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Below: JY Décennie Titling Roman, by Jack Yan.

We welcome your submissions

We’re open to designs from independent designers all over the world. We’re always on the lookout for typefaces that are expressive and have that extra something.
   First, a JY&A Fonts typeface does not have to be a text typeface, nor does it have to be conservative. We welcome display types as much as text types. Second, we encourage designers to push the envelope.
   We’re always keen on new interpretations of elegant and timeless: there's still plenty of room to reinterpret these words and come up with something novel.


We accept typefaces either as printouts, PDFs, outputted font files or FontLab or Fontographer work files. Printouts should have the word Hamburgefonts in upper and lower case and then again in all caps.


Submissions will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. However, we cannot offer confidentiality to those who submit fonts which have been copied from copyrighted designs or data.

There are some things we don’t condone. We have a small set of rules—in fact, most font foundries abide by them. The main reason is protecting original designers. If you’re a typeface designer, you’ll be glad that many foundries have these rules to protect the work you've put in.


We class the theft of others’ font data and passing them off as your own as piracy. We also will not accept typefaces which have simply been renamed. Third, typefaces which have been “filtered” through font-editing programs (e.g. loaded and regenerated several times through one or more programs) or resized in a font editor, are also illegal under international copyright treaties, when you don’t have the permission of the copyright holder. In these cases, the copyright owner is alerted immediately.


Copying of designs
We support organizations such as TypeRight because they attempt to give protection to designers. Therefore, we will not accept typeface designs which have been copied. We believe this is ethically and morally wrong. There is a narrow exception for revivals.


Revivals are a grey area. Obviously, a designer has to copy from an existing model in order to revive it. The requirements here are: (a) the latest copyright owner of the typeface be deceased for more than 75 years and that the copyright is no longer current; (b) you have prepared the revival from original artwork and not from an existing digital typeface; (c) the revived typeface must offer something new in today’s typographic palette. Exceptions to (a) apply if you are the current copyright owner of the design or you have the copyright owner's express permission.


Derivative fonts
Most end-user licence agreements (EULAs) have a provision where fonts cannot be derived from the existing data. Therefore, JY&A Fonts will not accept fonts which have been derived from others’ when they are governed by such a provision. You must first seek the copyright owner’s permission or licence first if you want to submit such a typeface to us. However, we welcome designs which have been derived from your own original work.