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Jack Yan says proposed copyright amendments harm New Zealand economy

Publisher and designer believes bill is unfair

Wellington, April 14 (JY&A Media) Wellington businessman Jack Yan is one of many netizens who oppose the provisions in a copyright amendment bill which had its second reading in the House under urgency last night.
   Despite each one of his businesses relying on copyright protection, Mr Yan says the changes will harm economic growth in New Zealand.
   ‘Our economy is weak enough after the Christchurch earthquake and the terrible aftershocks, and we now have a bill that will weaken us more,’ he says.
   He believes the bill, if passed, will hurt small- to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand.
   ‘Who is to say that an illegal download was caused by the computer’s owner? It could well have been caused by a computer half-way around the world illegally making use of a New Zealander’s connection,’ he says.
   He foresees a rise in the hacking of connections by illegal downloaders, which would raise the cost of running a business.
   ‘While larger corporations have IT departments dedicated to dealing with these matters, the majority of Kiwi businesses do not—and they certainly do not need hacking, false finger-pointing or disconnection looming over them.’
   He believes they are another example of the New Zealand Government tipping the scales against New Zealanders and New Zealand-owned businesses.
   ‘Foreign media companies have now been given the power by this government to accuse everyday New Zealanders of wrongdoing—and that presumption of guilt will now stick if the new law comes into effect,’ he says. ‘The “victory” here is ceding more of our sovereignty to corporations abroad.
   ‘An innocent New Zealander will not have the evidence needed to rebut a false accusation. She’ll need more than “I didn’t do it” under these new provisions.’
   Mr Yan, who has admitted that his firms regularly pursue copyright infringers outside New Zealand, says the new law goes further than what even the United States allows.
   ‘In the US, when we pursue an alleged infringer, there’s still a presumption of innocence in favour of the accused. And rightly so.
   ‘Thanks to National and Labour, an American company pursuing a New Zealander has far greater power than it does against one of its own,’ he says.
   Mr Yan believes the status quo ante was a suitable enough means for copyright infringements to be pursued.
   ‘It preserved the accepted principle that a person is innocent till proved guilty, and ensured that a copyright owner has all its facts straight before making any accusation. It was a fair fight, but as of this morning, we might not have that any more,’ he says.
   A Facebook poll currently puts those opposing the bill vastly ahead of those supporting it.
Jack Yan and 2007 Audi Allroad
Jack Yan with 2007 Audi Allroad Quattro 4·2 (2007)
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Photographer credit: Douglas Rimington
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About Jack Yan
Jack Yan founded Jack Yan & Associates (http://jya.net), one of the world’s first virtual firms, in 1987. His company is based or represented in over a dozen countries worldwide. Among his company’s interests are business consulting, imaging, software and media, including the fashion magazine brand Lucire. He writes on topics, ranging from branding and business responsibility to fashion and typography, in numerous publications worldwide and is a regular international speaker. His personal site is at www.jackyan.com, and features a highly regarded blog. He is a director of the Medinge Group (http://medinge.org), a think-tank in Sweden devoted to cutting-edge branding. In 2010, he ran a strong but unsuccessful campaign for Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand.
About Jack Yan & Associates
Started in 1987, Jack Yan & Associates is a communications’ company with businesses in brand consulting, font software and media. JY&A Consulting is connected to the Medinge Group think-tank of Sweden, through its founder Jack Yan. JY&A Fonts is New Zealand’s first digital typefoundry and the leading player in the country. JY&A Media is an early pioneer in online publishing, with its first digital magazine launched in 1992; its ventures include Lucire, the international fashion magazine. Jack Yan & Associates is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, but has divisions, representatives, licensees and other presences globally.
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Autocade enters into new collaboration as it celebrates 1 million page view milestone

Wellington and London, April 8 (JY&A Media) Autocade, the international car cyclopædia (http://autocade.net), reached its 1,000,000-page-view milestone this week, despite having had little promotion. It also announces a collaboration today with Keith Adams’s successful AROnline (http://aronline.co.uk), the best known online resource on British motoring history.
   Jack Yan, who started Autocade, intended it to be a freely available and international resource on postwar automotive models.
   Each entry in Autocade—of which there are now 1,400—features one vehicle type, information on body styles, production numbers and engine types, and a single paragraph summarizing the vehicle.
   The site was in beta for nearly two years till it reached 1,000 entries in December 2009, when Mr Yan removed the ‘beta’ tag.
   Autocade is largely the work of one person, though with the collaboration with AROnline announced today, Mr Yan expects that to change.
   ‘Keith Adams’s AROnline site has been one of my favourites since I found it in the mid-1990s. It’s the premier resource on British motoring history and offers unequalled knowledge on, in particular, models relating to what was once known as the British Motor Corporation,’ he says.
   ‘I cannot think of a better collaborator than Keith Adams.’
   Mr Adams is assistant editor of Octane magazine in the UK.
   ‘Autocade is the world’s finest online and free online car cyclopædia,’ says Mr Adams.
   ‘I will be contributing to the project, adding cars along the way—hopefully helping Jack achieve his dream of building the biggest and best car database on the internet.’
   The million-page milestone, says Mr Yan, is due to the site being useful to netizens, who discovered its information while searching.
   Autocade is referred to in Wikipedia by its editors on certain niche models.
   Although started in New Zealand, British interest in Autocade has arguably been higher.
   Its first round of improvements was overseen by Peter Jobes, an English web developer and author.
   Mr Yan started Autocade as a hobby website in 2008. He also founded Lucire (http://lucire.com) in 1997, one of the world’s longest-running online fashion magazines, with international print editions.

Autocade website cover (full length), December 21, 2009
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About JY&A Media
JY&A Media, part of Jack Yan & Associates, publishes and licenses magazines, in print and on the web, and produces interactive television programming. Best known among its titles is Lucire, the fashion magazine which launched online in 1997 and spawned international print editions in 2004. An internet pioneer, it has been publishing and creating online titles since the early 1990s. More on the company can be found at http://jyanet.com/media.
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