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Australasia’s pioneering typefoundry.

At JY&A Fonts, we began our journey in the 1980s with bitmap fonts, then retailing our own designs with international distribution from the early 1990s, closely participating in the growth of the industry in the 1990s as QuickDraw GX emerged. In the 21st century, we have highly sought-after skills in multilingual typeface design and digital production, intellectual property law as it applies to type, an intimate understanding of international branding and type, and one of the longest running retail font ranges around.


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JY Saj, by Jure Stojan, retailing now at Myfonts.com, Fontspring, Phil’s Fonts, and Typos. Check it out as well as our other fonts


Our retail range

One of the longest-running font ranges from the southern hemisphere, many equipped with the rupee symbol, and some with alternatives and swashes.

Our custom work

Globally recognized custom work, from motorway signage to magazine type to banking logotypes, all compliant with international standards.

Our history Our 30 years’ experience in digital type is unparalleled in this part of the world.
Typographic and legal services We’re one of the few typefoundries with real training in branding, consulting on everything from the right type choice to east Asian script systems. And our founder has not only three decades’ experience in typeface design, he is one of the few holding a law degree, giving him an unparalleled insight into typography, intellectual property and the law.


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