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Below is recent known coverage about Jack Yan & Associates, its team members, its properties, and some associated ventures. Some coverage on the Medinge Group is included.
   Generally, this page does not include articles authored by Jack Yan & Associates’ staff in various magazines.
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16/02/24 ‘Interview: greeting people with “Ni hao”‘, The Wire, bFM, February 24, 2016
Interview with Sara Shirazi on the appropriate use of ‘Ni hao’ to Chinese New Zealanders

16/02/08 J. Maxwell: ‘Chinese New Year starts with a bang … and a feast’, The Dominion Post, February 8, 2016, p. A3
Jack Yan on New Zealand Chinese customs at the Lunar New Year, republished in the Taranaki Daily News, The Timaru Herald and the Manawatu Standard

16/01/06 J. Murphy: ‘The Dick Smith disaster explained in five easy steps’, News.com.au
The Murdoch Press gets indignant over a Tweet

15/10/11 ‘About Town’, Sunday Star–Times, October 11, 2015, p. 23
Jack Yan attends the Brancott Estate World of Wearable Art Awards, photographed with winemaker Patrick Materman

15/09/03 B. Lay: ’Why must Channel News Asia never collaborate with NUS? Because this’, Mothership.sg
A humorous Tweet from Jack Yan makes it into Singapore’s media

15/09 M. Higgins et al: ‘The future of fashion’, Flare, September 2015, pp. 125–33
Michelle Higgins talks to Stefan Engeseth on his Ikea fashion idea

15/08/03 ‘Small-town takeaways takes on Hollywood’, Paul Henry, TV3, New Zealand, August 3, 2015
Jack Yan weighs in on a dispute between Paramount Pictures and a takeaway in Martinborough

15/07/06 L. Chanwai-Earle: ‘Jack Yan: Wellington’s next mayor?’, Voices, Radio New Zealand National
Redressing the balance, Lynda Chanwai-Earle interviews Jack Yan on his thoughts for his home city

15/07/01 A. Gilltrap: ‘A lesson in font warfare from Jack Yan’, Lot 17 Media
A fun interview on typography and typeface design with Jack Yan

15/04/21 R. Khushal and M. Riversdale: ‘Jack Yan: brand consultant, author’, Access Granted, no. 45
Interview with Jack Yan in Wellington business Podcast series

14/11/30 A. O’Neil: ‘Minister sparks beauty row’, Sunday News, November 30, 2014, p. 7
Jack Yan says he is glad the newly appointed Women’s Minister, Louise Upston, MP has had a first-hand experience of a beauty competition as she comes out in favour of them

14/11/30 A. O’Neil: ‘Women’s Minister for beauty pageants’, Sunday Star–Times, November 30, 2014, pp. A1, A3
Both the newly appointed Women’s Minister, Louise Upston, MP, and Jack Yan, as a co-director of Miss Universe New Zealand, in favour of beauty competitions as confidence-boosters

14/11/20 ‘Ruhát az Ikea-ból? Ez a jövő!’, Dívány
Stefan Engeseth predicts a future where people can “compile” components for their clothing

14/11/20 ‘Ikea goes fashion!’, Jim Now
Stefan Engeseth predicts that Ikea could go into clothing

14/11/18 C. Mauro: ‘Taglia, cuci, sfila: se il vestito perfetto lo inventi da Ikea!’, Pianeta Donna
After décor and food, Ikea could look at clothing, according to Stefan Engeseth

14/11/18 ‘Szwedzki gigant meblowy z pomysłem na linie ubrań’, Lubliniaki
Polish media pick up on the Lucire story on Stefan Engeseth’s idea of DIY Ikea fashion

14/11/18 F. Gacia: ‘Se la moda andasse all’Ikea: nel fai-da-te lo stile del futuro?’, 5AVI.net
An Italian version of the article running through Europe, on Stefan Engeseth’s prediction that Ikea will offer DIY clothing; Lucire cited

14/11/18 ‘Veldu og saumaðu saman þín eigin föt úr fatadeild Ikea’, Pressan, November 18, 2014
Stefan Engeseth predicts you can select and stitch your own clothing from Ikea; Lucire cited

14/11/18 ‘Kopen we straks ook jurkjes bij Ikea?’, De Telegraaf, November 18, 2014
The news makes it to the Netherlands: ‘According to business consultant Stefan Engeseth, we will soon also shop our clothing according Ikea’s do-it-yourself formula’

14/11/17 ‘Would you buy clothes from Ikea?’, Bob 95 FM, Fargo, North Dakota
Country station solicits reader feedback on Stefan Engeseth’s Ikea DIY clothing idea

14/11/17 ‘Moda z Ikea. Czy kupiłabyś ubrania szwedzkiej sieciówki’, Avanti24.pl
Stefan Engeseth tells Lucire that Ikea could look into flat-pack clothing

14/11/17 ‘Flat-pack fashion? Ikea clothing range could be next style sensation’, Evoke.ie
It may be a bizarre idea, but Stefan Engeseth believes Ikea could sell DIY clothing next

14/11/17 ‘Kopen we straks een trouwjurk bij Ikea?’, Gazet van Antwerpen
Belgian press picks up the Daily Mail article on Stefan Engeseth’s prediction that Ikea will some day offer DIY fashion. See also Het Belang van Limburg

14/11/17 ‘Verkoopt Ikea binnenkort ook doe-het-zelfkledij?’, Nina
The furniture giant will soon enter the fashion industry, according to Stefan Engeseth. Also syndicated at De Morgen

14/11/17 J. Amcoff: ‘Ikea ger dig chans att designa egna kläder …’, Expressen, November 17, 2014
Expressen reports on Stefan Engeseth’s kitset fashion idea, citing Lucire, while their reader poll shows that 65 per cent of people support this idea

14/11/16 C. McGuire: ‘Would you buy flat-pack clothing from Ikea? Business expert predicts future where shoppers pick out clothes from the Swedish store to build at home’, Mail Online
Caroline McGuire reports on Stefan Engeseth’s idea of ‘flat-pack clothing’, predicting that customers ‘could choose from different colours, buttons and sleeve length’; Lucire cited

14/11/12 A. Zagata: ‘Fashion from Ikea: could flatpack clothes take off?’, Artefact
Stefan Engeseth believes flat-pack fashion is a natural extension to Ikea’s business

14/11/07 ‘Ikea entrerà nel mondo della moda?’, Blog di Lifestyle
Ikea could enter the world of fashion next, according to Stefan Engeseth

14/11/04 J. Davies: ‘Flat-pack clothes: the future of fashion?’, Shoppers Base
Opinion looking at whether Stefan Engeseth’s idea of Ikea clothing would work

14/11/04 S. Bergl: ‘Can Ikea make fast fashion even faster?’, Four Pins
Op-ed on Stefan Engeseth’s idea about Ikea entering the fashion market

14/11/04 O. Muenter: ‘Is Ikea-like “flatpack” style clothing the future of fashion as we know it? Well, one Swedish guy thinks so’, Bustle
Olivia Muenter analyses Stefan Engeseth’s Ikea clothing idea further and whether it would work

14/11/04 N. Olah: ‘Could Ikea-style ‘flatpack clothes’ be the future of fashion?’, The Guardian
Nathalie Olah looks at whether Stefan Engeseth’s idea of Ikea clothing is realistic. Also run at her own blog, AlterNet and MSN. Linked with comment by Lauren Sharkey on her blog

14/11 N. Capo: ‘Will minimalist, Ikea-style clothing be the fashion of the future?’, Daily Lounge
Nicole Capo sees Stefan Engeseth’s Ikea clothing idea as having a low chance of becoming a reality, given the need for sewing skills

14/10 ‘Ikea tấn công vào thời trang’, Ngoc Diep Shop
Stefan Engeseth’s Ikea fashion idea could break the industry’s repetitive cycle

14/10/31 M. Russell: ‘Self-assembly fashion line for Ikea?’, Just-style
On the Ikea fashion extension, Stefan Engeseth and Jack Yan are quoted in Michelle Russell’s blog

14/10/31 ‘Modesvepet, vecka 44’, Rodeo
Stefan Engeseth’s idea of Ikea’s extension into fashion is not impossible

14/10/30 ‘Stefan Engeseth says Ikea may enter into fashion in future’, Fibre2fashion
Stefan Engeseth and Jack Yan quoted on the prediction of Ikea getting into fashion; syndicated in The Times of India

14/10/29 A. Kisiel: ‘Ikea i moda. Czy takie połączenie jest możliwe?’, Vu Mag
Aleksandra Kisiel reports on Stefan Engeseth’s idea of Ikea fashion, saying it is a natural evolution

14/10/29 A. Nowak: ‘Ikea: otwarte drzwi do mody’, The Room
Ikea could be the next company to raise the stakes in the fashion business, says Stefan Engeseth

14/10/28 ‘Know-it-all: how beauty ads are edited, ’90s models on Vogue Turkey, and more style news’, Stylelist Canada
Stefan Engeseth’s Ikea fashion idea one of Canadian publication’s items in brief

14/10/28 A. Zawadzka: ‘Ikea będzie robić modę? Niewykluczone!’, NaTemat.pl
Aleksandra Zawadzka calls Stefan Engeseth’s idea of Ikea making fashion ‘exciting’

14/10/28 T. Grynkiewicz: ‘Ikea na wojnie z H&M? Ich wejście w branżę odzieżową ma sens’, Biztok
Ikea has the competence and experience to enter the fashion industry, says Stefan Engeseth

14/10/27 P. Rao: ‘Could Ikea move into fashion?’, Style.com
Stefan Engeseth says that Ikea could extend its brand into fashion

14/10/17 P. Mackhé: ‘Stefan Engeseth den internationella kändisen som är en doldis hemma i Sverige’, Dagensanalys, October 17, 2014
Peter Mackhé interviews Stefan Engeseth on why he is better known outside Swedish shores

14/10/17 ‘Car cyclopædia Autocade hits five million page views’, Scoop
Autocade now has data on 2,777 car model lines

14/10/08 ‘This is product development! N’est pas Apple?’, Hintland, October 8, 2014
Stefan Engeseth’s idea, in collaboration with Joachim Nordwall, for an Apple currency discussed

14/10/02 ‘NZ based Hong Kong expats show solidarity with protesters’, TVNZ News, October 2, 2014
Jack Yan says he’s joined in on the pro-democracy demonstrations in a show of solidarity

14/10/02 Breakfast, TV One, New Zealand, October 2, 2014, 7.20 a.m. NZDT
Jack Yan is interviewed by Rawdon Christie about Hong Kong’s Occupy Central protests

14/10/02 A. Fensome: ‘Solidarity with HK protests’, The Dominion Post, October 2, 2014, p. 2
Jack Yan is among those showing support for pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, outside the Chinese embassy in Wellington

14/10/01 J. Fagan and A. Fensome: ‘NZ support for Hong Kong protests’, Stuff
Jack Yan is interviewed in the video by Alex Fensome outside the Chinese embassy in Wellington about the expatriate support for Occupy Central

14/09/19 S. Sly: ‘In the eye of the beholder: Miss Universe NZ’, Radio New Zealand, September 19, 2014
Nigel Godfrey and Jack Yan revamp Miss Universe New Zealand into a more transparent competition; Rachel Millns wins the 2014 title

14/09 A. St Clair Brown: ‘Jack Yan—Lucire magazine’, Verve, September 2014, p. 122
Angus St Clair Brown interviews Jack Yan on his role as Lucire’s publisher

14/08/05 S. Schalin: ‘What would you ask your candidate?’, Te Waha Nui, August 5, 2014
Jack Yan speaks highly of Ask Away as an engagement tool for political candidates, after his experience running for mayor in 2013

14/01/26 ‘Platinum Homes Wellington Cup barrier draw’, ‘Escape’ supplement, Sunday Star–Times, January 26, 2014, p. 46
Jack Yan photographed with Upper Hutt mayor Wayne Guppy

14/01/25 ‘Wellington Cup day 2014′, The Dominion Post, January 25, 2014
Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng judges Fashion in the Field

14/01/20 ‘Sopheak Seng puts Wellington fashion in focus’, Scoop
Sopheak Seng, stylist and fashion editor of Lucire, helms a mini-fashion show for the Wellington Cup’s barrier launch at Midland Park

14/01/09 K. Chapman: ‘Would-be mayors adjust to life after campaign failure’, The Dominion Post, January 9, 2014
Where are the candidates after the 2013 Wellington mayoral election?

13/11/04 ‘Paying tribute’, The Dominion Post, November 4, 2013, p. A4
Jack Yan among the Wellingtonians paying tribute to the late councillor Leonie Gill

13/10/22 ‘Scopalto.com s’ouvre à l’international’, CBNews, October 22, 2013
Lucire one of the titles sold via Scopalto in France

13/10/17 J. Bishop: ‘Why more people don’t vote’, The Wellingtonian, October 17, 2013, p. 4
John Bishop looks at the poor 40 per cent turnout for the mayoral election

13/10/12 ‘Celia Wade-Brown re-elected in Wellington’, The New Zealand Herald, October 12, 2013
Jack Yan placed third in mayoral contest

13/10/11 ‘Jack Yan opposes Basin flyover, warns there could be two’, Scoop
Does Wellington really want two flyovers that will wind up costing $500 million, or should the Reid proposal, at less than one-twentieth of the cost, be given a fair hearing?

13/10/10 ‘Wellington’s shared spaces are mediocre, need true public input, says Jack Yan’, Scoop
Jack Yan, candidate for Wellington City’s mayor, believes that the city’s ‘shared spaces’ are mediocre compared other parts of the country and believes the solution lies in better public consultation

13/10/04 Access Radio, Wellington, New Zealand, October 4, 2013, 5 p.m. NZDT
Laurie Foon interviews Jack Yan, with the roles reversed from Lucire’s original feature interview

13/10/03 J. Bishop: ‘Preferences decisive for mayoralty’, The Wellingtonian, October 3, 2013. p. 6
John Bishop crunches the numbers of the Wellington mayoral election

13/10/01 K. Chapman: ‘Mayoral hopefuls learn art of waffle’, The Dominion Post, October 1, 2013. p. A2
Katie Chapman reports from Downstage as the mayoral candidates answer questions on the arts

13/10/01 ‘Candidates pledge unity to get the city moving’, The Dominion Post, October 1, 2013. p. A9
The mayoral candidates on how to bring a divided city council together

13/09/30 ‘How to get the cranes back on the skyline’, The Dominion Post, September 30, 2013, p. A7
Each of the mayoral candidates discusses how to get the city moving again

13/09/30 D. Armstrong: ‘Depressed sigh and most appear not sure who to vote for’, The Dominion Post, September 30, 2013, p. A7
Dave Armstrong analyses each of the mayoral candidates

13/09/24 ‘Yan says letters reflect divide in thinking’, Voxy
Poor targeting by one of his opponents reflected 20th-century thinking, says Jack Yan

13/09/23 ‘Mayoral candidates’ forum’, Salient, September 23, 2013, pp. 8–9
Nicola Young, Celia Wade-Brown and Jack Yan give their answers to set questions put by the Victoria University of Wellington student newspaper

13/09/23 C. McIntyre: ‘A real mayor of a forum’, Salient, September 23, 2013, p. 5
The mayoral candidates head to Victoria University of Wellington for a debate, with Jack Yan the ‘clear crowd favourite’

13/09/22 ‘Yan calls for longer Airport Flyer hours’, Voxy
Jack Yan believes the lack of public transport is frustrating not only for residents returning home but also for visitors to Wellington

13/09/20 ‘Yan welcomes second cable funding’, Voxy
Wellington mayoral candidate Jack Yan has welcome news that central government is offering to contribute $15 million towards a second New Zealand–Australia–United States internet cable

13/09/20 ‘Ask me anything: capital mayoral candidate Jack Yan’, National Business Review, September 20, 2013, p. 31
Jack Yan answers questions put to him by the public: the NBR publishes a print version of the live Q&A

13/09/19 ‘Yan calls for greater transparency’, Scoop
Wellington City Council currently does not go far enough on transparency, says Jack Yan

13/09/17 ‘Wellington mayoral candidate offers text updates’, Voxy
Jack Yan taps into those using cellphones for his mayoral campaign, thanks to his campaign manager, Hamish McConnochie

13/09/15 ‘Artrove exhibition opening’, Sunday Star–Times, September 15, 2013, ‘Escape’ supplement, p. E45
Jack Yan and his friend Rhonda Grant attend charity art opening, photographed by Matt Silcock

13/09/13 K. Chapman: ‘Rhetoric, barbs, and a few boos’, The Dominion Post, September 13, 2013, p. 1
A strong showing from Jack Yan in the Massey University–The Dominion Post mayoral debate

13/09/05 K. Chapman: ‘Candidates turn to crowdfunding’, The Dominion Post, September 5, 2013
Both Jack Yan and Karunanidhi Muthu use Givealittle to aid their mayoral campaigns’ funding

13/09/02 ‘Long-haul flights from Paraparaumu and a high-speed train—Jack Yan’s 30-year plan’, Scoop
Jack Yan looks to the long term as part of his mayoral campaign

13/08/30 M. Hewitson: ‘Michele Hewitson interview: Jack Yan’, The New Zealand Herald, August 30, 2013, p. A28
Michele Hewitson with a revealing and entertaining interview with Jack Yan on Miss Universe New Zealand and the mayoral election

13/08/15 L. Dooney: ‘Welly mayoral candidates declare their intentions’, Newstalk ZB
Who’s running in this year’s Wellington mayoral election?

13/08/03 ‘Policies for creativity and innovation needed for Wellington, says Jack Yan’, Scoop
Wellington mayoral candidate Jack Yan believes his policies on creativity and innovation are needed more than ever

13/08 J. Bishop: ‘City seeks mojo’, Capital, August 2013, pp. 25–8
John Bishop profiles the leading four Wellington mayoral candidates

13/07/30 I. Austin: ‘Backing Jack: mayoral campaign and installation fashion show’, NZ Style Collective
Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign fund-raiser features a fashion show produced by James Butters and styled by Sopheak Seng

13/07/16 C. Park: ‘Creative profiles: Jack Yan, a man with many hats’, NZ Style Collective
Chris Park interviews Jack Yan on his experience in the creative sector and his view of the industry

13/07/12 O. Oaariki: ‘Mayoral candidate Yan would “unite council to get things done”’, Newswire
Oren Oaariki interviews Jack Yan, who believes he is more capable of uniting councillors at the Wellington City Council if elected mayor

13/07/05 L. L. Liang: ‘地方選舉開跑 華裔問鼎首都市長’, Chinese News, TV8, New Zealand, 8 p.m. NZST
Ling Ling Liang follows up with an in-studio interview with Jack Yan on his 2013 mayoral campaign, in which he responds in Cantonese

13/07/05 WTV Cantonese Radio, Auckland, 99·4 MHz, 12.15 p.m. NZST
Jack Yan interviewed live on Cantonese radio on his mayoral campaign

13/07/05 Asia Report, TV9, New Zealand, 11 a.m. NZST
Julian Nixon and Bev Chuang interview Jack Yan on his mayoral campaign, in a comprehensive, live broadcast

13/06/24 ‘Yan jumps behind the bar’, Cook Strait News, June 24, 2013, p. 5
Jack Yan serves drinks at Dragonfly to get patrons’ views on the liquor licensing laws, and is joined by Lorraine Downes and Martin Crowe

13/06/12 L. L. Liang: ‘華裔競選首都市長 打造創新國際之城’, Chinese News, TV8, New Zealand, 8 p.m. NZST
An item on Jack Yan’s mayoral bid leads the news on World TV’s Chinese-language channel in New Zealand

13/06/12 ‘Jack Yan announces ten-point plan to get Wellington’s economy moving’, Scoop
The ten points from the ‘Growing Wellington’ part of Jack Yan’s manifesto gets an airing on Scoop

13/05/31 ‘新西兰惠灵顿华裔市长候选人许诺将打造内城公园’, China News
Jack Yan’s proposal for an inner-city park covered by Chinese media

13/05/26 ‘Mayoral candidate Jack Yan calls for new Cuba Street park’, Scoop
As part of a larger package, Jack Yan believes the Cuba Street precinct should have a park to bring people together

13/05/16 Lucire’s modelling competition gets social media boost’, Fibre2fashion
Lucire teams up with Promoki on crowdsourced modelling competition

13/05/14 J. Crossley: ‘Capital needs to “lift game to stay competitive”‘, The Dominion Post, May 14, 2013, p. B4
Jack Yan responds to Auckland’s announcement of an International Convention Centre

13/05/14 S. Speer and E. Hunt: ‘Capital Day’, The Dominion Post, May 14, 2013, p. A13
Tongue-in-cheek piece on Jack Yan’s internet presence and accessibility

13/05/11 Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman, Radio Live, May 11, 2013, 7.45 a.m. NZST
Jack Yan interviewed live by Wallace Chapman over the Prime Minister’s remark about Wellington ‘dying’, and his mayoralty campaign in general

13/05/08 ‘Jack Yan’s car encyclopædia Autocade hits 3,000,000 page views’, Scoop, May 8, 2013
Autocade, started as a hobby, reaches 3,000,000 page views, with thanks to Jack Yan, Keith Adams, Nigel Dunn and Peter Jobes

13/05/07 ‘Time to prove Wellington’s mettle in light of PM’s comments’, Scoop, May 7, 2013
Jack Yan responds to PM John Key’s remark that Wellington is ‘dying’

13/05/01 H. Peng: ‘天维人物:惠灵顿市长竞选在即 Jack Yan 再上征程’, Skykiwi, May 1, 2013
In-depth interview by Hao Peng with Jack Yan on his mayoral campaign and policies

13/04/29 N. Papatsoumas: ‘Jack Yan running for mayor again’, Cook Strait News, April 29, 2013, p. 2
A brief piece on Jack Yan announcing his run for mayor in a local newspaper; also appearing in the Independent Herald, May 22, 2013, p. 15

13/04/18 ‘新西蘭華裔甄爵恩宣布將再衝擊惠靈頓市長選舉’, Sohu, April 18, 2013
Jack Yan’s intention to run for Wellington mayor covered via Xinhua. Sohu, Skykiwi, People.com.cn, and numerous other popular sites run the same item

13/04/17 Radio Live, April 17, 2013, 11.45 a.m. NZST
A quick interview with Jack Yan on his mayoral bid announcement

13/04/17 ‘Jack Yan announces 2013 mayoral bid’, Scoop, April 17, 2013
Jack Yan focuses on business, unity and transparency in his 2013 bid for the Wellington mayoralty

13/04/17 ‘Mayoral challenge’, The Timaru Herald, April 17, 2013, p. 1
Small item noting Jack Yan’s bid for the Wellington mayoralty

13/04/17 ‘Yan to stand for mayor’, The Nelson Mail, April 17, 2013, p. 6
Small item noting Jack Yan’s bid for the Wellington mayoralty

13/04/17 K. Chapman: ‘Yan throws hat into ring for Wellington mayoral race’, The Dominion Post, April 17, 2013, p. A4
Jack Yan announces his second mayoral campaign, challenging incumbent Celia Wade-Brown

13/04/01 S. Sly: ‘Horror Films, Advertising and Politics’, The Face of Fear, Radio New Zealand, April 1, 2013
Stefan Engeseth among the interviewees in Sonia Sly’s programme on fear—he plugs his latest book, Sharkonomics

13/03/16 J. Lilly: ‘Jazz it up for winter fashion’, Northern Outlook, March 16, 2013, p. 12
Jeff Lilly quotes Lucire’s Sopheak Seng on the trends for winter 2013 in New Zealand (also in the Central Canterbury News on March 20, 2013)

13/03/06 Y. Tahana: ‘Beauty changeover turns ugly’, The New Zealand Herald, March 6, 2013, p. A7
The New Zealand Herald tries to stretch the 2012 Miss Universe New Zealand scandal even though there’s no “changeover”, just the end of one licence and the beginning of another

13/01 S. Young: ‘Bite Me’, NZ Marketing, January 2013, p. 69
Simon Young delivers Stefan Engeseth’s tips on surviving in business, from his new book Sharkonomics

12/11/28 ‘Pobresa vestida d’esperança’, La Vanguardia, November 28, 2012, pp. 8–9
Pirelli launches its 2013 calendar in Rio de Janeiro; Summer Rayne Oakes among the models

12/11/28 ‘El Calendario Pirelli, sin desnudos’, La Razon, November 28, 2012, p. 14
The 2013 Pirelli calendar has a social responsibility angle this year; Summer Rayne Oakes among the models

12/11/28 L. Neves: ‘Calendário Pirelli 2013 se volta para beleza interior’, Folha De S. Paulo, November 28, 2012, p. E11
Summer Rayne Oakes, environmental advocate and activist, models for Pirelli’s non-nude 2013 calendar, photographed by Steve McCurry

12/11/13 L.-A. Edwards: ‘Art exhibition imaginative’, Hutt News, November 13, 2012, p. 28
Jack Yan is among the fans of artist Stella Enting’s work

12/11/13 ‘Award-winning Māori designer to celebrate launch of new collection on TV One’s Breakfast show’, Tangata Whenua
Adrienne Whitewood launches her new collection; she had been mentored by Lucire’s Jack Yan in 2011 as part of her Miromoda prize

12/10/20 ‘Apathy must not reign—be counted’, The Dominion Post, October 20, 2012, p. C4
Jack Yan mentioned as potential contender for Wellington mayoralty in 2013

12/10/18 ‘Wade-Brown looks good to keep job’, The Wellingtonian, October 18, 2012, p. 10
Fairfax tabloid says Jack Yan needs more visibility for his 2013 mayoral campaign if he were to run

12/10/17 K. Chapman: ‘Who’s eyeing the chain?’, The Dominion Post, October 17, 2012, p. A1
Cover story, with Jack Yan most likely to stand again for the Wellington mayoralty in 2013

12/10/14 ‘Royal New Zealand Ballet 2013 season launch’, Sunday Star–Times, October 14, 2012, p. F38
Jack Yan photographed with Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown at the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s 2013 programme launch at Premier House

12/10/11 M. Ross: ‘Swedish marketing mind tells brands to adopt “Sharkonomics”‘, B&T Marketing and Media, October 11, 2012
Madeleine Ross talks to Stefan Engeseth during his time in Sydney about his new book, Sharkonomics

12/10 C. Rochet: ‘Scopalto, culture presse’, Marie Claire, October 2012
Lucire appears among the titles in Scopalto, the French PDF magazine download service

12/09/26 R. Wattie: ‘A head for hair’, The Dominion Post, ‘Life’ supplement, September 26, 2012, p. 8
Michael Beel interviewed on hair trends; Lucire cited on his résumé

12/09/13 ‘2013 Pirelli Takvimi’nde ruhani güzellik başrolde’, HT Magazine, p. 8
Summer Rayne Oakes one of the models in the next Pirelli calendar

12/08/07 Lucire débuts on French newsstand Scopalto’, Infonews
New Zealand-owned magazine, Lucire, launches a PDF edition on French newsstand

12/07/12 Campbell Live, TV3, New Zealand, 7 p.m.
Jack Yan interviewed as head judge of Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 by Campbell Live’s Anna Burns-Francis, concerning the 2012 débâcle. The organizer’s abusive telephone calls are broadcast on television; her stepping down is reported later in the week

12/06/15 ‘Miss Universe NZ calls in lawyers’, Herald–Sun, June 15, 2012
Murdoch Press uses AAP wire article to cover the Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 controversy

12/06/14 ‘Miss Universe NZ crown sits unsteadily’, Stuff
Fairfax Media provides its update on the Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 controversy

12/06/14 ‘Miss New Zealand told to give up her tiara’, The Otago Daily Times, June 14, 2012
Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 Avianca Böhm’s crown demanded by organizer; Böhm seeks legal advice and has the backing of head judge Jack Yan

12/06/14 ‘Miss New Zealand told to give up her crown’, TVNZ
Continuing coverage over the Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 fallout

12/06/13 N. Jones: ‘Miss Universe NZ organiser pushed judges to pick blondes’, The New Zealand Herald, June 13, 2012
More controversies from Miss Universe New Zealand as former judges reveal that the organizer attempted to manipulate them. Also covered in The Otago Daily Times

12/06/10 N. Russell: ‘Beauty queens band together’, Stuff
Fairfax Media continues to follow the Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 débâcle as Miss World New Zealand 2011, Mianette Broekman, offers her support to winner Avianca Böhm, and contrasts how the two pageants dealt with the same issue

12/06/07 S. Kruchov Sørensen: ‘Miss-forståelse: Miss New Zealand er fra Sydafrika’, Ekstra Bladet, June 7, 2012
Danish daily reports on Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 débâcle

12/06/07 G. Bryant: ‘Pageant judge praises contestant’, Southland Times, June 7, 2012
Journalist Grant Bryant gives Jack Yan a right of reply on his conversation with Monique Cooley

12/06/06 A. Ndlovu: ‘Beauty fights rejection’, The Times (South Africa), June 6, 2012
Andile Ndlovu talks to Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 Avianca Böhm on the pageant’s citizenship débâcle

12/06/06 N. Jones: ‘Beauty queen spat: winner says “I’m not selfish”’, The New Zealand Herald, June 6, 2012
Nicholas Jones updates the growing farce of the Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 pageant as Miss North Harbour franchise holder, Melissa Martin, calls for the national director, Val Lott, to step down

12/06/06 ‘Doubts over Miss NZ’s eligibility’, Sky News
Murdoch Press reports on Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 incident second-hand

12/06/06 G. Bryant: ‘Pageant scandal bemuses beauty’, Southland Times, June 6, 2012
Miss Otago Monique Cooley claims a telephone call was recorded confirming her Australian citizenship

12/06/06 O. Caldwell: ‘Miss Otago caught in row’, Otago Daily Times
Monique Cooley, Miss Otago, revealed as an Australian citizen, but Jack Yan believes there is no need to be concerned

12/06/05 A. Ndlovu: ‘SA’s Bam versus SA’s Böhm’, The Times (South Africa), June 5, 2012
Miss South Africa faces another South African-born rival at Miss Universe

12/06/05 M. Bellamy: ‘Miss Universe New Zealand ends in shambles’, Ninemsn
Head judge Jack Yan is unimpressed by the Miss Universe New Zealand 2012 competition’s organization

12/06/05 M. Fox: ‘Beauty queens not Kiwi’, Stuff, June 5, 2012
Fairfax Media with the second article on the Miss Universe New Zealand débâcle—run in The Dominion Post, The Sydney Morning Herald and other newspapers. Jack Yan’s quotation highlighted in Sydney Morning Herald’s online edition: ‘If you line up 10 people for a 100m sprint you don’t really say to the referees that no matter who comes first, second or third, you’ve got to discount a couple of people’

12/06/05 ‘Citizenship case “blown out of proportion”—Miss Universe NZ’, TVNZ, June 5, 2012
Avianca Böhm appears on breakfast television in New Zealand after her win at Miss Universe New Zealand 2012

12/06/05 N. Jones: ‘Miss NZ may be stripped of her tiara’, The New Zealand Herald, June 5, 2012
Pageant organizer tries to shift blame to the judges as she attempts to discriminate against South African-born winner

12/06/04 ‘Howick home to Miss Universe NZ’, The New Zealand Herald, June 4, 2012
Positive coverage for Avianca Böhm’s win at Miss Universe New Zealand 2012

12/06/04 ‘South African named Miss New Zealand’, MSN New Zealand
Jack Yan, lead judge, quoted, ‘Avianca is best equipped to handle the international setting of Miss Universe, and that helped put her into the top place,’ in NZ Newswire article

12/06/04 ‘Meet the new Miss Universe NZ’, Stuff, June 4, 2012
Avianca Böhm chosen as Miss Universe New Zealand 2012. Related article in The Dominion Post

12/06/03 E. Ramos: ‘Latinos in the age of influence’, Huffington Post, June 3, 2012
Jack Yan quoted in his role as co-founder of Multicultural Brand Consultancy on individual identity

12/05/11 ‘Miss Universe contest returning to Wellington for a third year’, Scoop, May 12, 2012
Jack Yan returns to chair the judging panel at Miss Universe New Zealand. Also at Wotzon

12/05/09 S. Catherall: ‘Kenzy Cheeseman’, The Dominion Post, May 9, 2012, p. 11
Interview with former Lucire team member, now a designer for her own fashion label

12/05/01 S. Maine: ‘40 best Tumblr blogs for designers’, Creative Bloq, May 1, 2012
Font Police named as one of Sammy Maine’s picks for design-themed Tumblogs

12/04/05 ‘Corporate branding expert Stanley Moss to speak at UCSB’, Noozhawk
Lucire travel editor and Medinge Group CEO Stanley Moss is the featured speaker at the CCS Literature Symposium on April 18

12/04/04 N. Olayiwola: ‘Wedding dresses for the big day go on show in Doha’, Gulf Times
Jack Yan on Robert Abi Nader, showing at Qatar’s wedding exhibition and fashion show

12/04/02 ‘New concepts for wedded bliss’, Gulf Times
Jack Yan comments on fashion designer Robert Abi Nader, showing at Qatar’s wedding exhibition and fashion show (IWED)

12/03/23 ‘NZ typeface goes on sale’, Admedia
Danielle Smith’s JY Dandy now available for licensing from JY&A Fonts

12/03/19 ‘New Zealand’s newest typeface designer releases JY Dandy’, Scoop
Danielle Smith’s JY Dandy released on her 21st birthday

12/03/19 ‘Māori designer launches website’, Tangata Whenua
Adrienne Whitewood launches website, with mentoring for her brand from Jack Yan as part of her win at Miromoda in 2011

12/02/24 ‘Llega novia de Luis Miguel a su concierto’, El Mañana, February 24, 2012
A profile on Brittny Gastineau, who had been a Lucire cover girl, and now linked romantically to Luis Miguel

12/02/20 A. Williams: ‘Most racism felt in ‘little things, subtle things’ says one who feels it’, Newswire
Jack Yan comments on racism in New Zealand after a survey shows that Kiwis believe Asians are the most discriminated group in the country

12/02 ‘Aquarium’, Fishhead, February 2012, p. 29
Jack Yan and Emma Beer photographed by Mark Tantrum at Veuve Clicquot event in Wellington, New Zealand

12/01/23 R. Rao: ‘KGC unites experts to find ways to improve business efficiency’, Daily News and Analysis
Jack Yan among the speakers at FLAME’s Knowledge Globalization Conference in Pune, India, talking about how his firm looked to India for its latest additions—a reversal of the trend of Indian firms looking offshore

12/01/18 One News, TV1, New Zealand, 10.40 p.m. NZDT
A brief glimpse of Lucire’s home page as the magazine blacks it out to protest SOPA in the US

11/12/30 S. Sly: Kiwi Summer, Radio New Zealand National, New Zealand, 11.20 a.m. NZDT
Jack Yan interviewed on his work at Lucire, the Medinge Group, his plans for India and his judging at Miss Universe New Zealand

11/12/20 ‘A model citizen’, Eco Age
Summer Rayne Oakes launches Source4Style, and credits Jack Yan and Lucire for helping with the foundation for her exploring fashion and sustainability

11/12/11 ‘Clicquot season pétanque’, Sunday Star–Times, December 11, 2011, ‘Escape’ supplement, p. 33
Jack Yan and Emma Beer photographed by Mark Tantrum at Veuve Clicquot event in Wellington, New Zealand

11/12 ‘MTA Conference & Expo’, Radiator, December 2011–January 2012, pp. 36–7
Jack Yan and his fellow debate participants photographed at MTA’s annual conference

11/11/21 Newstalk ZB, Wellington, New Zealand
Jack Yan interviewed for his reaction over the ‘Wellywood’ sign decision

11/11/16 ‘Petrol price fuels industry debate at MTA Conference’, Scoop
Jack Yan, Gareth Hughes, Raewyn Bleakley and Ken Shirley debate petrol prices at MTA annual conference in Rotorua, New Zealand

11/11/03 Channel News Asia, Singapore
Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng offers frank comments on Cambodia Fashion Week

11/10/16 A.-M. Elliott: ‘Typography inspiration: 10 terrific Tumblr blogs’, Mashable
JY&A Fonts’ sponsored typographic humour blog gets noticed by leading website

11/09/13 ‘In like Flynn’, The Dominion Post, September 6, 2011, p. B8
Jack Yan and Sopheak Seng attend Hermione Flynn’s spring–summer 2011–12 collection launch

11/09/06 ‘Unscripted exhibition launch’, The Dominion Post, September 6, 2011, p. B8
Lucire’s Jack Yan and Sabine Ernest attend exhibition launch at the St James Theatre in Wellington

11/09/06 ‘Starfish and star spotting’, The Dominion Post, September 6, 2011, p. B8
Lucire’s Sopheak Seng and Vicki Matias photographed at New Zealand Fashion Week

Creative Gaga
11/09 N. Tiwari (ed.): ‘Font feat’, Creative Gaga, vol. 1, no. 5, September–October 2011, p. 12
JY&A Fonts introduces fonts with the rupee symbol, as covered in Indian media

11/08/09 ‘Wellington firm adds rupee symbol to font range’, Techday, August 9, 2011
JY&A Fonts scores a first as it introduces the rupee symbol into its font range

11/08 A. McGuigan: ‘A fashion designer’s journey’, Magneto, August 2011, p. 33
Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng interviewed by his Alma Mater

11/08 A. Sansom: ‘Easy readers’, Viewpoint, issue 28, autumn 2011, pp. 96–9
Jack Yan, Stanley Moss, Philippe Mihailovich and Thomas Gad among the interviewees for Anna Sansom’s story on cognitive fluency

11/07/19 E. Grady: ‘Cartier Nominates Eco-Fashion Entrepreneurs for Annual Women’s Initiative Award’, Treehugger
Source4Style, founded by Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh, up for a major award

11/07/10 E. Grady: ‘Summer Rayne Oakes hosts private screening of new environmental short film “Extinction”’, Treehugger
A new environmental art film, penned by Summer Rayne Oakes, shown

11/06/01 C96 FM, Christchurch, New Zealand
Follow-up interview with Jack Yan over Wellington Airport backing down (again) over ‘Wellywood’ sign

11/05/25 Back Benches, TVNZ7, New Zealand, 9 p.m.
Jack Yan speaks out against the ‘Wellywood’ sign on live current affairs show

11/05/23 ‘Unoriginelle Idee: Krach um “Wellywood”‘, N-TV
In German, a Deutsche Press-Agentur article syndicated by N-TV on the unoriginal ‘Wellywood’ proposal. ‘„Neuseelands Filmindustrie boome wegen ihrer Kreativität,“ sagte Unternehmer Jack Yan.’

11/05/23 Prime News, New Zealand, 5.30 p.m.
Jack Yan interviewed by Penny Clark-Hall on his opposition to the Wellywood sign

11/05/23 ‘”Wellywood” sign divides Lord of the Rings city’, Monsters and Critics
Monsters and Critics one of the press outlets covering the ‘Wellywood’ débâcle’s resurfacing, syndicating from Deutsche Press-Agentur

11/05/23 Midday News, C96 FM, Christchurch, New Zealand, 12 p.m.
Jack Yan interviewed by Shani Annand-Baron for Christchurch radio station on ‘Wellywood’ sign

11/05/23 One News, New Zealand, 12 p.m.
News bulletin features Jack Yan’s support for the anti-‘Wellywood’ sign campaigners

11/05/23 Morning Report, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand, 8.20 a.m.
Jack Yan campaigns against the ‘Wellywood’ sign in an interview which also features Wellington Airport’s Steve Fitzgerald

11/05/21 ‘N. Zealand set for ‘Wellywood’ challenge Hollywood’, AFP
French press agency covers the ‘Wellywood’ sign débâcle, with Jack Yan notifying Hollywood again of the intellectual property infringement

11/05/21 ‘Wellywood sign hits sour note’, The New Zealand Herald
Negative reactions to ‘Wellywood’ sign proposed (again) by Wellington Airport, including Jack Yan’s involvement

11/05/21 ‘Wellywood sign is contrary to Wellington’s brand, says Jack Yan’, Scoop
Though based around a press release, there were edits made by Scoop to its version, which has quotations from Jack Yan and William Shepherd

11/05/01 S. Powell: ‘A font of wisdom’, Salient
An interview on Jack Yan’s typeface design work for his Alma Mater

11/04/14 Sky News New Zealand and Prime News, New Zealand, 5.30 p.m.
Interview with Jack Yan over the copyright legislation changes passed under urgency by the New Zealand Parliament

11/04/14 ‘Jack Yan says proposed copyright amendments harm business’, Scoop
Jack Yan says that business interests could be harmed by the New Zealand Government’s legislative changes on the Copyright Act. Also published at Infonews

11/03/01 ‘Payless ShoeSource supports eco-partner Summer Rayne Oakes in month-long uniform project to raise awareness for eco-fashion’, Digital Journal
Summer Rayne Oakes as she takes on Uniform Project’s Pilot Series challenge

11/02/21 D. Robert: ‘Author, designer, branding consultant and director of Medinge Group Jack Yan discusses humanistic branding’, Celsias
Jack Yan interviewed with his Medinge Group hat on, regarding CSR and corporate citizenship

11/02/15 Prime News, New Zealand, 5.30 p.m.
Jack Yan interviewed by Ryan Boswell on New Zealand trading with Australia

11/02/14 G. Mattioli: ‘La modella green: Summer Rayne Oakes’, Stile.it
A profile on Summer Rayne Oakes and how she became the eco-model

11/02/11 L. Nineham: ‘Renault’s hat-trick of stars to launch Va Va Voom campaign’, UK Marketing News
Lucire cited in story on Dita von Teese promoting Renault’s new Clio

11/02/03 A. Ghadiali: ‘TheKey.to promotes sustainable “conspiracy” at Berlin Fashion Week’, Ecouterre
Ecouterre’s favourite finds at alternative fashion show, at which Summer Rayne Oakes was a guest speaker

11/01/25 K. Heinze: ‘TheKey.to: Viel mediale Aufmerksamkeit, zu wenig Kunden’, Bio-Markt.info
Alternative fashion show TheKey.to hosts press conference with Summer Rayne Oakes

11/01/24 ‘Toyota Prius ist Teil der „Grünen Verschwörung“’, Auto Genau
Source4Style’s Summer Rayne Oakes is guest speaker for TheKey.to

11/01/17 D. Robert (ed.): ‘Brands with a conscience?’, Celsias, January 17, 2011
The Medinge Group announces its eighth annual Brands with a Conscience; quote from Jack Yan on the BBC win

11/01/15 L. Shelton (ed.): ‘Eighth annual Brands with a Conscience awards’, Scoop
Publication of Medinge’s press release on the eighth annual Brands with a Conscience, with quotation from Jack Yan

11/01/14 ‘Скарлет Йоханссон появилась в рекламе шампанского’, Lenta
Scarlett Johansson models for Moët & Chandon—Russian newsmedia quote Lucire; related articles at Korrespondent.biz, Bigmir, Сливки Интернета, Jewish.ru and Multiplex

10/12/14 E. Markowitz: ‘Part guru, part glamour, and fully sustainable’, Inc.
Summer Rayne Oakes’s rise charted in interview

10/12/10 ‘Wellington celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with starting ceremony’, Home Voice, no. 606, December 10, 2010, pp. 1, 19
Jack Yan one of the guests as Mayor Celia Wade-Brown declares the start of the Chinese New Year Festival and its 2011 programme

10/12/09 F. Kherani: ‘A local look for Brooklyn fashion designers’, The Brooklyn Ink
‘Source4Style textile provider CEO Summer Rayne Oakes has started a business to make finding ethically produced textiles easier’

10/12/02 R. Thomson: ‘A mission to recall memories’, The Wellingtonian, December 2, 2010, p. 19
Jack Yan among the presenters for a Christmas production benefiting the Wellington City Mission

10/11/25 ‘Yoox: shopping natalizio con Playland Xmas’, Modaonline.it
Summer Rayne Oakes creates a T-shirt produced by Edun Live for YOOXYGEN, promoting ecology

10/10/25 T. Pullar-Strecker: ‘Mayor plans round table on IT’, The Dominion Post
Internet pioneer Colin Jackson says Jack Yan probably has more ‘geek mindshare’ among Wellington IT industry

10/10/16 ‘Jack Yan: politics, fashion and the internet’, Saturday Morning with Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand, 10.30 a.m. NZST
Jack Yan in his first post-election interview with Finlay MacDonald, produced by Mark Cubey

10/10/13 张又: ‘2010年地方政府選戰:惠靈頓市長懸而未決角逐最為激烈’, Skykiwi
In close Wellington mayoral election, Jack Yan has a respectable showing, with involvement in politics going back to 2001

10/10/11 ’40 votes: now what?’, The Wellingtonista
Wellington website looks at the tight mayoral race

10/10/09 G. Conway: ‘Landscape alters in local body elections’, The Press
Changes nationally to local body elections; Jack Yan secures third

10/10/09 Sky News, Sky TV, New Zealand
Penny Clark-Hall interviews Jack Yan, who correctly makes a call by saying that Councillor Celia Wade-Brown will be elected Mayor of Wellington by Wednesday

10/10/07 ‘Super-city race holds spotlight’, Stuff.co.nz
Yet another poll from the Fairfax Press shows Jack Yan with a much lower percentage than he ultimately secured in the mayoral race, and again wrongly predicts Mayor Prendergast as the winner

10/10/06 Sky News, Sky TV, New Zealand
Sky News segment with interviews by Ryan Boswell features Sir Michael Fowler endorsing Jack Yan for Mayor of Wellington

10/10/05 M. Fox: ‘Fowler backs “intelligent” newcomer Yan’, The Dominion Post, October 5, 2010, p. A3
Former three-term mayor Sir Michael Fowler endorses mayoral candidate Jack Yan; the incumbent dismisses the endorsement

10/10/04 ‘Voting slow in Wellington’, TVNZ
A low voter turn-out at the time of this article, as Sir Michael Fowler endorses Jack Yan for Mayor

10/10/04 ‘Sir Michael Fowler backs Jack Yan’, Scoop
Sir Michael Fowler says a vote for Jack Yan provides Wellingtonians with more certainty

10/10/04 D. Satherley: ‘Sir Michael backs Jack Yan for mayor’, TV3
3 News website reports on former mayor Sir Michael Fowler’s endorsement of Jack Yan, saying that under him, the council could be united

10/10/04 ‘Mayoral election: Fowler backs Yan as “the only one with a real vision”’, Scoop
Former three-term mayor Sir Michael Fowler endorses mayoral candidate Jack Yan

10/10/04 D. Satherley: ‘Paul Henry slammed over Gov-General slur’, TV3
Mayoral candidate Jack Yan comments on Breakfast host Paul Henry’s “racist” comments against Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanand

10/10/01 ‘Poll shows capital’s mayor in slight lead’, Stuff.co.nz
Another small-sample Fairfax Press poll favours the incumbent

10/10/01 A. Tarrant: ‘Mayoral candidate O’Shaughnessy endorses Yan for Mayor’, Scoop
Mayoral candidate Bernard O’Shaughnessy tells his supporters to give Jack Yan a 1 in their voting

10/09/30 ‘Why do some commercial properties pay lower rates, ask two mayoral candidates’, Scoop
Jack Yan disagrees with the rates’ differential in Wellington, and would raise the issue with Wellington City Council CEO Garry Poole in his first week in office, if elected

10/09/29 J. Chipp: ‘Is it Kerry or Celia for mayor?’, The Wellingtonian
Fairfax Press continues its obsession with two candidates, but admits Jack Yan could be a ‘dark horse’

10/09/29 Back Benches, TV7, New Zealand, 9 p.m. NZST
The only televised mayoral debate for Wellington, with Jack Yan lined up against his opponents

10/09/29 A. Ginestet: ‘Mayoral candidates’, City Life, September 29, 2010, p. 4
Jack Yan and Mayor Kerry Prendergast profiled by community newspaper

10/09/29 ‘Six of the best’, Capital Times, vol. 35, no. 49, September 29, 2010, pp. 4–5
Newspaper puts a series of questions to the mayoral candidates

10/09/27 W. Chapman: ‘Mayoral debate Wednesday!’, TVNZ
Back Benches‘ Wallace Chapman previews the candidates in the Wellington mayoral debate

10/09/24 C. Enting: ‘Wonder Wahine leaves Barbie show in the shade’, The Dominion Post
Trelise Cooper, perhaps still sore about her 2005 lawsuit against Tamsin Cooper, asks Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng to leave her catwalk show

10/09/23 W. Chapman: ‘Book now for the Wellington mayoral debate’, TVNZ
Wallace Chapman, co-host of Back Benches, previews the only televised Wellington mayoral debate

10/09/22 ‘Snapr frenzy at Fashion Week’, The New Zealand Herald
Snapr shows off its abilities at New York Fashion Week, as demonstrated in Lucire

10/09/21 A. Roberts: ‘The mayoral election: technology as a way to attract voters’, Scoop
Jack Yan first to promote free wifi for Wellington—will it attract the voters?

10/09/19 ‘Mayoral challengers enter walking race’, Scoop
The “lion hunt” around Wellington, with Jack Yan and Councillor Celia Wade-Brown, reported

10/09/17 ‘A capital job in the balance’, The Dominion Post
Editorial, as newspaper lectures to its audience on its preference

10/09/16 ‘Local elections heat up as voting begins’, TV3
3 News website covers local body elections nationwide

10/09/16 D. Burgess: ‘Yan “bright spark” among mayoral hopefuls’, The Dominion Post, September 16, 2010, p. A9
Jack Yan gets the headline in a report on the newspaper’s own sponsored debate at the Duxton Hotel

10/09/14 ‘Public meeting puts spotlight on local issues’, Voxy
Alliance Party hosts a forum for local body election candidates, including Jack Yan and Councillor Bryan Pepperell

10/09/10 ‘Mayor and council candidates taking to the streets in Wellington’, Voxy
Jack Yan and Councillor Celia Wade-Brown confirmed for “lion hunt” around Wellington, with former mayor Sir Michael Fowler as “host”

10/09/07 D. Burgess: ‘Mayoral hopefuls outline their city’, The Dominion Post
Dave Burgess covers the first mayoral forum in Wellington

10/09/03 ‘Unique challenge issued to enliven Wellington mayoral race’, Voxy
Jack Yan and Councillor Celia Wade-Brown compete in a “lion hunt” around Wellington’s landmarks

10/08/27 L. Shelton: ‘Election issues: bigger and briefer’, Scoop
Election hoardings for the candidates revealed, with Jack Yan’s billboard having a simple nine words

10/08/26 ‘Mayoral bid based on “Your Wellington” platform’, Scoop
Jack Yan reveals the purpose behind his Your Wellington website and how it could work in a connected Wellington

10/08/20 ‘High-profile clashes in battle for mayoralties’, Stuff.co.nz
A round-up of the mayoral races nationally

10/08/20 ’18 candidates for super city mayor’, TV3
Auckland’s mayoral race dominates the headlines, though Wellington rates a mention in TV3 online report

10/08/20 ‘Six in Wellington mayoral race’, The Dominion Post
As the registration deadline loomed, ‘Mayor Kerry Prendergast, councillors Celia Wade-Brown and Bryan Pepperell, and businessman Jack Yan, had already entered the race by last night.’

10/08/17 ‘Sir Bob drops Wellington election plans’, Radio New Zealand
Perhaps the worst-kept secret in the Wellington local body elections: Sir Robert Jones has no plans to have a party contesting them

10/08/17 ‘Sir Bob turns back on election’, The Dominion Post
Despite a great deal of press by The Dominion Post, Sir Robert Jones’s plans for a party to contest the Wellington local body elections turn out to be nought

10/08/02 ‘Proposal for an innovative hotel leadership centre in Wellington’, Voxy
Jack Yan backs Tony Williams’ hotel leadership training centre on the Miramar Wharf

10/07/30 J. Ness and E. Kortum: ‘Jack Yan: youngest mayoral candidate has ambitious plans for Wellington’, Scoop
Jack Yan interviewed for Scoop on his mayoral plans; includes video

10/07/24 C. Ford: ‘Local body elections—coming to a local council near you!’, Voxy
A round-up of the local body elections around the country, with Jack Yan named as Mayor Prendergast’s ‘strongest challenger’

10/07/07 J. Hathaway: ‘Dunedin designer’s shot at the big time’, The Otago Daily Times
Amber Bridgman is set to show at New Zealand Fashion Week after securing a place at Miromoda, on whose judging panel Jack Yan sat

10/06/24 ‘Random access to New Zealand Fashion Week’, Voxy
Jack Yan joins Mapihi Opai and other experts judging Miromoda

10/06/16 ‘Jack Yan wants Wellington wired’, Capital Times, vol. 35, no. 34, June 16, 2010, p. 5
An interview with Jack Yan on the mayoral elections

10/06/14 ‘Right to water a defining issue for mayoralty’, Scoop
Jack Yan joins protesters in opposing the privatization of water

10/06/06 ‘Aucklander takes Miss Universe NZ crown’, TVNZ
Ria van Dyke is the new Miss Universe New Zealand; quotation from head judge, Jack Yan

10/06/06 B. Jamnadas: ‘Wellington would be’, Asia Down Under, TV1, New Zealand, 11.30 a.m.
Bharat Jamnadas talks to Jack Yan about his Wellington mayoral bid

10/06/04 ‘Zoe & Zac to deliver fresh green fashion this summer’, Fibre2fashion
Summer Rayne Oakes continues to provide environmental consultancy to Payless Shoes

10/05/21 ‘Large traffic “caused designer sales website to crash”‘, Periscope IT
Lucire reports that large traffic caused a crash at online retailer Once’It

10/05/15 ‘Miss Universe contestants to meet the mayor before their finals’, Scoop
Jack Yan returns to the judging panel for Miss Universe New Zealand, with Lucire fashion editor Samantha Hannah

10/05/14 L. Shelton: ‘Who will you vote for? And why?’, Scoop
An introduction to the mayoral candidates, through the web

10/05/12 L. Zhang: ‘惠靈頓今年市長華裔競選人Jack Yan 會說多種語言熱心文化’, Skykiwi
Hong Kong expat runs for the Wellington mayoralty

10/04/26 S. Yee: ‘The politics of fashion’, The Asian Report, Radio New Zealand National, New Zealand, 3.30 p.m. NZST
Jack Yan interviewed by Sonia Yee at his mayoral fund-raiser

10/04/19 Z. Bielski: ‘Awards for eco-fashion announced’, The Globe and Mail
Summer Rayne Oakes judges which fashion designer will win a Canadian eco-fashion award

10/04/19 ‘It’s in the bag’, Thread
Samantha Hannah’s bag launch at Konev in Wellington covered

10/04/19 M. Johnson (ed.): ‘Backing Jack’, Thread
A review of Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign fund-raiser at Soi, Greta Pt

10/04/18 E. Harward: ‘Candidates begin rattling mayoral chains’, Sunday Star–Times, April 18, 2010
A round-up of the mayoral races around New Zealand, with Jack Yan and Mayor Kerry Prendergast contesting Wellington

10/04/15 Newstalk ZB, Wellington, New Zealand
Justin du Fresne talks to Jack Yan about the fund-raiser he plans to have for his mayoral campaign

10/04/04 ‘Party politics edges into race for mayor’, The Dominion Post, April 4, 2010
More coverage on the status of the Wellington mayoral election

10/03/12 ‘Hollywood rejects Peter Jackson’s Wellywood sign’, BBC News
BBC News website on the ‘Wellywood’ sign and Jack Yan’s moves to stall its installation

10/03/11 ‘The panel’, Afternoons with Jim Mora, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand, 4.30 p.m. NZDT
Jack Yan interviewed over his bringing in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to stop the unpopular ‘Wellywood’ sign near Wellington Airport

10/03/11 ‘Top stories’, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand, 6 a.m. NZDT
Jack Yan’s intervention to stop the Wellywood sign covered as a top news item on national radio network

10/03/10 3 News, TV3, New Zealand, 6 p.m. NZDT
Interviews with Jack Yan, Allan Probert and Mayor Kerry Prendergast over Wellington Airport’s plans for a ‘Wellywood’ sign

10/03/10 Radio Live, New Zealand, 3.30 p.m. NZDT
Jack Yan interviewed on Radio Live over his moves to stop the ‘Wellywood’ sign

10/03/10 ‘”Hollywood” owners alerted to Wellywood plan’, Voxy
Jack Yan, seeing a gross infringement of intellectual property rights, alerts the Hollywood Sign Trust on Wellington Airport’s ‘Wellywood’ plans, as covered by NZPA. Carried also by TVNZ.

10/03/10 ‘Mayoral candidate contacts Hollywood to stop “tacky, unoriginal” sign’, Scoop
Jack Yan dobs in Wellington Airport over its ‘Wellywood’ sign plans

10/03/02 ‘Prendergast running for Wellington mayor again’, TVNZ
Mayor Kerry Prendergast seeks fourth term for Wellington; her opponents named

10/03/02 ‘We need to grow jobs before we party, says mayoral candidate’, Scoop
An early press release for Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign on the need for job creation

10/03/02 D. Burgess: ‘Wellington mayor seeks fourth term’,The Dominion Post, March 2, 2010, p. A1
Jack Yan comments on Mayor Kerry Prendergast’s bid for a fourth term, saying that Wellingtonians do not want the continuity of her policies

10/03/02 A. Thompson (ed.) and L. Shelton: ‘We need to grow jobs before we party, says mayoral candidate’, Scoop
Jack Yan is appalled by council over-spending and says that creating jobs need to come first

10/02/27 S. Igaune: ‘Veicināszviedru uzņēmumu zīmolu atpazīstamību’, Dienas Bizness
Jack Yan talks about Sweden and jantelagen, in our first item of Latvian press coverage

10/02/25 J. Nylander: ‘New branding concept promotes Swedish firms’, The Swedish Wire, February 25, 2010
Johan Nylander with his second piece based on his interviews with Jack Yan, discussing how Sweden could use its national heritage to promote its own brands

10/02/19 ‘Yan says drinking ban will not solve Wellington’s problems’, Infonews
A stronger job market will help security in Wellington, not banning alcohol

10/02/17 T. McNamara: ‘How technology can make you money—part 2 of 3: increase revenue’, Business Blogs
Jack Yan’s mayoral campaign and past uses of the internet mentioned in Tim McNamara’s article

10/02/03 A. Markessinis: ‘Nation brands and national brands: making the most of them’, Nation Branding
Andreas Markessinis discusses the connection between the nationand nation brand, and includes a quotation from Jack Yan in his interview with Johan Nylander

10/02/01 T. Bloomberg: ‘Where does “transparency” fit in the new social media marketing model?’, Diva Marketing Blog
Toby Bloomberg polls a wide range of experts, including Jack Yan, on how they work with transparency and its conflicts with confidentiality; carried also on Web Business Woman

10/01/31 M. Lindeskog: ‘Experienced social media enthusiast’, Ego
Martin Lindeskog blogs from Jack Yan’s talk at the Regina Stockholms Operamathus, and includes a video; an earlier photograph of Stefan Engeseth and Jack Yan is here

10/01/25 J. Nylander: ‘“Jantelagen” holds Swedish brands back’, The Swedish Wire, January 25, 2010
Joham Nylander interviews Jack Yan: Swedish brand managers could boost sales by being more proud of the company’s Swedishness

10/01/21 ‘21-year-old standing for City Council’, Scoop
Jevan Goulter endorses Jack Yan’s mayoral candidacy

10/01/20 ‘Wellington mayoral candidate to talk tech in Europe’, TechDay
‘Mayoral candidate Jack Yan is hosting a speaking tour in Europe starting next week as part of his 2010 mayoral bid’

10/01/20 ‘Move over Hayley’, Capital Times, January 20, 2010
Jevan Goulter endorses Jack Yan’s mayoral candidacy in Capital Times interview

10/01/19 ‘First look: designers show one-offs at eco fashion show’, The Independent
EcoChic Geneva previewed; Summer Rayne Oakes to model on its catwalks

10/01/19 ‘Designers to showcase “ecochic” fashions for Biodiversity’, Fibre2fashion
Summer Rayne Oakes, model and sustainability strategist, will appear on the runway at UNCTAD-organized fashion event in Switzerland

10/01/18 ‘Mayoral candidate to give lectures in Stockholm and Paris’, Scoop
Jack Yan heads to Sweden and France to talk about Wellington, branding, his mayoral campaign and related topics

10/01/13 ‘Drag queens and candy floss: mixed reaction to new Air NZ uniforms’, Etravelblackboard.com
Air New Zealand’s new uniforms come under fire

10/01/12 E. Donnelly: ‘Air New Zealand dissed for “drag queen” uniforms’, StyleList, January 12, 2010
Erin Donnelly reviews the furore over the proposed Air New Zealand uniforms; includes Jack Yan’s quotation from the Fairfax Press

10/01/12 S. Wood and T. Fitzsimons: ‘The diary’,The Dominion Post, January 12, 2010, p. A7
Humorous mention of one of Jack Yan’s Tweets quoting Back to the Future

10/01/10 A. Markessinis: ‘New book on nation branding’, Nation Branding
Andreas Markessinis previews Nishit Kumar and Anil Varma’s Nation Branding: Concepts and Country Perspectives

10/01/09 G. McDonald and K. Chug: ‘Goodbye Thunderbirds, hello Barbie’, The Dominion Post, January 9, 2010, p.A1
Front-page story on the proposed Air New Zealand uniforms, with Lucire’s Jack Yan providing his opinion; syndicated to The Sydney Morning Herald

09/12/28 M. Masnick: ‘Google’s communication problems continue: blogger can’t get his blog turned back on after six months’, Techdirt, December 28, 2009
Jack Yan fights Google over the lost Social Media Consortiumblog

09/12/15 K. Walker: ‘Accessories after the fact’, TheDominion Post, December 15, 2009, p. B8
Jack Yan attends the launch of the Dyrberg/Kern concept store in Wellington