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Our people
We have marketing strategists, researchers, designers, PR experts, who tackle not just piecemeal projects, but entire strategies. And we operate knowing fully your reality: there are company directors on board here, plus branding experts who have tackled highly visible brands and strategies.
   Not many firms can claim to have staff who begin with vision-setting and take it through to design and tracking studies.
   We don't mean paying lip service to these areas with one person with a marketing degree doing the strategy or a single design grad implementing the brand.
   We are talking about leading commentators across JY&A Consulting and our partner organizations. Founder Jack Yan, qualified in law and branding and an international speaker in these areas not to mention business and design, has a track record of creating ventures that become leaders in their fields. Leading experts such as Demian Rosenblatt create objective-driven design with large-scale identities and brands in his portfolio. Two of the world's leading country-of-origin marketing specialists, Profs Eugene Jaffe and Israel Nebenzahl, are experts in marketing strategy, and how globalization affects local markets. Stefan Engeseth is a well-known marketing strategist, lecturer and author in Stockholm, Sweden. Jeanne Bloch is a leading sustainability expert who speaks regularly in Europe.
   We’re often the people magazines and newspapers come to for comment in our industries, or quote for their books. It’s the same sort of advice we can give you: to the point and credible.
   Respected authors and authorities—who not only talk, but act.

Our experts.
Jack Yan Eugene Jaffe
Joanne Bethlahmy
Stefan Engeseth
Amanda Dolheguy
J. R. Springgay

Selected JY&AC team members
Jack Yan
Prof Eugene D. Jaffe
Prof Israel Nebenzahl
Demian Rosenblatt
Amanda Dolheguy
Stefan Engeseth
Jennifer Hamilton
Andrew J. Cross
Edward Uken

Debi Hall
Ingrid Kennedy

Illuminate Consulting
Joanne Bethlahmy

Universal Consulting
Jay Desai

Sept ou 8
Jeanne Bloch

01 Patents Ltd.
Prof Chaim Scheff

Photograph of Jack Yan by Jennifer Springgay. Copyright ©20016 by Jack Yan & Associates. All rights reserved. Photograph of Stefan Engeseth by Tomas Svensson.