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Jean-Francois Porchez



Jean-François Porchez had worked as a type designer and typographer for Dragon Rouge. He studied at EMSAT (École Municipale Supérieure d'Arts et Techniques) and created Angie during his time there. The type design was subsequently entered into the 1990 Morisawa Awards, where it won the Brattinga Prize. He spent a year at the ANCT (Atelier National de Création Typographique) under Peter Keller. During his year there, he created Azur, a newspaper font which became a basis for Le Monde.
   Apart from FF Angie and Le Monde, Jean-François Porchez has created Apolline, now published by AgfaType, which earned a prize at the 1993 Morisawa Awards. Porchez now works as an independent type designer in Malakoff, just outside the city of Paris.
   On the strength of his three published families alone, Jean-François Porchez's designs show strength and originality, while maintaining practicality. Apolline, a classical oldstyle typeface, exhibits a calligraphic influence and consequently has a dynamic sense. There is also a collection of Alternates, including a delectable double-f ligature in the book italic. - Jack Yan

Our sincerest thanks to M. Porchez for his kind assistance on this article. Le Monde will be available soon. His Apolline family is available immediately as an AgfaType Creative Alliance exclusive from most font vendors. Angie is available as a FontFont exclusive from FontShop. J.-F. P. is also working on Anisette, a display font reminiscent of 1930s poster art.

Our thanks must also extend to Sylvie Poupard for her time and dedication.


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