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JY Alia

JY Alia was created by Jack Yan in 2008–9 as a robust, honest, aldine serif typeface. It was designed to complement JY Ætna (which works best with 14–24 pt) in text (8–12 pt). For those stuck with the question, ‘What else apart from Adobe Garamond or Bembo can I use?’ Alia comes to the rescue. There is an Ætna basis, with influences from Robert Granjon’s Plantin. Each font has between 2,600 (SCOSF) and 5,100 (OpenType roman) kerning pairs. Cross-platform OpenType, PC TrueType and PC PostScript Type 1 are available from launch.

Jack Yan, 2009


JY Alia Hamburgefontsiv



Rupee equipped145 Package, US$110
1451 JY Alia Roman, US$39 (TrueType and PS1) or 1456 JY Alia Roman, US$49 (OpenType, with small caps and double-f ligatures)
1452 JY Alia Italic, US$39
1453 JY Alia Bold, US$39
1454 JY Alia Bold Italic, US$39
1455 JY Alia SCOSF, US$39 (TrueType and PS1 only)


Additional weights to come.


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