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The modern branding environment
Branding has been used as a buzzword too often. Let's remove the doubt as to what it is.
   First, branding is powerful. Only the execution of some high-profile brands has been botched, just as we've predicted for years.
   Based on 50 years of literature and our own input, branding is the methods in which the organization communicates, symbolizes and differentiates itself to audiences.
   It sounds simple, but it can be a herculean task. The last thing you need is a bunch of consultants who come in with their own bureaucracy.
   JY&A Consulting brings the same level of expertise you'd expect from a larger organization without the red tape.
   We communicate with team members focused on your project, and not to middle managers obsessed with administration.
   We are free from jargon, but topped up with integrity.
   We were the company that said branding would reach a more ethical and moral stage. We were a virtual organization from 1987. We published our research into what makes successful cross-media brands in the 21st century.
   We've correctly anticipated branding developments for a long time.
   Today, companies have to adjust to a new reality that their brands affect consumers. Consumers are becoming smarter, knowing more about the organizations that they deal with.
   Consumers demand trust and ethics. That can be communicated through the brand and through a workable long-term marketing strategy that our group outlines.

It's the intellectual capital, stupid

Commentary on national branding in Eugene and Israel's book
Lucire - global marketing strategy, brand strategy
Demian Rosenblatt: Newmedia rebrandDemian Rosenblatt: Natcoll symbol
Demian Rosenblatt: Simply Postage rebranding and livery
Illustrations from our portfolios, histories and commentaries: Scotland national branding, as discussed by Eugene Jaffe and Israel Nebenzahl in their book National Image and Competitive Advantage; Lucire branding, developed by Jack Yan from 1997; Newmedia rebranding, by Demian Rosenblatt; Natcoll rebrand by Demian Rosenblatt and on cover of prospectus as adapted by the client; Simply Postage rebranding headed by Demian Rosenblatt.