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ELLEN von Unwerth is known for her sexy and intimate fashion photography, bringing us both candid and studio shots. This time, Ellen finds herself in the shoes of the voyeur, photographing behind the scenes of the fashion world (and elsewhere) with this book, mixing fashion, sex and glamour. Though the page size is small, there's plenty (300 pp., 240 photos) inside. The subject is obvious from the title, and has everything from Liv Tyler kissing a stuffed animal to sexier shots of couples. As with all Ellen's work, there is a natural, uninhibited atmosphere about the photographs and the images are highly original. Wonderful, particularly for Ellen von Unwerth fans: fun, cheeky, erotic, romantic, splashy, loud and dramaticwhat Ellen calls a 'fast' book.

Couples, by Ellen von Unwerth
Hardcover, 1998
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THERE are more than a few women in the world who want to look like Victoria's Secret supermodel Stephanie Seymour. In Stephanie Seymour's Beauty Secrets for Dummies, another instalment in the popular IDG Books series, the supermodel shares her experiences in an easy-to-read format.
   This is no quick summary, but a comprehensive 300-pp. paperback title with beauty resources and make-up tips, with the emphasis on practicality. She has written it assuming the reader knows nothing about hair, skin and make-up, introducing the very basics on tools, tips and terms.
   The book is predominantly in black and white, although there is a useful colour 'Make-up Workbook' section.
   Ms Seymour sees the book as being ideal for the beauty emergency. Women can skip to any section they want for advice and expect an honest, practical answer to their query.

Beauty Secrets for Dummies, by Stephanie Seymour
Paperback, 1998
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ALREADY on the Los Angeles Times' bestseller list, Lloyd Boston's Men of Color pays tribute to the style of African Americans, using historical information from the 1800s through to celebrity portraits of this century. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 photos collected by Boston, the book validates what has always been a strong and vital part of American style, but until now, has been largely ignored in the realm of coffee-table books.
   The book documents the emergence of a black American style last century, through to the Zoot suit, and today's notions of black style. The book also goes into grooming and how one can define a personal style.
   Boston worked with Quincy Jones, who wrote the foreword, and other stylish American men in creating this title. Men of Color includes stories of who Boston sees as today's 25 most stylish black men, from Sam Jackson to Gregory Hines. Boston says that 95 per cent of the celebrities he wanted for the book agreed to help.
   At the LA launch party, hosted by Tommy Hilfiger and Quincy Jones, people were snapping up multiple copies. The book has been highly praised by all its readers and it's our recommendation to Lucire readers this month.

Men of Color, by Lloyd Boston, with foreword by Quincy Jones and introduced by André Leon Talley
Hardcover, 1998
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JonvelleKÖNEMANN is well known for producing quality books at exceptional value, and continues this tradition with Jonvelle. Jean-François Jonvelle captures feminine beauty with a series of black and white photographs, some of which are filled with sensuality. The text is in English and Germanalthough there's little of it: this is a photo book, plainly and simply. There are no captions, and the photographs dominate the pages.

Jonvelle, by Jean-François Jonvelle, tr. Paul Aston; compiled by Sylvie Milhaud
Hardcover, 1999
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