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JY Rebeca

JY Rebeca was our first attempt using Fontographer to develop a typeface from scratch. It possesses some experimental characteristics in its design, e.g. the mixture between a transitional and modern typeface. Different versions are available depending on the distributor.

Jack Yan, 1993



110 Package, US$75
1101 JY Rebeca Roman OSF, US$39
1102 JY Rebeca Italic OSF, US$39
1103 JY Rebeca Bold OSF, US$39
1104 JY Rebeca Bold Italic OSF, US$39


111 Package, US$75
1111 JY Rebeca Roman, US$39
1112 JY Rebeca Italic, US$39
1113 JY Rebeca Demi OSF, US$39
1114 JY Rebeca Demi Italic OSF, US$39

1115 JY Rebeca SCOSF, US$39


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Also available via the Type Quarry