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Brenner: ‘Alan Goldspan’, National Post, January 21, 2003
The Wall Street Journal
CAP Online Brenner: The Force of Finance: Triumph of the Capital Markets. New York: Texere 2002, 224 pp. $19·57 (save $8·38)
CAP Online Berman (ed.): From Ideas to Assets: Investing Wisely in Intellectual Property. Hoboken, NJ: J. Wiley & Sons 2002, 672 pp. $41·97 (save $17·98)
CAP Online Mathews and Wacker: The Deviant’s Advantage: How Fringe Ideas Create Mass Markets. New York: Crown Business Publications 2002, 288 pp. $18·17 (save $7·78)
CAP Online Anholt: Brand New Justice: the Upside of Global Branding. Woburn, Mass.: Butterworth-Heinemann 2003. (To be published)
CAP Online Sullivan: Profiting from Intellectual Capital : Extracting Value from Innovation. Hoboken, NJ: J. Wiley & Sons 1998, 366 pp. $79

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