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What We Saw: the Events of September 11 Kloske (ed.): What We Saw: the Events of September 11, 2001, in Words, Pictures and Video. New York: Simon & Schuster 2002. $20·97 (save $8·98) to be released August 30, 2002
New York: September 11 Beamer and Abraham: Let's Roll: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage. Carol Stream, Ill.: Tyndale House 2002.
$14·99 (save $10)
New York: September 11 Magnum Photographers: New York: September 11. New York: Powerhouse Books 2001.
$20·96 (save $8·99)
September 11: a Testimony Reuters: September11: a Testimony. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. $20·30 (save $8·70)
The September 11 Photo Project Feldschuh (ed.): The September 11 Photo Project. New York: Regan Books 2002. $20·97 (save $8·98)
How to heal with colour Zelizer and Allen (eds.): Journalism After September 11. London: Routledge 2002. $80 to be released September 2002

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