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JY Koliba by Jure Stojan

Inspired by architecture and hand-lettered posters of the 1940s, JY Koliba makes a statement that is very 21st century. With an ultra-light weight plus an elegant book and bold, Koliba was designed to be flexible. Fine-tuned with between 2,800 and 3,330 kerning pairs per font, a full Latin glyph complement (with proper Unicoding for Windows TrueType), and Windows TrueType kerning support for designer Jure Stojan’s Slovenian mother tongue, Koliba is set to be one of the foundry’s best-loved sans serifs.

Jure Stojan, 2000–1


JY Koliba Hamburgefontsiv


136 JY Koliba package, US$110
1361 JY Koliba Ultra Light, US$39
1362 JY Koliba Ultra Light Italic, US$39
1363 JY Koliba Regular, US$39
1364 JY Koliba Italic, US$39
1365 JY Koliba Bold, US$39
1366 JY Koliba Bold Italic, US$39


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Koliba Ultra Light Koliba Bold

Koliba JY


Top The two extremes of weight: for the first time in a JY&A font, an ultra light weight, while Koliba Bold and Bold Italic provide impact without being overbearing. Above Romans are accompanied by lining figures, while italics have oldstyle. Below The hand-drawn inspiration is apparent in both the italic, where fg are particularly sweeping, and in the roman, which appears structured as one would expect from architectural lettering.