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JY Dandy by Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith describes her friendly, hand-drawn typeface family, JY Dandy, available in roman and italic, as ‘non-élitist and accessible’. Originally created for a theatre project at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand, JY Dandy is reminiscent of Pablo Ferro’s hand-lettering. It purposely has a delicate, hand-done feel, and is ideal for display usage, especially in situations where that human touch is required. The italic was created separately of the project by Smith, and is wider than the roman, but exhibits the same, warm feel. The rupee symbol is included in the family.

Danielle Smith, 2012


JY Alia Hamburgefontsiv



Rupee equipped153 JY Dandy package, US$49
1531 JY Dandy Roman, US$29
1532 JY Dandy Italic, US$29


Available now as individual fonts or packages at MyFonts and Typos.