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JY Boomerang by Greg Bastin

Based around the Australian boomerang, Greg Bastin’s design originally appeared on private Christmas cards and individual projects. It was formalized into a font in 2002 by David Philpott (JY Circles) and brings a quirky antipodean style to the JY&A Fonts range. This display family is available in Solid and Outline forms, the latter containing patterns that parody those of Aboriginal culture.

Greg Bastin, 2001–3


JY Boomerang Hamburgefontsiv


139 JY Boomerang package, US$65
1391 JY Boomerang Medium, US$39
1392 JY Boomerang Outline, US$39



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Circles JY


Top: The Outline version of JY Boomerang has patterns apeing a parody of Aboriginal culture. Above: Even when set in caps, JY Boomerang Outline gives a feeling of Australiana.