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JonvelleKönemann is well known for producing quality books at exceptional value, and continues this tradition with Jonvelle. Jean-François Jonvelle captures feminine beauty with a series of black and white photographs, some of which are filled with sensuality. The text is in English and German - although there's little of it: this is a photo book, plainly and simply. There are no captions, and the photographs dominate the pages.

Jonvelle, by Jean-François Jonvelle, tr. Paul Aston; compiled by Sylvie Milhaud
Hardcover, 1999
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Another fine book from MIT Press where the reader learns while being fascinated. Albert Renger-Patzsch's goal of objectivity in photography is perhaps not an area where one expects "entertainment", but learning about the photographer's desire to record objects gives the reader an intriguing insight into his work. His principle was to document objects, refusing to call himself an artist or a photographic artist, but the end results are artistic in their own way. His sharply focused black-and-white works show exquisite, almost clinical, detail.
   This book includes Renger-Patzsch's 'Icons of New Objectivity' - photography of glassware and industrial objects - and some of his works on landscapes and trees. Many of these appeared in his famous 1928 volume, Die Welt ist schön, an influential book in the New Objectivity movement. There is also a comprehensive bibliography and a critique by Thomas Janzon, plus writings by Renger-Patzsch himself.

Albert Renger-Patzsch: Photographer of Objectivity, by Albert Renger-Patzsch, Ann Wilde, Jürgen Wilde, and edited by Thomas Weski
Hardcover, 1998, 176 pp.
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