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Zuru's Kiwi entrepreneur Nick Mowbray misses out in Monaco

Monaco, June 10 (JY&A Media) Nick Mowbray of Zuru has been in Monte Carlo for the last week competing for the title of World Entrepreneur of the Year and it’s most certainly a very long way from where he started out over a decade ago, when he, his brother and their sister booked themselves a one-way ticket to China and set themselves up in the toy business.
   ‘We had no knowledge, we didn’t know what we were doing, we didn’t speak the language, we were very quickly involved in multiple lawsuits that we couldn’t settle, we had no money and we were literally living on a couple of dollars a day, so to be here just 15 years later is pretty incredible,’ Mowbray said from the balcony of the five-star Hermitage Hotel in Monaco.
   In the opulent surroundings of the Opéra Garnier, inside Monte Carlo’s famed Casino, he was inducted into the World Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. But it’s the overall title that Nick was after, and he was very focused on giving it his best shot and according to Darren White, the EY New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year Award Director, he’s had a pretty good shot at it.
   ‘I’ve been involved with the programme for a few years now and Nick is the most focused winner we’ve ever brought to Monaco. He wants this and I am not alone in thinking he could take it out,’ said White.
   He was though up against some very stiff opposition. Entrepreneurs from 47 countries are competing and their combined statistics are impressive. Combined revenues of over US$44 billion, average growth over the past three years of 84 per cent and employees in excess of 159,000. Joining him on the red carpet, his girlfriend Jaimee and his father Harry, in whose Tokoroa barn the genesis of Zuru was formed, when, with his brother and sister, they constructed their first toy. This is without doubt the biggest coming together of entrepreneurs on the planet but for all the handshakes and smiles, make no mistake this is a competition, and it’s one that Nick Mowbray wanted to win as he told us before going into his judging session.
   ‘I’m not coming here to make up the numbers, I’m definitely coming here to try and win. I think our journey and what we’ve done is very different to most and where we are going is also very different to most, so I’d like to think we have a good chance.’
   In the end the title of EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 went to Brad Keywell from the USA, a serial entrepreneur whose work in data science helped his company, Uptake Technologies, become the fastest start-up to reach a US$2 billion valuation.
   But holding his head high on the world stage and competing against the very best in the world is surely a win for this 34-year-old young Kiwi whose entrepreneurial journey is only just beginning.
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Nick Mowbray with his girlfriend Jaimee
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Nick Mowbray with his girlfriend Jaimee, and his father Harry
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Nick Mowbray after being presented with a citation from New Zealand Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern by Darren White of EY
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