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How we work
Based in and with affiliates globally, JY&A Consulting doesn't see any limits to where we can work. We can send one of our leading team members to be on site—even the head of the company is willing to roll up his sleeves.
   It's combining the familiar face of personal dealing with the knowledge—the intellectual capital—of a global, virtual organization.
   In the twenty-first century, consultancies aren't about size and impressing the establishment. Audiences are that much smarter now. There's a rejection of some of the big, establishment brands.
   To get organizations branded and marketing properly, you need real advice, stripped of jargon. You need sincerity to back up reports.
   No amount of consultancy history can cover lacklustre strategic advice.
   While we have testimonials from universities, NGOs and major corporations, we don't rely on our decade and a half of history. We do, however, count on the integrity and professionalism of our team in creating your history.

Your place or mine?

Stockholm, Sweden

New York, New York
San Francisco, California
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wellington, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
Sydney, New South Wales
Mumbai, India
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jerusalem, Israel
Milano, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
Paris, France
London, England
Essex, England

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