show.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Boxed Set�7 Pack
Published by the New Video Group, December 1997
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Mary & Rhoda WHY not catch up on the 1970s with this compilation tape starring Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper as Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern? The five episodes include classics, including the première 'Love Is All Around', 'Best of Enemies', '... Is a Friend in Need', 'Some of My Best Friends are Rhoda' and 'Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis to New York'.

Mary and Rhoda: the Very Best of Friends
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MARY TYLER MOORE'S autobiography, After All, is a revealing story about the woman behind the happy façades of her most famous roles: Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Laura Petrie on The Dick van Dyke Show. The facts that her autobiography uncovers�her problems with diabetes, a miscarriage, alcoholism and the death of her son�go to show how good an actress she was, hiding much of this from us. It is a straightforward look at her life�perhaps too straightforward in some areas�but a popular title and a must-have for Mary fans everywhere.

After All by Mary Tyler Moore
Paperback, 1996
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MARGARET FINN'S BIOGRAPHY, in the 'Great Achievers�Lives of the Physically Challenged' series, is meant to discuss how Mary Tyler Moore learned to live with her condition, mentions little about diabetes and is more of an overview of her life and career.

Mary Tyler Moore by Margaret L. Finn
Library binding, 1996
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Price $19.95
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